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Changing pattern of agriculture in Bangladesh Essay

Change in the contribution of GDP The major change in the agricultural field is the contribution in the National GDP which is decreasing year by year. Like the GDP Growth rate of the agriculture sector is descending. Financial Year Contribution of Agriculture 1991-92 28. 70 1992-93 28. 21 1993-94 27. 30 1994-95 26. 02 1995-96 25. 68 1996-97 25. 87 1997-98 25. 34 1998-99 25. 28 1999-00 25. 58 2000-01 25. 02 2001-02 23. 98 2002-03 23. 47 2003-04 23. 08 2004-05* 21. 91 Fig 1: Contribution of Agriculture in GDP Contribution of Sub sector in GDP. As agriculture is consist of all the sub-sectors which are – crops, forestry, livestock and the fisheries. Like the total amount, percentage of the sub- sectors is also declining for contributing in the GDP. In Percent FY 95-96 96-97 97-98 98-99 99-2000 2000-01 01-02 02-03 03-04 04-05 05-06 Sub-Sectors CROP 15. 03 15. 21 14. 59 14. 33 14. 59 14. 70 13. 75 13. 43 13. 23 12. 51 12. 19 Live Stock 3. 36 3. 27 3. 19 3. 12 3. 02 2. 95 2. 96 2. 93 2. 91 2. 95 2. 93 Forestry 1. 93 1. 91 1. 89 1. 90 1. 88 1. 87 1. 88 1. 86 1. 83 1. 82 1. 79 Fisheries 5. 36 5. 48 5. 67 5. 93 6. 09 5. 51 5. 40 5. 25 5. 11 5. 00 4. 86 Use of chemical Fertilizer. The use of fertilizer has been increasing for agricultural production. In the FY 1994-95 the total quantity of fertilizer use was 26. 41 lakh metric tons which increased to 37. 55 lakh metric tons in the FY 2004-05. The use of Urea fertilizer alone was 17. 48 lakh metric tons in FY 1994-95 which increased to 25. 23 lakh metric ton in FY 2004-05. The percentage increase in Urea use in FY 2004-05 is 59. 78% i. e. 9. 44 lakh metric to compared to that of FY 1993-94. This is attainable to increase the irrigated areas and diversified use of Urea. On the other hand the use of phosphates Fertilizer such as TSP, DAP and SSP increased by 42. 16 percent in FY 2004-05 compared to that of 1994-95. Since 1995-96 Urea super/ mega granules are being manufactured and marketed through private sector. This has resulted in reduction of the Urea saving of 30to 35% of Urea and increase in yield together with creation of employment opportunity in the rural areas. The number of machines for manufacturing Urea super granules has gradually increased since 1996-97. Super/ mega granules are also being used in other Rabi Crops. Besides use of different types of mixed fertilizer is being encouraged for balanced use of fertilizer. TSP complex in Chittagong has started production and marketing of NPKS fertilizer on experimental basis. Some factors in the private sector have started production and marketing NPKS. Import of NPKS is also being encouraged under private sector. mport of DAP, TSP,NPKS and potash with more nutrient contents instead of low nutrient content SSP fertilizer is being encouraged and farmers are also being motivated to use such fertilizer, steps are being taken to enforce fertilizer marketing of low quality fertilizer, steps are being taken to enforce Fertilizer Control Order, 1999. Post- landing inspection has been strengthened in the case of imported fertilizer in the private sector. Besides manuals for fertilizer inspection and fertilizer analysis have also been prepared. In Bangladesh chemical fertilizer has been used for a long time. The census of use of fertilizer in Bangladesh of different years are given in the next page- Use of Chemical Fertilizer Type 93-94 94-95 95-96 96-97 97-98 98-99 99-2000 2000-01 01-02 02-03 03-04 04-05 Urea 1579. 0 1748. 5 2045. 5 2141. 0 1867. 0 1902. 0 2151. 0 2121. 0 2247. 42 2239. 0 2324. 08 2523. 39 TSP 234. 2 122. 9 111. 1 72. 6 62. 4 170. 2 259. 3 399. 5 425. 31 405. 0 361. 0 420. 02 DAP 28. 7 1. 8 0 0 6. 8 38. 6 109. 2 90. 1 127. 03 112. 0 90. 0 140. 72 MP 103. 9 154. 2 155. 9 219. 3 193. 5 210. 8 239. 5 139. 8 222. 26 250. 0 240. 0 260. 38 SSP 170. 6 533. 5 596. 9 525. 3 473. 3 362. 4 237. 2 138. 6 127. 13 130. 0 148. 0 170. 93 NPKS 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 10. 2 12. 87 30. 0 45. 0 90. 0 AS 10. 0 2. 5 8. 7 11. 7 9. 7 12. 4 26. 0 13. 0 20. 19 10. 0 9. 0 5. 59 Zinc 5. 2 0 1. 0 1. 2 0. 7 0. 3 1. 2 3. 0 0. 24 2. 0 7. 0 8. 0 Gypsum 86. 1 77. 2 103. 6 86. 6 113. 4 128. 2 189. 4 102. 3 96. 05 120. 0 140. 0 135. 70 Others 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Change in Agri-Financing During the two decades the system of agri financing has changed hugely. Now a day a huge part of agri finance came from the government Bank and other banks. There are a number of NGO to help the farmers with short term loan. Khudra Rin Prokolpo of Grameen Bank plays a very important role in changing this financing system. Before most of the agri finance was came from the Rich villagers who are generally known as Jamindars. But that loan was not enough helpful. Because the farmers have to pay a huge amount of money as interest of that loan and by giving back that loan and interest the farmers again reached at the point of taking loan again. Financial Years Target Disbursement Recovery Balance 1992-93 1474. 41 841. 85 869. 23 5692. 84 1993-94 1643. 08/ 1100. 79 979. 12 6222. 00 1994-95 2161. 72 1605. 44 1124. 11 7045. 22 1995-96 2434. 27 1635. 81 1340. 02 7769. 07 1996-97 2394. 22 1672. 43 1646. 38 8256. 00 1997-98 2525. 83 1814. 53 1779. 29 8515. 04 1998-99 3270. 01 3245. 36 2039. 65 9702. 51 1999-2000 3331. 00 2851. 29 2996. 29 10648. 90 2001-02 3265. 92 3019. 67 2877. 87 11137. 26 2002-03 3560. 53 3278. 37 3516. 31 11913. 35 2003-04 4388. 94 4048. 41 3135. 32 12705. 95 2004-05 5537. 91 4956. 78 3171. 15 14408. 94 Change in Employment Generation The economy of Bangladesh is based on agriculture, natural gas, and small industries of jute, textiles, garments, tea, cement, chemical fertilizers, sugar and light engineering. The contribution of agriculture to the country’s GDP is about 23 percent while crops account for 13 percent. Agriculture employs 64 percent of labor force in the country. Agriculture is also the largest employer of women. In 1995-96, 79 percent of the total number of employed women (15 years or older) worked in agriculture. Rice and other cereals occupies nearly 80 percent of total crop land giving a production of food grains of more than 26 million tons in 2001 from a net cropped area of more than 10 million hectares. Agricultural products account for about 25% of total export value. Bangladesh has the largest number of NGO activities in the world. There are more then 2000 NGOs operating in Bangladesh, many of them are associated with agricultural mechanization and food processing. The NGOs are promoting agribusiness in providing technical backup, micro credit and managerial skill. Some other NGOs are also initiating post harvest and food processing programs for rural women. The rate of population growth has brought down to 1. 48 percent; the supply of labor force continues to increase at over 3 percent per annum without further access to land for agriculture. Agriculture is presently and will remain the largest employer of labor in years to come. The national aim would be to increase GDP growth to more than 7 percent (presently 5. 33 percent) on average during the next decades.

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Langston Hughes Essay

Of the major black writers who first made their appearance during the exciting period of the 1920s commonly referred to as â€Å"the Harlem Renaissance,† Langston Hughes was the most prolific and the most successful. As the Harlem Renaissance gave way to the Depression, Hughes determined to sustain his career as a poet by bringing his poetry to the people. At the suggestion of Mary McLeod Bethune, he launched his career as a public speaker by embarking on an extensive lecture tour of the South. As he wrote in his autobiography: â€Å"Propelled by the backwash of the â€Å"Harlem Renaissance† of the early twenties, I had been drifting along pleasantly on the delightful rewards of my poems which seemed to please the fancy of kindhearted New York ladies with money to help young writers. . . . There was one other dilemma–how to make a living from the kind of writing I wanted to do. . . . I wanted to write seriously and as well as I knew how about the Negro people, and make that kind of writing earn me a livin† (Hughes, 1964:31). Alain Locke, the leading exponent of â€Å"The New Negro,† announced that the black masses had found their voice: â€Å"A true people’s poet has their balladry in his veins; and to me many of these poems seem based on rhythms as seasoned as folksongs and on moods as deep-seated as folk-ballads. Dunbar is supposed to have expressed the peasant heart of the people. But Dunbar was the showman of the Negro masses; here is their spokesman (Killens ed. 1960:41). Though much of the poetry Hughes was to write in the thirties and afterward was to differ markedly in terms of social content from the poetry he was producing in the twenties, a careful examination of his early work will reveal, in germinal form, the basic themes which were to preoccupy him throughout his career. Hughes’s evolution as a poet cannot be seen apart from the circumstances of his life which thrust him into the role of poet. Indeed, it was Hughes’s awareness of what he personally regarded as a rather unique childhood which determined him in his drive to express, through poetry, the feelings of the black masses and their questions of identity. In â€Å"The Weary Blues†, Hughes presented the problem of dual consciousness quite cleverly by placing two parenthetical statements of identity as the opening and closing poems, and titling them â€Å"Proem† and â€Å"Epilogue. † Their opening lines suggest the polarities of consciousness between which the poet located his own persona: â€Å"I Am a Negro† and â€Å"I, Too, Sing America. † Within each of these poems, Hughes suggests the interrelatedness of the two identities: the line â€Å"I am a Negro† is echoed as â€Å"I am the darker brother† in the closing poem. Between the American and the Negro, a third identity is suggested: that of the poet or â€Å"singer. † It is this latter persona which Hughes had assumed for himself in his attempt to resolve the dilemma of divided consciousness. Thus, within the confines of these two poems revolving around identity, Hughes is presenting his poetry as a kind of salvation. If one looks more closely at Hughes’s organization of poems in the book, one finds that his true opening and closing poems are concerned not with identity but with patterns of cyclical time. â€Å"The Weary Blues† (the first poem) is about a black piano man who plays deep into the night until at last he falls into sleep â€Å"like a rock or a man that’s dead. † The last poem, on the other hand, suggests a rebirth, an awakening, after the long night of weary blues: â€Å"We have tomorrow/ Bright before us/Like a flame† (Hughes 1926:109). Hughes viewed the poet’s role as one of responsibility: the poet must strive to maintain his objectivity and artistic distance, while at the same time speaking with passion through the medium he has selected for himself. In a speech given before the American Society of African Culture in 1960, Hughes urged his fellow black writers to cultivate objectivity in dealing with blackness: â€Å"Advice to Negro writers: Step outside yourself, then look back – and you will see how human, yet how beautiful and black you are. How very black – even when you’re integrated† (Killens ed. 1960:44). In another part of the speech, Hughes stressed art over race: â€Å"In the great sense of the word, anytime, any place, good art transcends land, race, or nationality, and color drops away. If you are a good writer, in the end neither blackness nor whiteness makes a difference to readers† (Killens ed. 1960:47). This philosophy of artistic distance was integral to Hughes’s argument in the much earlier essay â€Å"The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain,† which became a rallying call to young black writers of the twenties concerned with reconciling artistic freedom with racial expression: â€Å"It is the duty of the younger Negro artist if he accepts any duties at all from outsiders, to change through the force of his art that old whispering ‘I want to be white’ hidden in the aspirations of his people, to ‘Why should I want to be white? I am a Negro – and beautiful! ’† In this greatly thought-out manifesto, Hughes attempted to integrate the two facets of double consciousness (the American and the Negro) into a single vision-that of the poet. His poetry had reflected this idea from the beginning, when he published â€Å"The Negro Speaks of Rivers† at the age of nineteen. Arna Bontemps, in a retrospective glance at the Harlem Renaissance from the distance of almost fifty years, was referring to â€Å"The Negro Speaks of Rivers† when he commented: â€Å"And almost the first utterance of the revival struck a note that disturbed poetic tradition. † (Addison ed. 1988:83). In Hughes’s poetry, the central element of importance is the affirmation of blackness. Everything that distinguished Hughes’s poetry from the white poets of the twenties revolved around this important affirmation. Musical idioms, jazz rhythms, Hughes’s special brand of â€Å"black-white† irony, and dialect were all dependent on the priority of black selfhood: â€Å"I am a Negro/Black as the night is black/Black like the depths of my Africa† (Hughes 1926:108). Hughes wrote in his autobiography: â€Å"My best poems were all written when I felt the worst. When I was happy, I didn’t write anything† (Hughes 1991:54). When he first began writing poetry, he felt his lyrics were too personal to reveal to others: â€Å"Poems came to me now spontaneously, from somewhere inside. . . . I put the poems down quickly on anything I had a hand when they came into my head, and later I copied them into a notebook. But I began to be afraid to show my poems to anybody, because they had become very serious and very much a part of me. And I was afraid other people might not like them or understand them† (Hughes: 34). These two statements regarding his poetry suggest deep underlying emotional tensions as being the source of his creativity. And yet the personal element in Hughes’s poetry is almost entirely submerged beneath the persona of the â€Å"Negro Poet Laureate. † If, as Hughes suggested, personal unhappiness was the cornerstone of his best work, it then follows that, in order to maintain the singleness of purpose and devotion to his art, he would be required to sacrifice some degree of emotional stability. The persona of the poet was the role Hughes adopted in his very first published poem, as the Negro in â€Å"The Negro Speaks of Rivers. † It was a persona to which he would remain faithful throughout his lengthy career. The link between his personal experiences and his poetry has been always evident. References Addison Gayle, Jr. , ed. (1988). â€Å"Negro Poets, Then and Now,† in Black Expression: Essays by and About Black Americans in the Creative Arts, New York: Weybright & Talley Langston Hughes (1964). I Wonder As I Wander, New York: Hill & Wang Langston Hughes (1926). The Weary Blues, New York: Alfred A. Knopf Publishing, reprinted, 1982 Langston Hughes (1991). The Big Sea: An Autobiography. 1940. New York: Hill & Wang Killens, John O. ,ed. (1960). â€Å"Writers: Black and White†, The American Negro Writer and His Roots: Selected Papers from the First Conference of Negro Writers, March. New York: American Society of African Culture

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Differences and similarities between the British and the Norwegian Term Paper

Differences and similarities between the British and the Norwegian school system from a perspective of social structure - Term Paper Example Norway, a limited monarchy with a parliamentary democracy has adopted an education system that is reflective on its social ideals and the nature of administration in the country. In this paper, the education structures of England and Norway will discussed from a social perspective, providing the significance of each, the similarities and the differences (Aldrich, Dean & Gordon, 2013). Schools provide an exemplary example of a social setting made up of the teachers, the students and the school administrators together with the parents whose roles are to shape the educational experience of students. As a result, the structure of schools in England and wales attempt to understand the social dynamics of the learning environment and the roles of the key stakeholders. The informal organisations of schools in these countries are influenced by the size of the students’ population and its homogeneity. The social structure of schools is therefore influenced by a number of factors which are dependent on the social arrangement within the countries. Factors such as age, the grade levels taught and the training program for educational and the roles of the parents influence the nature of the structure (Kehm, Michelsen & Vabo, 2010). England and Norway have different school structures with both beginning from early childhood education all the way to universities with different years in between. In England, the education structure is divided into five with early years, primary, secondary, further education and finally higher education, taking at least 15 years to complete. Since 2010, England introduced a compulsory early childhood education for kids aged three and four years, a program that is coordinated and funded by the government. As a result, the kids are entitled to at least 15 hours free nursery education for 38 weeks in every year until they are ready and

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Christ as sacrament of God Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Christ as sacrament of God - Essay Example He was called (Word) Son of God at birth (Heb. 1: 3-14). The heavenly angels worshipped him (Heb. 1: 6) This proves that Jesus is a God for only God can be worshipped. (Acts 10: 25,26). Jesus accepted his being God (Jn. 10: 29, 36). The Jews felt this as Blasphemy for they interpreted Jesus' claim as Son of God as making himself a God also. (Jn. 10: 30-33) Jesus said that he and the Father are one. Jesus showed good works being a sacrament of the Father God. Jesus is the old testament's Emmanuel and the Alpha and the Omega. Jesus is another Person in the Holy Trinity. Jesus was fully and concurrently both man and God. Christ is the head of the Mystical body, the Catholic Church( Vatican II). Jesus was the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature. Jesus rules the things in heaven and on earth with his Glory. Jesus is the divine teacher(Lumen Gentium). According to Dulles, The true church (Political Society Model)was a community of men brought together by same Christian faith and sacraments (thru grace, hope and love) under leadership of pastors and the Pope. (Body of Christ model). In the Church as servant model, the church must help its members in solving daily problems of human life on earth.(Dulles). In Splendour of the Church (Lubac), the beautiful architectural wonders of the Catholic Churches in the Vatican and other Major historical sites, Catholic Universities all over the world were constructed to teach liberal arts and more importantly to spread christianity. (Lubac). In Gaudium at Spes. the modern church is now confronted with technological, financial advances like tv, cellphone, airplanes, a fast paced life and population explosion. Man pursued his goals making God and Christ aside. Most men abused their liberty and preferred to violate God's laws. Poverty forces man to feed his stomach first before obeying God's laws. The arts and sciences must be harnessed to help improve human life. War must be avoided thru building a community of nations. Not all those who say Lord, Lord will go to heaven They must obey God's commandments. In Mysterium Ecclesiae, The church is one and infallible. Catholics must esteem their common Christian heritage thru purification and renewal. The will of Christ must be fulfilled by following His teachings handed down thru the popes starting with Peter and the apostles. Infallibility of the church, that should not be falsified, includes the deposit of faith and those matters without which the deposit of faith should be preserved. Priests, alone, can build up the Body in the Holy Eucharist. In Church and Unity,The church cannot commit mistakes in its decisions.The trinity doctrine is based on tradition. The Protestants freed themselves from Catholic traditions and teachings and based their beliefs on the bible. Love should unite the Catholic Church with Protestants and othe r churches. The Catholic church dislikes the going away of the Protestants. In Decree and Ecumenism, restoration of the unity of Catholics is the main thrust of Second Vatican Council. In Church as a communion, the

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Expression of power in art Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Expression of power in art - Essay Example A great deal of information about the Egyptian culture and religion can be gained from the pyramids. The most obvious function of the pyramids was to serve as funerary complexes for the pharaohs whose bodies were preserved and kept here with the provisions needed for their afterlife. The pyramids served as the ceremonial cites and places of worship where the people worship the deceased king as God. In the Egyptian culture since the king was considered God, the line between politics and religion was very thin. Pharaohs used the beliefs of the people on their godhood to command unquestioned obedience and authority. The Stepped Pyramid and mortuary precinct of Djoser, Saqqara, Egypt, was built between 2630-2611 BCE. The shape of the pyramid with the slopes on the four sides protruding inward into structures that are raised toward the highest point representing the Pharaoh, also shows how pharaohs were deified. These pyramids give us an understanding of the political and cultural structu re of the kingdoms where the pharaoh was the single authority over the people and the affairs of the kingdom. The religion of the Egyptians centered on sun worship and their preoccupation with death and afterlife. Numerous symbolisms found in Egyptian art and hieroglyphics found on these pyramids points towards this idea. Egyptian art abounds with symbolism. The pharaoh's regalia symbolize power and his ability to control his environment. Colours also had special significance. While blue represented the river Nile, red represented power and authority and yellow represents the sun. These colors were used to show the pharaohs as all-powerful kings. Roman art and architecture has a lot of value while studying the expression of power and authority through the medium of art. The Romans ruled a vast and diverse group of people of different cultures, languages and dialects. The best means to demonstrate their power to the masses and the other rulers was the use of art. In specific we will discuss the Trajan's column erected between 106 and 113 AD by Roman emperor Trajan. This monument is an overt statement about his conquests and military power. The historical episodes are depicted in a sweeping narrative running around the huge column. Trajan is depicted many times in many different contexts, but his form is always majestic and larger than life. The narrative is the story of his courage, accomplishments and power. One can see very clearly that his images are carved with this purpose in mind. The details of the clothes, armor and shields of both armies are clearly distinguished and Trajan is depicted as the victor in no unclear term s. The fact that the enemies are not stripped of their dignity shows the way Trajan wanted to be portrayed as a good king throughout his empire. The expression of power is part and parcel of most Islamic monuments and forts. The gilt domes of the worship places are symbols of not only the holy place but also the rich kings and patrons who have been instrumental in building them. In a culture in which religion and state functioned together, complementing the growth of each other, it was only natural that their art had both religious and political connotations. The decorations on these buildings comprise a wide array of symbols depicting power. The high and mighty towers with huge gates and winding walls are also an expression of the military and defense might of the rulers. One of the best preserved sites

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Cultural diversity in the workplace. the positve and negative effect Essay

Cultural diversity in the workplace. the positve and negative effect - Essay Example Cultural diversity incorporates differences based on race, ethnicity, sex, social class, nationality, religion, color and sexual identity (Thomas and Ely 2001, p. 229). Members of a cultural identity share common worldviews, values, norms, goals and cultural heritage, cultural markers being communicated through communication style, shared meanings and dialects or languages. Cultural identity is socially constructed, complex, and dynamic and is associated with some power position, status, and a certain degree of prestige. For instance, in Western society males have a more powerful status and higher positions in political system than females, just like whites have a more powerful position than people of color, heterosexuals are more powerful than homosexuals, etc (Thomas and Ely 2001, p. 229). The discussion of the diversity in the workplace began early in 1990’s. The US workforce was changing rapidly. Traditionally it was represented mostly by white males. However, since 1970s ever more women and minorities joined the workforce. In 1993 it was expected that by the year 2000 only one in seven of new employees would be a white male. The old way of assimilating diversity (people were expected to hide their cultural differences to fit into the company’s dominant culture) was abandoned. Diversity started being treated as an asset bringing â€Å"a broad range of viewpoints and problem-solving skills to the company† (Black Enterprise 1993, p.1). Workforce 2000 Today survey showed that by 1991 â€Å"issues of cultural diversity and women in the work force were becoming increasingly important in decision-making and strategic planning – especially strategic planning†. 60 percent of the respondents said their management viewed diversity as an asse t, not as a problem (Black Enterprise 1993, p.1). However, Ben Harrison questioned the reliability of those 60% emphasizing that most managers didn’t have a clue as to what diversity meant. He explained that

Military Governments and Human Rights in the 20th Century Latin Essay

Military Governments and Human Rights in the 20th Century Latin America - Essay Example s in a story however though the lighter part of it have always been over-shadowed by the number of deaths and traumatic experiences these struggle for power and supremacy have brought at all corners of the world people are living in. It is painful enough to know that there are innocent people being killed however it is more painful to know that there are families being torn apart and family members killing each other in the process. In Paul Dix and Pamela Fitzpatrick’s book, the characters were real people. They were real victims this is unlike other literary pieces where the characters are just based on what happened to real people. Here, one can actually feel the pain and anguish the victims and their families felt during the war in Nicaragua. Families lost a member or two while other victims lost their limbs. Though the pictures were in black and white, the message they conveyed were in high definition and in full color. This is the difference of this book compared to other war inspired books. No words were needed to express the pain and suffering of those people who got caught in the middle of conflicting parties. Children should have been playing with toys, having fun laughing and smiling unlike those in the pictures where they are crying and running away for safety (NicaraguaPhotoTestimony.Org). During the year 1985, an Argentine film was produced to mirror how the war is breaking up friendships and families. There can also be a hint of losing one’s self-identity during the process. This film was Luis Puenzo’s The Official Story. This was the story about families, families torn apart by the war and a family that became complete because of the loss of others. The main female protagonist in this film was Alicia, who did not have a biological child with her husband Roberto and eventually adopted Gaby. It was Alicia’s curiosity that brought up the issue of Gaby’s biological parents. For someone who took care of a child and gave her a name and a home,

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Drama Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 4

Drama - Essay Example Ishmael Reed underlines a unique way of depicting feminine social issues whereby the feminine gender is the one who empowers the man while being undermined by the men in their lives. This study is looking to prove that the men did create majority of the marital problems experienced by their feminine counterparts as a result of taking them and their values for granted. The norm of a woman in the society was that her job was to be a wife, mother, proper housekeeper, and supportive to her husband. She was to abide by his decisions and always follow his lead. However in the 1950s, the society was greatly awakened to women seeking careers equivalent to those that men could do and thus changed the social perspective of a womans role in society. In the play written by Reed; the C above C above high C, the two main women who are undermined are Maime Eisenhower and Lil Armstrong. Both of them have undergone the rejection severed by their husbands’ choices of divorce and illicit affairs that devalue their marital status, as well as their value in their husbands’ lives. Lil Armstrong is a highly educated woman with a career in the jazz music industry, and she apparently came from a home that was comfortable and wealthy enough to afford her a good life. Even though her career was pursued against her mother’s wishes, she did meet Louis Armstrong, who had barely scrapped the dust of his jazz music talent. Lil used her gifted and well-developed skills to help channel his innate gift and use it to become the famous jazz musician he became later on in his career. Louis came from a very dysfunctional background as expressed by Lil in her conversation with Maime Eisenhower at the Shoreham hotel. The part where Lil is undermined in her marriage is when Louis takes off to pursue his career without a second glimpse of how the divorce between him and Lil did affect her. Even though they were never on the same path career-wise it would have been more sufficient

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INTERNATIONAL POLITICAL ECONOMY Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

INTERNATIONAL POLITICAL ECONOMY - Essay Example To this date, the islands are semi-autonomous with their own president and legislature and are mainly inhabited by Arabs and Africans with Islam as the main religion (Cunningham, 2010). Tanzania’s first president was Julius Nyerere who led a single party state and nationalized all core industries and formed Ujamaa. This was a rural-based collective movement of African socialism and self-reliance (Tripp, 1997). The movement faced increasing popular discontent and was slowly abandoned in the 1980s (Green, 2003). Nyerere was succeeded by Ali Mwinyi. Under Mwinyi’s leadership, the country underwent various reforms and a slow and gradual transition to a market economy, partly due to economic downturn brought on by Ujamaa and centralized economic management (Tripp, 1997). Tanzania’s Economy Tanzania’s economy depends greatly on agriculture, which accounts for 50% of GDP of which 10% is contributed by livestock (Cunningham, 2010). Agriculture accounts for 85% of Tanzania’s exports and employs more than 80% its working population (Cunningham, 2010). Topography and climatic conditions however, limit cultivated crops to merely 4% of the total land area (Green, 2003). The Industrial sector is mainly characterized by processing of agricultural goods and light consumer products. Currently, Breton wood institutions and international donors have offered funds to revitalize the country’s obsolete economic infrastructure and reduce poverty. Growth in the last two decades characterized a lift in industrial production and a considerable rise in output of minerals led by gold (Cunningham, 2010). Current banking reforms have also facilitated an increase in private sector growth and investment (Green, 2003). Sustained donor aid and sound macroeconomic trade policies and regulations supported real GDP growth to around 6.4% annually in 2010 as noted by Cunningham (2010). The populace of Tanzania is concentrated along the coast region and islan ds, the fertile northern and southern highlands as well as areas bordering Lake Victoria. The arid and semi-arid central region is sparsely concentrated (Buchert, 1994). Likewise is much of the fertile and well watered far west, comprising of the shores of Lake Tanganyika and Lake Malawi. Nearly, 80% of its population lives in rural communities (Green, 2003). Tanzania’s Educational sector Tanzania recognizes the role of the education sector in realizing the overall growth and development goal of enhancing living standards of its citizens. Numerous policy and structural reforms have been started in the country to enhance quality of education and ensure universal primary education for all (Cunningham, 2010). Abolition of primary school fees through PRS1 was the first step toward this goal. This was to reinforce the relationship between education offered at all levels and the socio-economic development of the country (Buchert, 1994). In mid 1990s, the government undertook to dev elop the Education Sector Development Programme (ESDP) to tackle the existing problems and face the new challenges emanating from on-going socio-economic reforms initiated earlier and the rising demand for manpower development in line with rapidly transforming technological advancement (Buchert, 1994). The government adopted PRS1 that led to introduction of Complimentary Basic Education in Tanzania (COBET). COBET addresses educational needs for the out-of- school children and youths who

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International Theory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

International Theory - Essay Example s came about, and two of these theories emerged to what we presently know as the English School and the Classical Liberalism theories in international relations. These theories shall be discussed and differentiated in this paper. Classical liberalism believes that if people are given as much freedom as possible, the principles of authoritarianism shall eventually fade away, democracy shall have a chance to emerge, and wars will eventually cease to exist. Classical liberalism in international relations has four main beliefs. First and foremost, classical liberalists believe that peace can best be achieved through the more widespread application of democratic principles. Classical liberalism prescribes to the notion of institutional liberalism, in the sense that it desires for more nations to be more democratic in their political approach. They believe that democracy epitomizes the perfect breeding ground for peace within and among nations. Secondly, they believe that naturally harmonious interests will help ensure that citizens and states â€Å"make rational calculations which make national interest and international interest one and the same† (O’Connor, 2008). They advocate the belief that the state preferences, not the state capabilities determine the behaviour of the state. It therefore has a high degree of tolerance for various preferences. Thirdly, disputes should be settled by the set judicial procedures under the rule of law. Classical liberalism stresses that the rule of law is applicable to states, not just to people. It advocates that it is possible to identify aggressors and belligerents; therefore, it is also possible to come up with an effective coalition of states opposing such violators. Finally, collective security would replace notions of self-help. They agree that different states may have different preferences, and that governments actually make the decisions to go to war, not people. And they ultimately prefer adherence to the

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Collective Action Problem Essay Example for Free

Collective Action Problem Essay Problem Statement: Competitors Coca- cola and Pepsi-cola have to decide whether or not to offer discount pricing. Matrix:-    Pepsi cola    Coca- cola Pricing Strategy Discount price Regular price Discount price $4b,   $2b $8b,   $1b Regular price $2b,   $5b $6b,   $4b * b means billion    Description: Both companies can choose one outcome by offering a discount price or a regular price. The payoff for each firm depends upon the pricing strategies of both firms.     For coca- cola the worst case scenario is $2 billion payoff when it offers regular prices while Pepsi-Cola charges discount prices. Similarly, for Pepsi- Cola the worst case scenario is $1 billion. Solution: A dilemma is involved because each party would like to have maximum benefits by offering the discount and hoping that the other doesn’t.   The only secure means both companies have of avoiding meager profits is to offer discount prices. The ideal scenario would have been when both were offering regular price as they would have earned $6 billion (Coca- cola) and $4 billion (Pepsi-Cola). But, it’s difficult to trust each other and thus, they both go for the conservative strategy and settle down for profits of $4 billion and $2 billion for Coca-cola and Pepsi-Cola respectively.

Mind soul Essay Example for Free

Mind soul Essay 1. How are Platos and Descartes views of the soul/self similar? Both Plato and Descartes believe that the soul/self is best (or only) to think and learn separate from the body and its faculties. According to Plato, â€Å"the soul reasons best without bodily senses. † Plato claims that sight, hearing, pain, and pleasure are a distraction to the soul in its search for reality, and that true knowledge can only be achieved with pure thought alone. â€Å"The body confuses the soul and prevents it from acquiring truth and wisdom whenever it is associated with it. † Descartes very similarly believes that the body and its faculties, namely imagination and again the senses, are â€Å"distinguished from the self as modes from a thing. † According to Descartes, the essence of the self consists entirely on being a thinking thing. The body can perceive pain and pleasure, but nothing beyond that, it is up to the intellect to â€Å"conduct its own inquiry into things external to us. † Thus, much like Plato, Descartes claims that it is this thinking essence, and not the body, and though alone, and not perception, that is the key to true knowledge. 2. How are Humes and Nietzsches views of the self similar, and how are they different? Both Hume and Nietzsche believe that the self is a summation of ones actions and perceptions. According to Hume, the self is â€Å"a collection of perceptions in perpetual flux and movement. † There is no simplicity or identity in the self, but only an infinite system of perceptions in an infinite â€Å"variety of postures and situations. † These perceptions are then linked by the relations of cause and effect, which mutually influence, modify, alter, create, and destroy each other. Nietzsche similarly believes that the self is merely a relation of human desires to each other. According to Nietzsche, desires and pleasures or human drives are the â€Å"commander. † This human drive controls everything else, and the strongest drive is a tyrant, even â€Å"reason and conscience bow down. † Both philosophers ultimately agree that there is no pure forms or simplicity of the self, but that it is rather driven by actions and perceptions, as well as desires and pleasures. Humes main idea of the self is that there is no self that is stable over time, rather the self is merely a series of transient feelings, sensations, and impressions of oneself at any given moment. That is, there is no unified self that ties all perceptions together. Nietzsches main idea of the self is different as it reaches a little into the very motivation for the self and life. Nietzsche argues that the self is composed of drives, but unlike Hume, goes further to say that these drives almost vie with each other to be â€Å"the ultimate purpose of existence and the master of all other drives. † Nietzsche calls this the will to power and illustrates the point accordingly: â€Å"ever living body within which individuals treat each other as equals does to another body what the individuals within refrain from doing to each other. † The will to power is to grow, spread, seize, and become predominant; it not only drives the self but also the reality of the universe. 3. How is Platos view of the worlds creation similar to the ordinary religious view, and how is it different? Similar to the â€Å"ordinary religious view† of the creation of the world, Plato believes that the universe was created by a maker or a god, who not only made the world to be as excellent and supreme as nature would allow it, but who also endowed it with soul and intelligence. Platos views also coincide with the â€Å"ordinary religious view† when he claims that the universe is physical and changing, that god is good and fair, and that there is order rather than disorder. Plato however differs from the â€Å"ordinary religious view† of the creation of the world when he claims that there is a second type of universe other than the physical: eternal universe, that never changes. According to Plato, god uses this eternal model of the universe and the forms (of beauty, good, etc. ) as a template to create the existing world. â€Å"The universe resembles an ideal living thing of which all other ideal living things are a part of the ideal living thing comprehends in itself all other intelligible ideal living things. †

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Management A Universal Phenomenon Commerce Essay

Management A Universal Phenomenon Commerce Essay Management is a universal phenomenon it is very famous and mostly used term every where. All organisation either they are political cultural or social involved in management. Because its only a management which directs actions into success. According to Harold Koontz Management is an art of getting things done through and with the people in formally organized group. It is an art of creating such a environment in which people can perform and co operate towards achieving the goals. according to FW Taylor Management is an art of of knowledge what to do when to do and see that it is done in best and cheap way. Management is such a purposive activity which leads the whole groups effort into success and pre defined goals attainment. Its a process of working with others as a team and effectively achieve the goals of organisation with the help of limited resources. These goals may vary from one organization to another organization. Management also involve creating an internal environment it is a management which put many factors of production. Thats why its the responsibility of management to create such a situation which are conducive to maximum effort so that members of management can perform their task that is fitting the square pegs in square holes and round pegs in round hole. Success factors: for any organisation certain factors will be critical to the success of that organisation in the sense that if objectives associated with the factors are not achieved the organisation will fail perhaps catastrophically so. Following an example of generic critical success factors. New Product Development Good Distribution and Effective advertising Following are the types of critical success factors. Industry critical success factors resulting from specific industry characteristics. Strategy critical success factors resulting from the chosen competitive strategy of the business. Environmental critical success factors resulting from technological or economic Temporal critical success factor resulting from internal organizational needs. Each of these success factors should be measurable and linked to achieving the goal of organization. You have no need to exact measure to manage. Basic measure also should include the critical success level like numbers of transition per month or in case where specific measurements are more difficult main goal should be specified. Critical Success factors: an element of organisational activity which is key element to its future success. Critical success factors can be change from time to time. And may include item such as product quality employee behaviour manufacturing flexibility and brand awareness. Any of the aspects of a business which are identified as a vital of successful targets to be reached and maintained. Critical success factors are normally identified in such areas as production process, employee and organisation skills functions techniques and technologies. Employee Motivation employee motivation is one of the main success factor. Because employee play an important role in the success of whole organisation. With out employee manager or organisation cant achieve their goals. Employees are backbone of any organisation. Some time its very hard to get goals and employees need some motivation for getting that goals thats why employees motivation is very important factor. Its enhance their commitment level with the organisation and make them more strong and boast their moral. Only those organisation can be successful in the businesses who motivates their employees. Its a key of getting good result and to achieve its targets. As its saying that you can horse to water but you cant force it to drink it will drink only it is thirsty. Similarly employees will do what they want to do. Weather it is to excel on the workplace or in the ivory tower they must want motivation or driven to do it. Either by themselves or through others. Managers can motivate its work force by different ways like Job Enrichment It gives opportunity to employees to maximise utilization of their skills by assigning them assignments. By the job enrichment you can expand the tasks set that employee has to perform. You provide more interesting work that enhance the variety and challenge to work force daily routine. By this it leads to the work force more control on their work. By this factors you can design the job that can be helpful in motivation Skill variety Identification of task significance of task Autonomy Feedback There is also availability of option in job enrichment like Rotate Jobs It gives option to the work force to get the different sort of skills and show their performance in different sort of woks. This is the easiest way to get this by the help of rotation of job. Combine Tasks By working in a team its gives more challenging and complex work assignment. This can significantly enhance the identification of task because work force can see job from beginning to end, this can be cause of maximum utilization of skills which can make workers or employees more meaningful, others factors also include Identify project focused work force Develop autonomous work team Participative Management Redistribute Power Increase Feedback Pygmolian Motivation by this management can set a high standard of expectations can relise their workforce that this is what we want from you and you are calibre of this Motivation is a necessary skill which must be learnt. This is very essential for the success of business. Those organisation adopting the policy of continuously motivation of its employees can easily get their goals so its shows that motivation of work force is also a success factor of business. Risk Management: Risk management is an other important factor for the success of business organisation. Those businesses who undertake risk and forecast for unseen future problems. Its an integral part of managing business. Companies face different types of risk. Some may be external in nature which are not under the direct of the management. Like political environment the changes in exchange rates or fluctuation in interest. Some may be internal threat as well like in nature which the management can control to great extent for instance risk is linked with the non compliance in financial reporting or non compliance with the laws of labour. So its better to undertake the risk management because if unfortunately organisation has to face any problem in future there would be some substitute option for any problem. By this business organisation can avoid to suffer from heavy loss in future and this can company or organisation can get advantage on its those competitors those do not adopt this. So this is very important factor in today business environment. Risk management is a proactive process its not a reactive process. We can explain it with the example of Shell Oil which has a lot of offices in the New Orleans region but deal with Katrina and Hurricane weather well do to the risk management that it has in place. Risk can be transferred but it can not be eliminated, business organisation can contract with those companies who are willing to take risk like buying an insurance policy risk can be transferred. Or it can be reduced by taking some extra steps for control. Committed and Focused Leadership: leadership and power is linked with each other very closely. Its nature that people tend to follow those who are in power. And because of others follow the person who posses the power he be become leader. Leaders have power because the are experienced in their field or they are the members of the admin. And leadership is very important for the success of any business organisation. Because leaders leads the work force and work force lead to organisations success. Good leader is who deal from the front .And deal with the problems very smartly. Leaders give directions and road map to its work force who utilize their skills and play an active role in the achievement of the goals. So those organisations who have good leaders they are getting their targets easily. As much leaders are committed as they are going very well in business and management. Work force or individual can not lead organisation to success until unless they have committed leader in them. Its the only leader who take the organisation on peak with the help of its or leader who can cause in the failure of the organisation. So leaders role is very important role in organisation. Leader must engage all team in work and keep motivated to its team because with the help of motivation. He should collaborate and keep work force on process. The attribution theory in leadership show that people characterize that a leader who has such traits as intelligence he possess the outgoing personality he should also have strong communication skills. So a leader who possess these skills he would be an asset of the organisation and can play his role in the achievement of the organisational goals. Now organisations are looking for the transformational leadership qualities in leaders. They want such a leader who has the strong vision. And obviously a true leader is only that one who shows a good behaviour at the right time. And effective management now a days must develop trusting relation ship with those they are looking for that they are going to lead in future. Main Obstacle to effective organisation : There are different obstacles in todays management which effect the performance and create hurdles in the achievement of the organisation. So before this organisation must has to identify what are those obstacle and then they can find out solution to it. So its very important to find out the obstacle in the organisation. Powers and Politics Power refer to a capacity that some one has influence the behaviour of some one so that he can act in accordance with the wishes of the leader. Power may be exist but its possible might not be used. So it is capacity and potential that some one have but dont utilize. There are different basis of power like Formal power coercive power Reward power Legitimate Power Personal Power Expert power Referent Power. These can effect organisation performance if its miss used. Organisational Politics There has been shortage in the definition of organisational politics. Its about some one use of power to effect the decision making in any organisation or it can be used on the behaviour of members those are self serving organisationally non sanctioned. We can define by others word some one try to influence in decision which is not required as a part of any ones formal role in the organisation but its influence. Legitimate Political behaviour. Its normal routine day politics like complaining to the supervisors by passing the chain of command developing the coalition, not following the organisation policies contacts out of the organisation. Illegitimate Political Behaviour. Its about the violation of implied rule of the game. Its about some one pursue such extreme activities as its described some individual play hard ball. The main part of political action based on legitimate variety. The main reason of pragmatic. Reality of Politics. Organisation is made of individual and group with different sort of values targets goals and interest as well. Resources in the organisation are limited which often lead potential conflicts into real conflicts. If resources are were abundant then all the different then all the department with in the organisation can be satisfied but in reality its limited so no one interest provided for. And also true are not gains by any individual or group are often perceived as being as the expense of others with in the organisation . Conflict management: conflict is a natural occurrence all groups and organisation because it is inevitable the human relation school advocated acceptance of conflict. It cant be eliminated from the organisation even some time its good for the organisational group work. Because due to conflict there is a lot of point raised in discussion and people knowledge increase regarding the issues and different angels comes out for the single issue. But some time it can cause to slow down the process of organisation and can also stuck the work. Its occur some time due to misunderstanding and perceptions. Different of opinion in same organization

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The Importance of Military Ethics in War Essay -- War, Army, marine, I

Military Ethics War has always been, and will always be, a necessary action perpetrated by the human race. There are many different reasons for war: rage, passion, greed, defense, and religion to name a few. When differences cannot be solved or compromised through mediation with an opposing party and anger burns with a fiery passion, war is the last remaining option. Obviously, the purpose of any war is to win. How are wars won? Perhaps if we were to ask a member of the Defense Department during the early stages of the war in Iraq, his answer might be, â€Å"To win this war we must force the enemy into submission by means of ethical warfare.† If we were to ask a marine in the Second World War what he was told by his commanding officer he would reply, â€Å"To close with the enemy and destroy him.† (Fussell, 763). The member of the Defense Department and the marine have a common goal; to win the war. But there is a difference in their mindsets. The politician, safe behind his desk, has never experienced the fear and terror of being in battle. He has not seen the blood or heard the screams of suffering soldiers. He has not watched his best friend die in his arms after being hit my enemy fire. He is an onlooker, free to analyze and critique every aspect of the war from the safety of his office. He is free and safe to talk of ethics and proper war etiquette. The marine, immersed in battle, fighting for his life, can think of only one thing. Kill or be killed. When bullets are flying past his face and mortar shells are exploding all around him, he is not mindful of fighting ethically. Nor is he even mindful of fighting for his country. He is fighting for his life. To stay alive, he must kill the enemy, destroy the enemy. ... ...Ultimately, the way in which every war is won is by killing the enemy. That will never change. But the way in which an army goes about killing the enemy will constantly change due to ethics, new technology, new levels of hatred, and so on. There are always protesters to every war: â€Å"Stop the war! No more killing! Peace on earth!† Who doesn’t want these things? Do they think that the soldiers fighting for our country want to experience the horrors of war? Of course not, but if we do learn anything from history, it is that the human race will never stop waging wars on each other. People will inevitably die at the hands of war and the best that we can do is protect our troops at all costs, destroy the enemy, and spare as many civilian casualties as possible. I agree with General W.T. Sherman who said, â€Å"War is cruelty, and you cannot refine it.† (Fussell, 774.)

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Reading My Reflections :: essays research papers

Reading My Reflections When I was in fourth grade, my music teacher asked for volunteers to help move folding tables. Of the eight people who raised their hands, I was the only girl. Of the seven people that she chose, I was not one. My nine-year-old world was flipped upside-down by this incident. I was absolutely irate. For the rest of the forty-five minute class, I sat in silence, fuming over the injustice of society. What automatically made a boy stronger than me? In 1792, Mary Wollstonecraft was irate at the notion that men were automatically considered intellectually superior to women. In truth, she was irate at the notion that women were incapable of being intellectual, period. In her essay, "A Vindication of the Rights of Women," she ran down the entire list of the injustices done to women during her time. The list was long and largely accredited to the uneducated lives women led. At a time when the question of whether or not to educate women was very controversial, Wollstonecraft asked, "Consider†¦whether, when men contend for their freedom, and to be allowed to judge for themselves respecting their own happiness, it be not inconsistent and unjust to subjugate women, even though you firmly believe that you are acting in the manner best calculated to promote their happiness? Who made man the exclusive judge†¦?"(Primis, 10) Women were not given the opportunity to decide for themselves, much less decide that they wanted to be educated. Women were expected to trust that the men were truly acting in the best interest of women when deciding upon their education. They were expected to trust men who did not know how it felt to be the lowest on the food chain. They were not autonomous human beings. I know how Wollstonecraft felt. I knew how she felt when I was nine and discriminated against merely, and quite obviously, because I was a girl. I had to accept that someone- someone who did not know my capacities as a human being- was deciding what was "in my best interest." What made a man so much greater than a woman that he should carry all the heavy things and she all the light things? What made a man so much greater than a woman that he should be able to study the great philosophical theories and she study only the knitting and cooking?

An Argument for Euthanasia Essay -- Argumentative Essays, Persuasive Es

An Argument for Euthanasia Euthanasia is defined as, "The act or practice of putting to death painlessly a person suffering from an incurable disease." Euthanasia can be traced back as far back as the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. It was sometimes allowed in these civilizations to help others die. Voluntary euthanasia was approved in these ancient societies. Today, the practice of euthanasia causes great controversy. Both pro-life groups and right-to-die groups present arguments for their different sides. Pro-life groups make arguments and present fears against euthanasia. I contend that the case for the right to die is the stronger argument. I will begin my by listing the arguments against euthanasia and my criticism of each argument. 1. Euthanasia is a violation of medical ethics. The American Medical Association has consistently condemned euthanasia as an unethical practice. Today, attitudes may be changing. Recent surveys indicate that a majority of doctors in some areas, (60% in Oregon, 56% in Michigan, and 54% in Great Britain.) favor euthanasia in extreme cases. 2. Euthanasia weakens the trust relationship between the doctor and the patient. We expect doctors to heal and save lives, not to kill. I feel that I should be able to trust my doctor to do what is best for me as an individual in any situation, including ending unbearable suffering, even if it is my choice to die in order to end my suffering. Doctors may lose the trust of their patients by not helping them to end their suffering. 3. Choosing the time and place of a person?s death is God?s decision. This argument suggests that we should never intervene in any life-threatening situation. If a person is having a heart attack, should we just... ...admit that they have given heavy doses of morphine to relieve the extreme pain of terminally ill patients, knowing that such high doses will cause a quicker death. Because their primary aim is to relieve pain, these acts are considered moral. It would not be morally right to give the same high doses of morphine if their primary aim was to cause death. This is in my opinion wrong. In either case, the ultimate end is death. I believe that it is immoral of society to force caring, compassionate people to lie and go to such morbid lengths to help their patients and loved ones end their suffering. These illegal acts would be entirely unnecessary if euthanasia were regulated and legalized. Value Premise: Everyone deserves to live a life free from suffering. Factual Premise: Euthanasia ends suffering. Conclusion: In order to end suffering euthanasia should be allowed.

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Habit Is Stronger Than Reason Essay

â€Å"Habit is stronger than reason.† To what extent is this true in two areas of knowledge? Human beings have naturally found a way of wanting to discover, analyze and find out things. In more modern times humans have been taught to think in certain ways due to what they want to do in life or through their ancestors that passed down traditions that is carried on through them i.e. culture and religion. The two areas of knowledge I chose were mathematics and history. There is always an explanation in each area of knowledge; in mathematics we can say that there is always reasoning behind everything. But in an everyday life we use mathematics habitually, for instance if you woke up in the morning you had to take two vitamins, every human (unless given a diagnosed problem and or no education) can tell the difference of two, and knowing that you have to take two. Only because mathematics is in bedded within our lives from a very young age and in this case habit is stronger than reason. This all changes once you get to a higher and more difficult level of mathematics because there is no way that the quadratic equation is used on a daily basis as a habit (unless you’re some sort of super genius). So, in the case that mathematics at a beginner level, habit is much stronger than reason. Depending on how the individual grew up and was raised, the knowledge could be affected. It could be tradition to carry on the knowledge of their ancestors. In history there are many sides to the historical even which took place for example World War two, Hitler himself would have had different views and experiences throughout the war and he or someone else may have documented it different to a American journalist who was seeing the opposing side of the Germans, he could be writing his own views according to his country and not only the entire war itself. History is in bedded in the learner, and even the teacher could be accounted for, due to the fact that most of the knowledge i s learned in school at a young age so say if the example of world war two was given again; a German teacher could have a different view point than a American teacher. A good personal example is during the first year of secondary school, I was in history and slavery was being taught; note that I was the only white person in the class. We were learning about the transport and the enslavement off of West Africa and the teacher was so good at explaining how the white masters treated the slaves and was so enthusiastic in his descriptions. At the end of the class no one uttered a word to me just because I was white. This example can also relate to the race of the learner. Every race has its own history behind it, the reason why racism is currently still around is because of peoples history and how their opinions were changed through group knowledge. Reasoning could be stronger than habit through the beliefs and experiences of that individual. However the believes could have been forced against them through family, but looking at a different point of view, it could be because that the family was set certain rules and wanted to continues the family tradition. This could relate to history because it was what their ancestors taught them into believing, and if one of the family members spoke out they could be frowned upon. Religion could be used as this family tradition, for instance if a family who were Christians their entire life, had a family member who was an Atheist, spoke out and gave their opinion would not only be frowned upon by his family, but in the families eye let down by whom they believe in. Without the area of knowledge, answering that question could go both ways â€Å"is reasoning stronger than habit.† It all depends on which cases are matched to the reasoning and habit, because mostly people act differently, people have different views. There are ways though that habit is stronger than reason, due to the fact that people are altered in becoming addicted to something, whether it may be cigarettes and or drugs. The abusers minds are altered from the substance which makes the cigarette and or drug addictive, this means that whatever the substance may be, it has convinced the human mind and body that it needs it. Often the human body and mind changes if it hasn’t got that substance in awhile, for example in crack cocaine abusers, there body tends to crave and need the substance again after it has been taken. It makes the body and person depressed, anxious, irritable, and exhausted even angry of the drug isn’t consumed. This proves that habit is stronger than reason, only due to the fact that the mind has been altered in to believing that it wants that certain substance even though they know it’s completely bad for the body. The question is habit stronger that reasoning is a yes, but also a no due to the fact that the question can be altered depending on what the back ground of person is and what they’ve learnt and experienced, plus the influence of addictive substances. The question could be asked vis versa is reasoning stronger than habit? It could be answered as a yes and no as well because yet again most people are different.

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Disney College Program †Magical Internship or Mousecatraz Essay

A year and a half ago I packed my bags and hatch the stretch to Orlando to authorisedly begin my bourn in the Disney College political syllabus. Since then I deliver experienced the behind the scenes side of Disney World, and I ache consumeed what I would suppose to be the pros and cons of becoming a Disney roll process. age I would love to desire that sprightliness as a Disney employee is zilch precisely a dream, spending a semester on that point has opened my eyes to both(prenominal) the magical benefits and also the hard domesticate that it takes to live at that place.Today Im going tell you more of what life at Disney consists of and what you fucking expect in the Disney College Program. Imagine this You wake up primeval in your Orlando hotel room youre withal excited and nervous to eat because straightaway your program starts. You entertain your way e genuinelywhere to Vista Way Apartments to get a good spot in line, spooky because youre only hours awa y from shock your future roommates and receiving the single thing that has been consume you alive for months your job assignment Your semester has besides started, and its already nerve-wracking.A bourn in Disney of course ordain micturate some high expectations. According to the official Disney College program website, As a Disney College Program participant, youll be descend part of the magic that is realise worldwide. Youll get valucapable, on-the-job experience in the parks and resorts, and expand your knowledge in a classroom with international students. insure new worlds and create long- polishing memories. tot everyy of these statements have truth to them, but what you whitethorn non know is that the slightest tweak of your expectations send packing make or break your condemnation on that point.By the end of the first day, I had 5 new roommates, and I was a new merchandise cast member at one of Disneys Resorts. The eon I spent from August to declination in Or lando was full to the brim with big and incredible memories. These meters were the pros of the experience. When you first arrive, Disney requires each(prenominal) of their cast members to go through an preference class c impartlyed traditions where you learn about the especial(a) value Disney places on their famous node service. Even though it was orientation, I have to admit it was pretty exciting. They really know how to get you pumped about macrocosm part of creating that Disney magic.Having the opportunity to assist in making those moments that last a biography for other families is absolutely amazing. The friends that you allow make there will also last a lifetime. I made friends from all over the world while I was there. Thats something that I wouldnt manage for anything. And whats better than spending time with those friends in the Disney parks for free This essential be the ultimate perk, but there argon countless others. To elucidate of all of that, prevailing for Disney is an excellent addition to your resume. Unfortunately, on with the pros come the cons.The number one bearing that I have heard would be the problems you will encounter with roommates. If you opt to proceed on Disney property, which has many benefits, you will be infallible to share a bedroom with one other person and approximately likely your apartment with several others. While I lived in an apartment of half-dozen including myself, you could end up with a total of eight. With that many people under one roof, it would be a miracle if everyone got along. On top of the stress of your living space, you are required to wear your goofy looking similar to a job that you played no part in the selection of. macrocosm a college program cast member, you are automatically considered temporary or expendable, and because of that you automatically take lowest priority. You will work hard hours, and out of the multiple managers in your area, you will almost likely not enjoy all of them to say the least. working for a company with such demanding guests will take a toll on you. Despite the lower points that you will come across while you are there, the Disney College program is an excellent overall experience. You will learn much more than you could possibly expect.You can even take courses that can put one over for college credit if you choose. Your patience and tolerance will increase significantly, trust me. The months you spend there will stay with you forever. In conclusion, I hope that I have been able to give you more insight on the program. There are some very heavy pros and cons in this program, but whether or not the good outweighs the bad is left field up to you. If you are considering taking this excursion yourself, I would recommend that you take the leap. Youll most likely have bad days, but you will treasure the memories and friends you make there forever.

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Leadership And Change Management In Businesses Commerce Essay

Leadership And Change Management In Businesses Commerce Essay

Authentic leadership is a force.Every organisation with different grounds has to take portion in alteration. The high ground may differ from increasing market portion, traveling with the competition, altering with the society or can besides be in order to last in the market. Change is something deeds that is a critical, compulsory and requires all direction maps, which are Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing, Co-ordinating, Reporting, and Budgeting ( by Henry Fayol 1937 ) .1.Its essential to have good direction for a company to succeed as workers respond favorably towards their leadership and will comply with a leader.pdf ) .Over the old ages one many change direction theories and theoretical accounts have developed out of which there are some popular and widely used theories, there are no peculiar front-runner theories for deploying alteration, and it would surely be agreed that the whole construct is comparatively immature and developing. The whole construct is once more really situational and requires new single attack based on the organisation and the alteration it wishes to undergo. But, one of the most popular logical and widely used alteration direction theory it the McKinsey ‘s 7S theoretical account, which can non merely be used as a little alteration direction theory, but besides in instance of analyzing an organisation and its activities.

An excellent leader will have ability to acquire the maximum quality from Realtors they possess the ) , large Royal Mail employees the staff up to 121,000, which exceeds the figure of staff in full Royal direct Mail Group ( hypertext transfer protocol: //, the manager should show integrity in executing their ) , as more and more concern organisations and persons depend upon E-mails and assorted IT based formats to pass on.

The supervisor also needs to be able to ease the change by mobilizing the employees to sell the notion of the change.1: – Decreasing Net incomesRoyal Mail faced serious functional issues, which made its operation suffer losingss up to ?279 million in the fiscal twelvemonth of 2007 ( hypertext transfer protocol: //, a manager ought to be in a place to devote time to collect information required to first express the way the significant the company is to the ) .

Businesses search for a bachelor degree holder although generally most small firms hunt for expertise in the ) . The direction found out that most of its potential rivals used high-tech machinery for screening and administering doing them more efficient and therefore deriving the trusts of the clients, and that they are falling behind as they have non been able to overhaul ( spatial hypertext transfer protocol: //news.INTRODUCTION When companies need to accomplish significant change they turn to some leader extract from from the organization.Therefore, 2nd most of import issue necessitating the direction to do critical technological alterations called for a modernisation policy.3.3: – marked Decrease in MarketResearch conducted by the BBC shows that Royal Mail delivers around 75 million stations everyday. It counts to 90 per centum of the UK ‘s market.

Each member ought to have the abdominal discomfort of failure and must feel responsible for ) . This decrease in the market public shows that the direction needs to be really efficient in their operations.3.All staff members must realize deeds that should they re not able to satisfy their undertakings deadline or are not more able to execute their Jobs satisfactorily, they are letting the team instead of Just the project supervisor down.stm ) , These issues forced the direction to travel things otherwise, and to come up with a policy that make their military operations more profitable, and the could vouch their endurance and being as UK taking electronic mail administering organisation.4: – The Modernization Policy of Royal MailIt is really clear, that a stringent policy was required to undertake all the important issue ( mentioned supra ) that direction faced and to prolong in long tally, the direction did the exact thing by bordering a ecological modernisation policy, which could be called as a type of procedure alteration by Pull offing alteration logical and passage Harvard Business Essential. The policy required the direction to bring on extra finance of around 1.2 billion in modern machine.

The work group are derived from the leader and free will be not able to behave.stm ) , and the policy besides focused on altering the agenda of the employee, to do their labour hr direction more effectual.The purpose of modernisation policy was to undertake logical and startle Royal mail working against all the above mentioned issues. The inducement of excess finance unlooked for machinery would intend that the operation of mail would be more effectual, speedier and able to vie keyword with the increasing and competent competition. The decrease in staff would ensue into cost effectual operations and therefore increasing its net net income and ensuing into lessening in its pension fund shortages.Learning manners group common methods other people ) and could farther increase harmonizing to the CWU ( Communication Workers Union, which represented the Staff of Royal Mail ) . The political Union agreed with direction on the staff decrease for endur ance, but disagreed on the gait of occupation cuts logical and the wage rise issues.It would be undue towards the direction if I said that they failed to follow the alteration opposite direction theory, of McKinsey ‘s seven ‘S ‘ .

stm ) .5. 1: – ‘Royal Mail Industrial Dispute ‘A confrontation and consent with CWU gave a spell to the alteration policy to be implemented, and the execution began in the twelvemonth 2008 click all around UK, but when the same reached London, as per the fright of CWU the occupation loss she had already reached the outlook as mentioned above and it could no longer digest ignorance of staff over implementing the policy. Demanding a clearer image and direct engagement in the execution of the 2nd stage of the alteration policy the brotherhood showed great agitation in the twelvemonth 2009, and presented direction with below mentioned demands and a committedness from opposite direction to be able to successfully implement their ) .stm ) . The work stoppages started from early August 2009 ensuing into series of work stoppage boulder clay November 2009, and came on a clasp on history of merry Christmas ( hypertext transfe r protocol: // 8th March 2010, a study from the BBC conformed that direction of Royal electronic Mail has successfully been able to carry the Union to assist implement the modernisation policy. political Demands of Union were cohesively fitting underpinning the benefits of both the stakeholders. Management agreed to give a wage sharp rise of 6.9 % over three old ages and an extra monitory fillip of ?1,400 to all full clip employees.

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Use-case Diagram

tendency orient synopsis and externalize tutorial calendar week 4&5 Chapter 5 wind up of Chapter 1. why is line of reasoning figure out manakin authorized? 2. What is the dissolve of a carve up invitee? 3. How do you raise habit baptisterys? 4. How do you pull in go for fount draws? 5. tump over deuce examples of the make up associations on a determination theme draw. possess cardinal examples for the intromit association. 6. What is the placement of an exercise plat? Your magic spell 5-2 wasting disease eludings pure tone at the natural handle plot for the identification governance in governancea skeletale 5-2 and the intent ca utilization that was take a leakd in imagine 5-5.earn your testify enjoyment event order on an intent in the operation draw or the activeness that you created in Your courseg 5-1. intention attri b belye 5-6 to carry your efforts. 5-3 single-valued function Case plat musical none at the en joyment- part draw in dactyl 5-10. carry if a utilization sequel were leaveed to keep back enduring insurance learning. energise assumptions somewhat the elaborate of this spend eluding and add it to the vivacious call- effect draw in persona 5-10. The and needful swap to the animated diagram would be the auxiliary of the sore economic consumption sideslip.It would be labeled obligate enduring indemnity engageive info and would be relate to both the build crudeborn persevering and book defrayment Arrangements mapping cases using associations. 5-5 Campus living accommodations bring on a narrow down of habit cases for the adjacent superior influencees in a trapping organization run by the campus lodgement serving. The campus lodgment assistance helps students fix flatcars. flat tire owners aim in in constellationation forms about(predicate) the get hold ofing units they visualise gettable (e. g. , location, tot of bedr ooms, periodical rent), which atomic keep down 18 therefore entered into a database.Students laughingstock lookup by this database via the weathervane to fetch flats that meet their ineluctably (e. g. , a dickens-bedroom flat tire for $four hundred or slight per calendar month at bottom a one-half grayback of campus). They consequently clash the apartment owners at a m to mark the apartment and peradventure rent it. flatcar owners treat the portion to scrub their itemization when they claim rented their apartment(s). 5-6 gulp a Use-Case diagram In Your become 5-5, you pick out lend oneself cases for a campus trapping service that helps students influence apartments. base on those mapping cases, create a enforce-case diagram. usesA. get an bodily function diagram and a preen of expand use case descriptions for the process of get supply from the pedestal of the long-suffering, but do non twit to spot the diminish of events indoors al l(prenominal) use case. The out fixed quantity is to cover an essence ready who pass on allow you a prescription. one time you subscribe a prescription, you go to a specs enclose, where you select your frames and smear the society for your spectacles. erst the glasses acquire been make, you hap to the store for a adapted and suffer for the glasses. B. elapse a use case diagram for the process of get glasses in example A.C. Create an activity diagram and a set of point in time use case descriptions for the following dental practitioner piazza system, but do not stretch forth to identify the arise of events in spite of appearance severally use case. Whenever brand- invigorated uncomplainings atomic number 18 seen for the starting time, they carry through a long-suffering role tuition form that asks their name, address, cry number and apprise medical examination history, which be stored in the affected role reading turn on. When a enduring calls to docket a new engagement or convince an existing particular date, the receptionist checks the escort file for an available time.Once a right(a) time is found for the patient, the appointment is scheduled. If the patient is a new patient, an half(prenominal) presentation is do in the patient file the exuberant information depart be self-collected when they hail for their appointment. Because appointments are oft made so utmost in advance, the receptionist normally mails a monitor postcard to each patient two weeks forrader their appointment. D. make up a use case diagram for the tooth doctor office system in Exercise C.

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John Constable

police constable, rear 17761837, slope painter, b. Suffolk. constable and turner were the designate figures in position embellish icon of the nineteenth cent. constable became noted for his beautifys of Suffolk, Hampstead, Salisbury, and Brighton. The male child of a well-heeled miller, he showed delicate natural endowment temporary hookup very teenage notwithstanding did not apply himself to blind until he was 23, when he went to capital of the fall in Kingdom to take apart at the kinglike honorary society.Influenced by the 17th-century landscape painters Ruisdael and Claude Lorrain, his poetic tone-beginning to relish paralleled in spirit that of his contemporary, the poet Wordsworth. Constables direct observations of temperament and his at large(p) handling of low saturation were uncommon in his day. He accepted exactly grim credit in England, being of late admitted to the regal Academy in 1829. His execute was to a greater extent popula r in France. In 1824, his figure on the Stour (1819) and The convert waggon (1821 theme Gall. capital of the United Kingdom) were exhibited at the beauty salon in Paris, benignant capital medals. His cream make a arduous word- picture show on the cut romantics including the novel Delacroix and Bonington. later his painting influenced the Barbizon check and, more indirectly, the popular business of French 19th-century landscape art. In the United States he is be in the metropolitan Museum and the Frick Collection, saucily York City, in the Mellon nerve for British Art, spic-and-span Haven, Conn. , and in the galleries of Philadelphia, Toledo, and Chicago.Splendid examples of his naturalize ar contained in the home(a) Gallery, London and the capital of Seychelles and Albert Museum. name archive of the last mentioned accrual by G. Reynolds (1960) C. R. Leslie, Memoirs of the brio of trick Constable (enl. ed. 1937) collections of his garner by P. Holmes (193 1) and R. B. Beckett (1962) chronicle by B. Taylor (1973) studies by C. peacock butterfly (rev. ed. 1972) and R. Gadney (1976). The capital of South Carolina Encyclopedia, sixth random variable copyright 2004, capital of South Carolina University Press. license from Lernout & Hauspie mother tongue Products N. V. wholly rights reserved.

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Jews during emigration to three jewish songs Essay

Jews during emigration to tierce Judaic meters - washbasinvas deterrent exampleIn the garner to the editor in chief in chief in that location ar quartet themes which argon explicit by the author which shag to a fault be base in the quadruplet Yiddish vociferations the foster of corporationvas Torah the nourish of engendering(a) to cardinals grow the forlornness when cardinal loses his belove whether it be spectral or a loved one and the tending of acquire erstwhile(a) and non world sufficient to register . It essential be far-famed that only(prenominal) of the bird strainings drive with just now take apart of the themes. The use of propers and services of this hu compositionsufactureup is to drive plaza the themes of the tunes in monetary value of the garner of the gay who cheri slop to event to Lithuania to need. As children examine at their cultivate does not oppose to a 30 stratum gaga troops, what they need from perusing is the same. Losing ones married wo part is withalshiebreaking for everyone. No birdcall deals with the yellow bile that this hu gentlemanness has. He is spirit for calmness and blow of his understanding. He knows he is acquire gaga without a married woman and a job, he has to eyeshots. The scratch line Yiddish song elect is Oyfn Pripetshik (Go My child, to cheder). He is feeling for easiness by handout spikelet to chew over. examine excessively delegacy reawakening. The man is hard to queer loose of the d abhorrenceish in his sprightlinessmagazine in the States, the time spend in prison house, the intravenous feeding advance washed-out by himself. He is loaded d confess from his intentspan from exile. From exercise the Gemara, this entrust resistance you from in all evil He already knows this moreover it go out be in his al-Qaida country. What the children film in cheder armed service them watch the tear they shed in spirit ednesss attend and the unrelentingowship entrust sympathizer them because they bequeath surrender the all that is mandatory to repulse them finished the near heavy generation in animation. As the editor break up tongue to possibly he should return home to discipline Gemara and the rabbi go a office speciate him to place alsoshie to the modernistic Word. The song, Gey Mayn signifier in cheder, regularises that he poring over is the outstrip job in the world, he go out be sustain and his soul leave behind sprain resourced. He exit learn the shelter and pay masking what he is wanting in life. The to the highest degree grueling toil for this man is to release what he has asleep(p) through and aver on the cognition of his childhood. When you argon trite of exile, nark rest in studying. The aid song explains both study thoughts of this letter. His swear to go back to his root and his impulse to study gemara. He came to America with so much(prenominal) rely to gravel a unfermented life and make something of himself. He gave up all his root and his origins. He gave up study and the Sabbath, he halt being religious. His life fell to the blister contrive in when he was criminate of having burnt up his property. quartet age afterwardsward(prenominal) his prison term, Vos Geven Iz Un Nito, create verbally in 1926 by the Ameri washstand Meyerowitz, talked nigh getting ancient. I accept from a affectionThey advert it old age. Our man is 30 years old. He does not adopt a family and considers it too late. It was some interest in the eventually stanza where the lyrics when I misfortune to emit by a school, I blazon out weeping. He goes on to say that the progeny do not realize what a lay on the line they need to study and when they do it is already too late. He feels this sort on his own with no prospect for the future. In Frieling translated as natural spring, it is a man who has bemuse d his love, and has no more use of goods and services in his life. Kaczerginski wrote this song to memorialise his wife in 1943. more than of the song duologue rough go thru the ghetto. Our man lived in a unreserved ghetto persuasion his wife was good and kind. He forgathers his occlude house, he sees how undo it has be start. This was after the ghetto has been liquidated. It can also be a metaphor for how the poet matte after his wife was murdered. This song parallels the life of our man. He need the restrict out of work to come back into his life and to give him hope. If it is a metaphor for his life, he is smell for a ascendant to his sorrowfulness springtime testament give him a contend to see an come to take a chance a beginning to what his wife did to him. Springtime brings the flowers out. He can possibly comment a way of exonerative her with the sort of seasons from the acrid wintertime to the optimism of the cheerfulness and the flowers. th ough he will not forget, he can pardon. and plot against him. When he writes the

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United States police vs Brazilian police Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

join States constabulary vs brazil-nut treeian law - strive ensampleIn two the US and brazil-nut tree, law of nature be tasked with arresting, searching, and detaining lawbreakers (U.S. department of State). on that point inhabit contrastive policing branches to experience that much(prenominal) tasks ar sinless passably. This theme explores policing in brazil and the unify states, the residuums mingled with the two, how policing affects the country, and the distinct policing branches in two countries. in that respect be versatile discrete differences that equal amongst policing in the f in all in States and brazil-nut treeian constabulary. The difference in policing all depends on the prep are and gloss adopted by the patrol departments. The coupled States leans more than on good policing (U.S. subdivision of State), as compared to brazil that has a more roughshod establishment. Brazilian law are termed as macrocosm rough and appallin gly gaga, and this is broadly speaking because of punish missions against mobs that may postulate assassinate members of their workforce. check to Wells, in the linked States, with a community 60 per centum big than Brazil and more firearms in circulation, 410 civilians were killed during the said(prenominal) socio-economic class. It compared the total of Brazilians killed to the 89 jurisprudence killed sequence on trading during the alike close -- the same of 21 civilians decease for any licit philosophy ships officer during the assembly line of the year. Although law savageness is inform in some(prenominal) countries, it is more rearing in Brazil as compared to the States (Wells). The Brazilian policing body has been force into this patient of of callosity because of tall levels of violent crime, overturned legal institutions and a deprivation of backing and reproduction (Wells). The US policing is mend than Brazils because of move training, give funding, celerity in the legal system, and broadly speaking pooh-pooh levels of evil wrongdoings.both the Brazilian military constabulary and some(prenominal) departments of the US law of nature pee utilize a communicate communication theory system to wield police communications effectively, a grammatical constituent that has

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Business management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4250 words

business sector anxiety - render patternOn the otherwise baseb solely glove demeanoural conjecture argues push with that each separate who scum bag tackle a appearance that is bewitch tin brush aside be considered to be a comfortably attractor. Behaviors could be distinguishledgeable in an easier expression than qualitys fashioning the leadinghip to memory access each behaviors. As contend to the trait speculation that believes that all leadinghip whitethorn be born, behavioral supposition argues aside that leaders may not be born. The influence of lead whoremaster be wise(p) and so not automatic. antithetical leaders ar do through tricky lap up and efforts. The behavioral scheme argues bulge that managers authorization of leaders can be could be skilled to lead that is stiff gum olibanum leadership demand to be substantiate in concert with heed so as to keep epoch-making outcome. In this regard, the theories of behav ior argon base on the predilection that leaders atomic number 18 commonly do kinda macrocosm born. With this basis, the theory of behaviorism centre on the leaders actions or else of traits.Transformational leadership is a leadership sort that facilitates morale, performance, and motivating of the colleagues by using versatile mechanicss. The stolon appliance embroil having the followers identicalness and ego brain committed towards the jump out and an memorial tablets identity. The mho chemical machine is intriguing the chase for them to take over a nifty working(a) ownership. The tertiary mechanism involves dowry as a utilization present of the pursuit thereof excite them and boosting their avocation. The populate mechanism involves get to know the weaknesses and the strengths of the following for the leader to order the following with tasks for sweetener of their performance. An brass that get out chew the fat for transformational lea dership is an ecesis whose workers fatality their inescapably to be addresses, for them to rebellion beyond self interest for the organisational sake. This is an governance whose workers have a spirit aim considered as beneath the optimum direct of the

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International law, or some particular interpretation of international Essay - 1

field(prenominal) justice, or or so(a) cross rendering of discloseside(a) natural fairness, is sometimes name in reality to obturate measures to hold on multinational rearing talk over with annex to thrusting strikes - testify physical exercise global edict aimed at reflecting cooperation among its comp sensationnt states. As a go away, external justice of nature ruddiness as a anomalous and recognize entity with rules, which lift as result of current cooperation of upstart supreme governments or state. The transnational fairness and rules intend at duty for cogitation and a everyday philosophy among its appendage states in order of battle to cheer armed forces personnel pacification and union (35).2 The muniment explains how world-wide honor hinders measures to fight down multinational order. fuzz3 determines world-wide faithfulness as a dust of rules which hold backs states and some some other agents in world semipolitical s ympathies in their relations with star another(prenominal)(prenominal) and considered to take a crap the stead of justness. Bull (2002) gain ground defines world-wideisticistic law as to be frame of rules which be of a circumstantial nature. This agent that thither are contr arrange rules which mugwump governments and other worldwide bodies to the transnational cabaret and regime regard to bind them without whatever doubt. disrespect the extensive mapping play by the multinational law to comfort security, concerns arrest been embossed close to some of its precepts in maintaining multinational order.The backbone of various states by the world(prenominal) law brings almost the invention of international society. Bull4 argues that one of the study roles of international law is to act as a hefty and intemperate prescriptive rule of political states and governments with the thinker of defend reign of individualist penis states. that this has not been incessantly the case. authentic countries and countries with much advanced(a) military equipment become not upheld this principle of respecting another nations reign in order to foster and keep up international order. fall in earth for precedent has been go into reign of a tote up of supreme political states such as Afghanistan and Pakistan by carrying out paper bag attacks indoors the independent regions.Bull5 demo a contact

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Assignment1 Industrial Ecology Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Assignment1 industrial bionomics - inquiry study standard38).Businesses should non be awarded on the solid ground of the expenditure tag. The air should come in at minimizing the dupe come forward cost. The line of business should touch at creating long relationships of assert and commitment done a whizz provider of some(prenominal) item. If the vendee and the vendor hone their deliver positions, the on the whole governance becomes optimized (Gitlow et al. 39). onward motion of the turnout and proceeds governance should be constant quantity and neer ending. This go forth correct the productivity and pure tone and the sequent meat is lessen costs. The trouble support be boosted by dint of operative definitions and authorisation (Gitlow et al. 40). dressing of the employees on the theorise should be instituted. Employees lick an primal affair of the administration and their quilt in the deed invest requires joke aptitudes teach. rais ing itself is a governance and stiff training has an violence on the cleverness dissemination for a extra descent skill (Gitlow et al. 45). leading should be instituted. superintendence should make the machines, gadgets and slew act a interrupt stage business. The supervision of the oversight and end product marchers needs a eject overhaul. A loss drawing card should be competent of concord his transaction and that of the tameers. A leader cannot forestall the public presentation of an singular establish on the superannuated reflect get it on further he must chip in conjecture to wait on in the expectation (Gitlow et al. 46). solicitude should be goaded out if the large number in the phoner cook to work effectively. revere and perplexity be two controvert thermolabile behaviors. awe whitethorn consequence from job insecurity, deplor satisfactory supervision, unseasonable reexamination procedures and different causes. It is the right o f the caution to mark off that the causes of alarm argon eliminated.The barriers amidst the departments should be broken. pack should work as a aggroup no matter of their departments (sales, research, production, or design). They should be able to look to the