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Suarez rebound Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Suarez rebound - Essay Example He is currently, the most prolific hat-tricks scorer in the English Premier League. Prior to joining Liverpool, Suarez was playing for Ajax where he was the captain and League’s top scorer scoring in almost every game he played. Indeed, he is a legend in Ajax having scored his one hundredth Ajax goal in 2011. He joined Liverpool in 2011 on a â‚ ¬23 million transfer fee (Warring web). However, Luis Suarez career has encountered various setbacks that include suspensions and fines for racial discrimination and biting players. Indeed, after biting PSV Eindhovens Otman Bakkal on the shoulder in 2010, he suffered a seven games suspension. He also suffered a 10 games suspension after biting Chelseas Branislov Ivanovic on the arm in 2013 (Warring web). On a different note, Suarez suffered yet another professional blow when he allegedly racially abused Evra and was suspended for 8 games (McClatchy). Seemingly, Luis Suarezs history depict a person with a troubled mind and troubled actions because he always denied these incidents claiming that it is not in his nature to react that way. He claims that such things happen in the field. Notably, biting is an emotional response and hence the need to evaluate Suarez’s mental health (Rumsby and Sutcliffe web). Indeed, Liverpool is already providing support and counseling to Suarez and FIFA is likely to recommend for his me ntal health evaluation in the recent investigations. This will help Suarez to bounce back. As his marketing manager, I have a plan to get public relations going the right direction for this talented and controversial Liverpool and Uruguay striker. Indeed, my main objectives is to change the public’s negative perception on Suarez, present Suarez’s mental troubles, his success, and convince the audience that Suarez will bounce back. This will maintain or increase the value of the player. The target audience for this plan includes the media, Liverpool Football Club, Uruguay

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Downtown Beirut, Response on Mohsens Article Essay Example for Free

Downtown Beirut, Response on Mohsens Article Essay Downtown Beirut: a spot pour les bourgeois In his article Downtown Beirut: A City of Ghosts? , published in the Alakhbar English journal on Saturday, January 7 2012, Ahmed Mohsen describes the heart of Beirut as an empty, fake, artificial hanging spot for the elite, so distant and alienated from the culture and the civilization of the good old Beirut known for its diversity among different social classes. Mohsen considers rebuilding the capital after the traumatizing war have indeed its true identity and covered its alleys with fake architecture that destroyed the historical beauty of what once was known as the Paris of the Middle East. For many, whats known today as Solidere , projects the new post war era, the era of a flourishing economy and an original society. In fact, the new buildings are indeed nothing more than an overpriced imitation of other countries architecture leaving the old Beirut and its rich Middle Eastern history nothing more than a memory along with its social traditions. Mohsen pointed out in his article that after rebuilding the center of the capital, the original citizens in Wadi Abu Jamil and its surroundings are no longer there. According to the authors article Wadi Abu Jamils original residents and owners have vanished. (Page #120) I personally believe that the old Beirut with its old, wrecked buildings and crowded dirty alleys is a unique haven of coexistence between the various religious sects and the different social classes unlike the new Down Town or DT with its new original buildings inhabited by only one social class. The High class. The reconstruction of Beirut put money and artificial beauty over the unity of the classes and the unity of the different peoples that lived for centuries in Lebanon and their reunification after the devastating war. In his article, the author criticized the fact that only rich people can shop or hang out in the DT saying For those who can afford it, the place to shop in downtown is Beirut souks. (Page # 119). In fact, all the shops present in downtown are indeed expensive for the average citizen. But the problem is that even the most basic things in a small shop are much more expensive than any other place in the country. Buying a simple cone of ice cream will cost you something around 2000 L. L in Lebanon, but buying it from downtown will cost you about 7000 L. L. All the artificial beauty that is supposed to encourage the Lebanese around the world to go back to their country is in fact, a repulsive, ugly place reserved for the elite and rich tourists from neighboring Arabic countries.

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Eastern Thought in the Works of Kerouac and Ginsberg Essay -- Biograph

Eastern Thought in the Works of Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg      Ã‚  Ã‚   In the late 1950's and throughout the 1960's, a fascination with Eastern thought developed, concentrating on Zen Buddhism and Daoism. This attraction can be explained in part by the complete strangeness of these thought forms to Western ideals. Buddhism's denial of reality and Daoism's wu-wei or flowing with life were revolutionary ideas to the people of the late '50's who had been brought up with consumerism, patriotism, Christianity, and suburbia. As people began rebelling from this cookie-cutter society, Eastern thought became a tool for the revolution, denying previously indubitable truths such as reality, attachment and God. This polar opposite belief-system, though it worked well as a slap in the face for conservative America, had difficulty being accepted in it's purest totality. Many aspects were too strict, too foreign and even too conservative to fit properly with the atmosphere of revolution and freedom. Thus began the process of "domestication". In order for these belief-systems to be embraced by the revolutionaries, a sort of depurification had to take place. Writers like Kerouac and Ginsberg combined Zen Buddhism, Daoism, and forms of Tibetan mysticism with parts of Western religions to create a medley of traditions much more liberal in practice than any of it's component belief systems. This "corruption" of Eastern thought began with the inclusion of sex, drugs and even facets of Christianity and other modes of Western thought to produce a hybrid of spirituality, and ended as an accepted mode of belief among the revolutionaries in a way the purest forms of these religions never could have. Jack Kerouac in his book, The Dharma Bums, and Allen... ...beliefs with their own, or tracing the traditions to their purest roots and taking the religion from there. It was a long road, but the sincerity of the Dharma Bums and the other poets and writers of the 1960's left a legacy of religious freedom, breaking out of the barriers of middle-American Christianity and setting out for the new frontier. Kerouac muses over this in The Dharma Bums, "'Yes, Coughlin, it's a shining now-ness and we've done it, carried America like a shining blanket into that brighter nowhere Already'" (138).    Works Cited Allen, Donald ed. The New American Poetry 1945-1960. Berkeley: U of CA, 1999. Ginsberg, Allen. "Kaddish". Allen, pp. 194-201 Ginsberg, Allen. "Sunflower Sutra". Allen, pp. 179-180. Ginsberg, Allen. "A Supermarket in California". Allen pp. 181-182. Kerouac, Jack. The Dharma Bums. New York: Penguin, 1986.

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Essay --

Madison Jones ENG 102-BC07 Ms. Keltz 2/13/14 The elephant population is struggling to keep its species alive. Poaching is causing more deaths and causing the decrease in population than natural deaths would be. Because of this, there are less than 500,000 left in the world and they could potentially go extinct within 15 years if nothing is done to save and protect them(Herrington 5). Before, there were millions of elephants around the world but there has been a drastic decline worldwide. In 1980 there were over one million elephants, by 1989 more than 600,000 elephants were killed(Christ 32). Those 600,000 killed elephants were over half of the elephant population. If this keeps declining at this rate, the whole elephant population will be extinct. This proves that the poaching is becoming so unmanageable. Therefore, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) is trying to do something to manage and prevent poaching and the decline of the population. Hunting is considered poaching and illegal when it is not the right time, location, number killed, method or the species being hunted(Farmer). Elephants would not be hunted if they did not have ivory that is so valuable. If there was no demand for ivory or an ivory trade, there would not be any poaching. The commercial poachers hunt for a profit, and the subsistence poachers hunt for survival, both are harming the population(Farmer). If the government does not enforce this, then they poaching will not stop and it will get as bad as it was in the 1980’s when the population was decreasing much more rapidly than it is now. Ivory is used and prized for many things. It is used in carvings or may be painted. It is prized and very valuabl... ...(Steinmetz). This really helped the tigers that were almost extinct. Since this resulted in positive outcomes, the WWF decided to spread the knowledge and ideas to communities and schools all around. Meetings were scheduled and the information was spread quickly. All signs of poaching started being monitored and since 2008, the WWF noticed a decrease in evidence of weaponry(Steinmetz). In 2011, the park rangers found less shotgun shells and camps were they would hideout(Steinmetz). This experience obviously shows the power a community can have when they work together to reach a common goal. If the WWF didn’t try, who knows what would have happened to all the species at risk in Thailand. The WWF just needs to expand and present this information to all the other countries and communities who have animals at risk and the poaching could potentially end completely.

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Muslim Immigration

The sentiments supporting Muslim immigration into this country misses one important aspect of the Islam faith. Their Quran teaches annihilation of all kafir civilizations (that's us). Deadly anti-Christian attacks are commonplace in the Muslim world; over 2,000 in just the last three years, including church bombings and the slaughter of any who refused to convert to Islam. At a time when we need to be alerted to these dangers, political and religious leaders, as well as the media, are instead joining the Muslim Brotherhood-manufactured battle against â€Å"Islamophobia.† In the face of the Islam-inspired genocide of Christians, this strikes me as a grotesque inversion of priorities. I put â€Å"Islamophobia† in quotes because a phobia is an irrational fear. If you check history, including recent history, people should have reasonable fear of authentic Islam. These true historical facts, were all by Muslims:1968, Robert Kennedy, shot/killed.1972, Munich Olympics, Israeli athletes kidnapped/massacred.1972, Pan Am 747, Cairo. Hijacked/blown up.1973, Pan Am 707, grenade attack. Rome. 33 killed.1979, Iranian US Embassy takeover.1980's, Americans kidnapped. Lebanon.1983, Beirut. US Marine barracks blown up.1985, cruise ship Achille-Lauro hijacked, 70-year-old American passenger thrown overboard in his wheelchair.1985, TWA Flight 847, hijacked. Athens, US Navy Diver, rescuing passengers, murdered1988, Pan Am Flight 103, bombed.1993, World Trade Center, bombed (first time).1998, US Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, bombed.2001, four airliners hijacked/crashed. World Trade Center/Pentagon. Thousands killed.2002, US fought Afghanistan war against Muslims.2002, reporter Daniel Pearl, kidnapped/beheaded.2013, Boston Marathon bombing, four killed, 264 injured.2015 Chattanooga, Tennessee military center, five killed2015 Inland Regional Center, San Bern ardino, California, 14 killed2016 Orlando nightclub shooting, 49 killed, more wounded2017 — New York, eight pedestrians killed/dozen injured near World Trade CenterRegrettably, singular focus on terroristic atrocities are misleading. It feeds into the narrative that the threat of Islam is limited to a handful of extremists. But, there is a much bigger problem: widespread and unrelenting persecution of Christians and Jews is found in every Muslim society and in Europe. The attitude of Muslims toward non-Muslims is not one of hate, fear, or envy, but rather contempt. The pervasive nature of the persecution, including discrimination, intimidation, rapes, abductions, forced conversions and the destruction of homes/churches, suggests that it stems from the core texts and teachings of mainstream Islam itself, not a distortion of Islam. Muslims have not misinterpreted Islam †¦ more likely the misunderstood are those who, though well-intentioned, have no real-life experience of Islam. Islam is presented as a religion of peace and justice, not unlike Christianity. But, Muslims and Christians do not share a common faith. These misguided statements aren't based on teachings nor history of Islam, but ignorance. Read the Quran yourself. This aggressively, anti-Western culture which has a hold on Europe was enabled by immigration policies based on an uncritical view of Islam. Europeans, naively assuming Muslims would assimilate to Western values, are forced to acclimate to Islamic values— polygamy, misogyny, honor violence, female genital mutilation and anti-Semitism. Jews are fleeing Europe in numbers unseen since the Nazi era. With just 4 million Muslims in the 66 million UK population, there are over 3,000 mosques, 130 Sharia courts, 50 Sharia councils, numerous â€Å"no-go† areas, approximately 70 percent of Muslims on free benefits/housing, and Muslim mayors in leading cities. Europeans are losing their civilization, not because they are â€Å"Islamophobic,† but, because of ignorance of Islam. They obediently accepted the â€Å"peaceful† depiction of Islam, presented to them by social and governmental elites, and are paying the price. Hijrah is the takeover of a nation without going to war. Never before has our immigration policy threatened our current way of life, Republican form of government, and our moral base. It's sobering. Yet, our clergy, political leaders and media are guilty of promoting the same pleasant picture of Islam and immigration that has thrown Europe into chaos. We need to correct our course fast.

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Essay on English Portfolio Metaphor

Essay on English Portfolio Metaphor Essay on English Portfolio Metaphor Yasmine Shahbazi English II Mr. Paulsen 15 May 2013 English Portfolio Metaphor Sophomore year has definitely been peculiar to say the least. It has come with great challenges, some overcome, and some not; one thing for sure, it was no walk in the park. Managing to get through this year has been like a poker game. You deal or are dealt to. It includes skill and luck. You bet, check, bluff, and raise. You learn from those you play with. Sometimes you win with a pair or lose with a full house. But whatever happens, it's best to keep on shuffling along. (tying in metaphor to this year don’t know where to put it in essay)******Sophomore year required times when I had to deal with certain situations solely by myself and yet there were other times when I had the reliability of my teachers to help me. This year made me study to the point where my brain physicaly hurt to get a successful grade, or I wouldn’t study at all and somehow do fine. I took risks, yet there were moments when I was insecure. I relied immensely on my peers who always encouraged me to try the best I could. There were tests I would get A’s on, and tests I would fail. But finally by the end of the year, I learned to let whatever happens happen as long as I tried my hardest.**** Over this past year, I know I have truly changed as a whole. I used to be so insecure, and the things that used to be so important to me before are completely irrelevant now. I remember the struggles I had when I was a freshman, not my best time. I was doing horribly in school and no matter how hard I tried, my grades continued to tumble. I remember sitting there with my friends after first semester was over having ended with a 2.8 gpa, and one of my friends was claiming it to be the end of the world because she had one A- along with the rest of her A’s. I was so embarrassed knowing I was by far the dumbest one in that room, I remember sitting there thinking could I quite possibly be the stupidest person in our grade? I feel like Sage is the complete opposite of the typical stereotype of highschool, that if your not smart at sage your a loser. I just always felt people thought I purposely wasn’t trying when I want nothing more than to have good grades! And then theres t he annoyance of people who don’t try at all and get perfect grades while I am studying as hard as I can to only do at best mediocre. For example, my friend and I both had a science test the next day. I had been sitting in my room for ours studying the material ready to have a nervous breakdown when I get a call from that friend asking if I want to go to dinner and the mall that night. When I ask her about the test, she said she hasn’t studied yet and shes just going to fail. Next day, I get an 80 and she gets a 98. This is so frustrating to me and when I am at my worst it seems like the most unfair thing in the world to me. These thoughts and frustrations continued to fluster my mind for the rest of freshman year. I constantly put myself down and was always severly stressed out about my future. Hearing all of my friends talking about all of the extracurricular activites and community service they already have as freshman when I had none. I had very overdramatic days w hen I honestly thought I would not get into college. After a long summer break, going into sophomore year was a way easier transition than I thought. Everything that I was constantly worried and stressed out about freshman year never factored in and I still don’t know why. I have been trying my hardest and for the most part, it has proved to be successful! Not going to lie, I feel a lot better about myself when I hear my friends saying how they think sophomore year is a lot more challenging than freshman year when I feel that I am doing okay! I do not mean to downplay it, however. Sophomore year is slightly less challenging, but its still not easy. And I don’t think that the

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Researching Ancestors in the British Census

Researching Ancestors in the British Census A census of the population of England and Wales has been taken every ten years since 1801, with the exception of 1941 (when no census was taken due to World War II). The censuses conducted prior to 1841 were basically statistical in nature, not even preserving the name of the head of household. Therefore, the first of these census enumerations of much use for tracing your ancestors is the British census of 1841. To protect the privacy of living individuals, the most recent census to be released to the public for England, Scotland and Wales is the 1911 census. What You Can Learn From British Census Records ), sex, occupation, and whether they were born in the same county in which they were enumerated. 1851-1911The questions asked in the 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, and 1901 census enumerations are generally the same and include the first, middle (usually just the initial), and last name of each individual; their relationship to the head of household; marital status; age at last birthday; sex; occupation; the county and parish of birth (if born in England or Wales), or the country if born elsewhere; and the full street address for each household. The birth information makes these censuses especially helpful for tracing ancestors born prior to the onset of civil registration in 1837. 1851 - This census additionally recorded whether an individual was blind, deaf or an idiot; tradesmen usually identified as master, journeyman or apprentice; the numbers of employees of a master. 1861 1871 - These two census enumerations additionally asked whether a person was imbecile, idiot or lunatic. 1881 1891 - The number of rooms occupied by a family if less than 5 was also recorded, as was whether a working person was an employer, employee or neither. 1901 - The employer/employee question added in 1881 remained, with the addition of recording those working at home. Four categories of disability were recorded: deaf and dumb; blind; lunatic; and imbecile or feeble minded. 1911 - The first census for which the original household schedules were not destroyed once details had been transferred into the enumerators’ summary books. For 1911 both the original census surveys filled out in your ancestor’s own hand (complete with mistakes and additional comments) and the traditional edited enumerators’ summary are available. An infirmity column allowed reporting of family illnesses and conditions, and the age at which these began. Details of children born to women in prison who were aged three or under at the time of the census were also recorded. Census Dates 1841 - 6 June1851 - 30 March1861 - 7 April1871 - 2 April1881 - 3 April1891 - 5 April1901 - 31 March1911 - 2 April Where to Find the Census for England Wales Online access to digitized images of all census returns from 1841 to 1911 (including indexes) for England and Wales is available from multiple companies. Most of the records require some type of payment for access, under either a subscription or pay-per-view system. For those looking for free online access to British census records, dont miss the transcriptions of the 1841–1911 England Wales Census available online at no charge at These records are linked to digitized copies of the actual census pages from FindMyPast, but access to the digitized census images does require a subscription to or a worldwide subscription to   The UK National Archives offers subscription access to the complete 1901 census for England and Wales, while a subscription to British Origins includes access to the 1841, 1861 and 1871 census for England and Wales. The UK Census subscription at is a comprehensive online British census offering, with complete indexes and images for every national census in England, Scotland, Wales, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands from 1841-1911. FindMyPast also offers fee-based access to available British national census records from 1841-1911. The 1911 British Census can also be accessed as a standalone PayAsYouGo site at The 1939 National Register Information from the 1939 National Register is available to applications, but only for individuals who have died and are recorded as being deceased. The application is expensive -  £42 - and no money will be refunded, even if a search of the records is unsuccessful. Information can be requested on a specific individual or a specific address, and information on up to a total of 10 people residing at a single address will be provided (if you ask for this).NHS Information Centre - 1939 National Register Request

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Majoring in Public Relations

Majoring in Public Relations Public relations is a worthwhile specialization for business majors who have an interest in marketing, advertising, and communication. Public relations (PR) professionals have the important responsibility of nurturing relationships between a company and its clients, customers, shareholders, the media, and other important parties central to a business. Nearly every industry employs public relations managers, which means that opportunities abound for individuals with a PR degree. Public Relations Degree Options There are public relations degree options at every level of study: Associate Program  - This undergraduate program lasts for two years and can be found at many small community colleges. Programs at this level commonly have a lot of general education classes and a small number of specialized classes in communications or public relations.  Bachelor Program  - This undergraduate program lasts for four years and can be found at most colleges and universities. Programs typically include a mix of general education courses and public relations courses. Some schools allow students to customize their education with specialized electives.  Masters Program  - This graduate program is for students who have already earned an undergraduate degree; it typically lasts two years and can be found at graduate schools and business schools. Masters programs, particularly MBA programs, commonly feature core business courses along with specialized courses in public relations. Many programs include opportunities for hands-on experiences.   Business majors interested  in working in the public relations field will be well-served with a four-year undergraduate degree. Most employment opportunities require at least a bachelors degree. However, there are some students who get their start by earning an associates degree with a specialization in communications or public relations. A masters degree or an  MBA degree  is advisable for students interested in a high-up position, such as a supervisory or specialist position. A dual MBA degree in public relations and advertising or public relations and marketing may also be beneficial.   Finding a Public Relations Program Business majors interested in pursuing a public relations specialization should have no problem locating degree programs at any level. Use the following tips to find the right program for you. Look for a program that is accredited. Accreditation  ensures a quality education and improves your chances of career success.Look at ranking lists from organizations like  U.S. News World Report  to see which public relations programs are considered among the best,If youre interested in working for a specific company, do some research to see which schools that company typically recruits from.   Public Relations Coursework Business majors  who want to work in public relations will need to learn how to  create, implement, and follow through with a public relations campaign. Courses will generally center on topics like: MarketingAdvertisingCommunicationsPromotional writingSpeech writingMedia planningCreative strategy  StatisticsEthics Working in Public Relations Public relations professionals can work for a specific company or for a PR firm that handles a wide variety of companies. Applicants  with a respected degree and a good understanding of various marketing concepts will have the best job opportunities.   To learn more about working in public relations, visit the Public Relations Society of America website.  The PRSA is the world’s largest organization of public relations professionals. Membership is open to recent college graduates and seasoned professionals. Members have access to educational and career resources as well as networking opportunities.   Common Job Titles Some of the most common job titles in the public relations field include: Promotions Assistant  - A promotions or advertising assistants handle communications and work on promotional campaigns.Public Relations Specialist  - PR or media specialists work with the media and help clients communicate with the public.  Public Relations Manager  -  Public relations managers or directors supervise PR departments. They perform many of the same duties as PR specialists.

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HIST Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

HIST - Essay Example But, on the other hand, there are certain reservations associated with this idea of preserving the past. The concept of imagined west explains this second thought. According to Dr. Morley the way these places have been preserved embody some politics and Imaginations attached to it. First, these places have not been saved the way they originally were and there is a lot of imagination used to make these places alluring to the tourists as well as locales. She elaborates this idea further more that although these places are a replica of past, but there is a lot of imagination working behind flourishing it. Only those things have been saved and protected that would appeal people. Moreover, using imagination, many new things have been added for the dà ©cor of these places no matter they were part of the past or not. Here Judy Morley takes a firm stand that although such things are against ethics and do not fall in any terms of the morality still since it benefits many people, it is harmle ss in their eyes. There are many other ironical facts associated with this idea of preservation. Like in the protection and preservation of the Old Town Albuquerque, many Hispanics were dislocated although the place represents the past glory and grandeur of the Hispanics. Secondly, in the Larimer Square the actual past trait of the skid row has been put under the carpet only to attract more number of tourists and make it a more worth seeing place. Judy Morley basis her wide research on interviews from the local property owners, dealers and business men. She also studies deep the fields of urban development and tourism etc. Thus she reaches on the conclusion that such preservations have very deep impacts on the urban life and neighborhood along with the tourism sector. Talking about the Larimer Street in Denver, Morley eloquently describes how time has changed around this place without harming its very soul. This Street is known for its shopping and

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Contingency Model (DB) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Contingency Model (DB) - Essay Example He prefer to monitor the progress of new ideas and innovation personally. He travels a lot to the respective locations to make his presence felt throughout his organization. He manages his time strictly to suit his work style and ranks his performance on the number of man hours utilized. He thus created an ambience where people will compete among themselves for a common purpose, performance. Mr. Gates keeps his organization in front of him rather than his personal agenda and he expects the same priorities to be set by his co-workers. Relatively Mary Kay Ash markets his ideas internally with good people management skills. Ash puts people in front, she concerns about her employees. She manages trains and motivates her employees through different ways with an intention to make them more competitive and more responsible towards their work. Ash sends a positive impression that organization cares for them who come out with better performers. They are similar in terms of their aim to drive the company to grow. Ash drives the company performance by encouraging and motivating employees by various employee friendly initiatives. Gates encourages new ideas and concepts generated internally and will personally monitor these ideas to convert them into perfect business opportunities. Gates is a task oriented person with more authoritative style

European human rights law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

European human rights law - Essay Example It is an individual's most essential political right and the essence of democracy. Freedom of expression is what makes it possible for even the most ordinary of citizens to make a political expression, even if that expression is against the state itself. It is this right that makes it possible for such an individual to hold an opinion that is different from the opinion of the majority. It is this freedom that gives people the power to protest inequality and oppression. From this freedom emanate all the other freedoms. In a democracy, probably the most important consequence of the freedom of expression is to compel governments to the dialogue table, and it is because of this that governments are forced to consider the opinions of people in its decision making. This works to the advantage of both people and the government - if indeed one can make a distinction between the two. People have the advantage of ensuring that all or most governmental decisions consider their opinion. In Europe freedom of expression is protected by article 10 (1) of the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR). "Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers" ("The European Convention on Human Rights"). Contrary to what some... And this freedom relates to the freedom of opinion, freedom of information, and the freedom to criticize. Freedom of Opinion and Information The first paragraph of Article 10 of the ECHR elucidates that freedom of expression shall include the "freedom to hold opinions and to receive information" ("The European Convention on Human Rights"). There is more to this freedom than one initially realizes. The freedom to hold opinions, among other things, also means spiritual freedom. This freedom includes the freedom to hold and report a belief. This belief can be critical or appreciative or merely judgmental. These beliefs or opinions can relate to philosophy, science, literature, politics, ethics and several such other aspects. This freedom applies as much to giving an opinion, as to receiving one. 3 Freedom of expression includes the freedom to information. This freedom applies to receiving information, as it does to the dissemination of information. This freedom is an offshoot of the freedom to opinion. Yet another off-shoot of the freedom to express opinions is the freedom of criticism. This is a significant aspect of the freedom of expression as it gives even people in the minority the right to hold and express views that are not in consonance with the majority. This Freedom is Not Unconditional The freedom of expression is however not a platform for unfettered individual and institutional will. There are conditions. The freedoms guaranteed under Article 10 of the ECHR carry with them "certain duties and responsibilities". Exercise of this freedom must be within the parameters of certain procedures, conditions, controls and rules of infraction. These parameters are laid down by law in the wider interests of the

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Entrepreneurship Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Entrepreneurship - Coursework Example In such a way, the following analysis will seek to engage the reader with some of the reasons for why networking is such an integral aspect and should be appreciated to a more definitive level and degree. Firstly, the most obvious reason for why networking is ultimately important has to do with the overall level of connections that an individual can build within the business community. These connections have a clear linkage to the way in which consumers and producers can be linked. One does not need to delve too deeply into existing literature to find the way in which value chain management and the relationship between producers and suppliers must be delineated in order to come to an appreciation for the fact that these connections are an invaluable compote of seeking to further the business profitability and continued survival of a given entrepreneur/business entity. Ultimately, the goal of these connections, brought about might networking, is to create a series of friendships and a t least acquaintance with stakeholders within a variety of different fields. It must not be understood that networking is done solely as a means of benefiting the bottom line. Oftentimes, networking has the tangential benefit of allowing the individual entrepreneur to come to a more full and well nuanced knowledge of existing best practices within a given field. Through such a knowledge of best practices, the entrepreneur can then apply these best practices, changing them as he/she feels fit, to more appropriately embodied the goals and visions of their respective business entity. Within such a way, the entrepreneur becomes less insular and can rely upon the best practices of different individuals in different fields as a means of benefiting their own business. All too often, producers and entrepreneurs are caught in the unenlightened frame of mind that they are in a game against the world. Within such an unenlightened standpoint, the entrepreneur does not wish to accept the best pr actices for business approach that many other individuals that they might network with have utilized to a great level of success. However, a brief and cursory analysis of the existing business environment notices that many of the most successful and multinational firms have sought to engage best practices in other tangentially related businesses as a means of benefiting their own bottom line and approach to the consumer. Moreover, one can see an example of the importance that networking can have with respect to the way in which network theory, a sociological construct, delineates the way in which this can and should occur within the realm of both business and interpersonal interaction. As such, network theory denotes that the greater the level of connections that can be made the greater the empathy and synergy that can be developed within each of these relationships/networks. As such, using the case of a large multinational firm such as Apple, one can readily denote the fact that ne twork theory is definitively in use and applied across the board with regard to the way in which business interactions and needs fulfillment takes place. Finally, seeking to forge these networks can result in lasting friendships and network relationships which encourage business to grow beyond the market constraints. For instance, if a given supplier has formed a

Strategic Management Process Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Strategic Management Process - Essay Example The major contribution of performance management is its focus on achieving results - making use of the best tools to success and useful products and services for customers inside and outside the organization. In other words, performance management is not just being busy, but it is of how much of the work is effective in achieving the goals of the organization. Today, organizations have goals, plans and resource management. In order to achieve specific goals of an organization, it is essential that they need to have strategic management. Recently, organizations have been faced with challenges like never before and those organizations which utilize strategic management practices are generally more effective than those who do not. Further, this increasing competition from businesses across the world has meant that all businesses must be much more careful about the choice of strategies to remain competitive. Therefore, small and large organizations put more focus on effectiveness to put systems and processes in the right way to the right things to achieve the predetermined results. This is the only way to claim that the organization and its various parts are really performing (McNamara n.pag, 1997). In simple terms strategic management is the process of specifying an organization's aims and objectives, developing policies and plans to achieve it, and allocating resources so as to implement the plans. Strategic management is the highest level of managerial activity, which is generally performed by the top leaders of an organization. It provides an overall direction to the whole organization, leading them all to achieve a set goal/s. An organization's strategy must be best suited for its resources, circumstances, and to achieve its objectives. The process involves matching the company's strategic advantages to the business environment the organization faces. Training each and every individual to perform the individual targets is also am important step in this process. In general the goal of corporate strategy is to put the organization into a position to carry out its mission effectively and efficiently. Hence a good corporate strategy should combine an organization's goals, poli cies, and action into a complete package of success (Wikipedia n.pag, 2007). In general a corporate strategy can be described as an organizations sense of purpose - a guiding purpose or policy, or it can also be a focused mission statement, or even a philosophy, for the achievement of an objective. It is the mapping out of future directions that need to be adopted using the resources possessed. The study of corporate strategy is a relatively recent phenomenon. Edith Penrose (1959) was one of the pioneers in academics to argue that what happened inside the firm was just as important as the marketplace outside the firm. Till then the main focus of economics had been upon the marketplace outside the firm, with a detailed consideration of market demand and supply issues. Penrose argued that the growth of the firm was related to its use of resources, its past history and its evolution over time; previous history was a key influence on future development. The US strategist Alfred Chandler (1962) also published a substantial study regarding the growth of the firm. H e argued, in support of Penrose, that the development of an organization over time is an essential element in understanding strategy. The implementation

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Entrepreneurship Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Entrepreneurship - Coursework Example In such a way, the following analysis will seek to engage the reader with some of the reasons for why networking is such an integral aspect and should be appreciated to a more definitive level and degree. Firstly, the most obvious reason for why networking is ultimately important has to do with the overall level of connections that an individual can build within the business community. These connections have a clear linkage to the way in which consumers and producers can be linked. One does not need to delve too deeply into existing literature to find the way in which value chain management and the relationship between producers and suppliers must be delineated in order to come to an appreciation for the fact that these connections are an invaluable compote of seeking to further the business profitability and continued survival of a given entrepreneur/business entity. Ultimately, the goal of these connections, brought about might networking, is to create a series of friendships and a t least acquaintance with stakeholders within a variety of different fields. It must not be understood that networking is done solely as a means of benefiting the bottom line. Oftentimes, networking has the tangential benefit of allowing the individual entrepreneur to come to a more full and well nuanced knowledge of existing best practices within a given field. Through such a knowledge of best practices, the entrepreneur can then apply these best practices, changing them as he/she feels fit, to more appropriately embodied the goals and visions of their respective business entity. Within such a way, the entrepreneur becomes less insular and can rely upon the best practices of different individuals in different fields as a means of benefiting their own business. All too often, producers and entrepreneurs are caught in the unenlightened frame of mind that they are in a game against the world. Within such an unenlightened standpoint, the entrepreneur does not wish to accept the best pr actices for business approach that many other individuals that they might network with have utilized to a great level of success. However, a brief and cursory analysis of the existing business environment notices that many of the most successful and multinational firms have sought to engage best practices in other tangentially related businesses as a means of benefiting their own bottom line and approach to the consumer. Moreover, one can see an example of the importance that networking can have with respect to the way in which network theory, a sociological construct, delineates the way in which this can and should occur within the realm of both business and interpersonal interaction. As such, network theory denotes that the greater the level of connections that can be made the greater the empathy and synergy that can be developed within each of these relationships/networks. As such, using the case of a large multinational firm such as Apple, one can readily denote the fact that ne twork theory is definitively in use and applied across the board with regard to the way in which business interactions and needs fulfillment takes place. Finally, seeking to forge these networks can result in lasting friendships and network relationships which encourage business to grow beyond the market constraints. For instance, if a given supplier has formed a

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Problem based exercises on Law Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Problem based exercises on Law - Case Study Example The letter stated that the offer was "exclusively" being made to the "members" of the yatch club against payment of $80,000. The letter also states that the first member to accept the offer will receive the yatch, hence according to the Sales of Goods Act 1979 Section 18 (3), in case of sales on approval, property passes when the buyer signifies his acceptance to the seller. 3. At 8 pm, Dandy, a club "visitor" rang Gemstone, Mrs Gemstone answered in the absence of her husband and Dandy proposed $90,000 for the yatch. Not being a "member" of the yatch club, Dandy does not fulfill the contract according to the Contract Law, since he has not been offered a deal to accept. However, it can be considered that Dandy is now making an offer for Gemstone to accept, but since Mrs Gemstone did not clearly state that she is accepting the offer (she only replied "My husband will be pleased. He asked me to receive any acceptances as he is away tonight. I suggestto arrange delivery") See Gibson v Manchester City Council 1979 1 AER 972, where using the word "suggest" merely illustrates final arrangements, but does not show that any stage the offer has been accepted. 4. Chuck posted his acceptance letter at 9 pm. ... I suggestto arrange delivery") See Gibson v Manchester City Council 1979 1 AER 972, where using the word "suggest" merely illustrates final arrangements, but does not show that any stage the offer has been accepted. 4. Chuck posted his acceptance letter at 9 pm. According to the Contract Law, an offer is acceptance at the time the letter is posted, irrespective of the time the letter reaches destination or even if it does not reach destination. see Byrne v Van Tienhoven (1880) 5 CPD 344 in which it is stated that an offer is accepted once it leaves the hands of the person. Since Chuck is a member of the club, and he is the first to accept Gemstone's offer, legally according to point 2 above, he is the righteous person to claim the yatch. 5. Slick, also being a club member sent his acceptance by mail at 9.30 pm, hence 30 minutes after Chuck. Thus the contract having already been formed being Chuck and Gemstone, Gemstone having clearly stated that the first member to accept will receive the yatch, Slick has no legal right to claim for the yatch. As we can see, Gemstone wants to deliver the yatch to Dandy. Considering all the above points, Chuck is now the righteous owner of the yatch legally. Slick cannot make any legal claim since he was not the first member to accept Gemstone's offer. So, legally, the yatch should be delivered to Chuck. However if Gemstone persists and delivers the yatch to Dandy, he will be making a major breach in the contact with Chuck, who can sue Gemstone immediately for damages. Question Two This case discusses about an "Oral" Contract, that is, one which is not a drafted formal contract between the two parties and where there exists neither evidence nor proof in writing and signed documents. Generally an oral

Eva Smiths Diary Essay Example for Free

Eva Smiths Diary Essay George maintains his game-playing and point-scoring with Martha by assuming a teacher-like tone, while Martha is the pupil. He explains that the chromosome business is very simple, Martha, patronising her like shes a child, again continuing the games. George belittles her, implying shes a monster with a ravenous, almost sexual, appetite that eats [chromosomes] for breakfast. His sudden increase in conversation may be a means to hinder Marthas incessant flirting with Nick, since he is feeling rather threatened by Nick. Although George is speaking to Martha he is directing it at Nick. He links the idea of the banal unvarying race personally to Nick, referring to the smooth, blond, and right at the middleweight limit civilisation of seemingly glorious men. Nick fits this description perfectly, personifying the typical, superficially perfect American Dream, and by making his condemnation of the vision specifically related to Nick, George challenges him. George is contemptuous towards Nick, and as the stage directions read, ignores him when Nick tries to protest. He doesnt trust Nick, and George openly challenges him: I know when Im being threatened. This demonstrates his acknowledgement of both the sexual threat Nick poses, and of the battle between art and science. George is not fooled by Nicks false courtesy as seen in the early stages of the play. Nicks guise of decorum is gradually beginning to uncover. Being a scientist makes him the victim of Georges criticism, and a contributor in the construction of a monotonous master race. Consequently, Nick does not have an opposing response to this vision since he plays a role in its development displayed through his joke of being the wave of the future. It also reveals elements of Nicks arrogance when he says it. He tries to, as seen in the stage directions: make light of it all, in a sarcastic reply to Georges attack, but there is a sense of overconfidence about it. Nick seems unable to take criticism and when he tries to interrupt George, he is impatient or says it grimly, showing how he wants to cease Georges belittling of him and his profession, and his frustration at George. Nick obviously dislikes and holds contempt to George. He gets very irritated with Georges comments about scientists being ants, demanding: Are you finished? Nick is becoming infuriated with Georges taunting, but tries to control himself by trying to make light of it all. The underlying tensions in Nicks relationship with Honey begin to show clearly. He snaps at her when she drunkenly asks: You never told me, and his angry outburst, as seen by the stage directions, [shocks] her. Nick unleashes his impatience and resentment onto Honey, showing that they are not the perfect couple that they appear to be. Here, Albee breaks down the image of the American Dream which Honey and Nick are supposed to embody. Nick calls himself a personal screwing machine in response to Marthas flirting with him. Martha surprisingly doesnt play a domineering part in this extract. She doesnt seem very interested in the totalitarian vision of the future, until George mentions Nick. Marthas responses: Hunh! Awww Goody, are not ones made with great enthusiasm or with interest, although she is impressed at the start of Georges explanation of chromosomes to her. When Martha does comment it does not exhibit anything that we dont already know about her, such as her sexual forwardness. Martha is subtly developing her relationship with Nick, flattering him constantly. She remarks how its not a bad idea if everyone looked like him, and salaciously says So, everyones going to look like you, eh? Marthas obvious flirting could either be taken seriously, or as just another game to annoy George. Along with her advances towards Nick, she gets at George by putting him down, teasing him about his paunch. Martha and Georges childish games are a common part of their interaction, and her mocking him is all part of the game. This extract is essential in showing how there is a gradual development of characters and their opinions, especially George. How the relationships between characters are portrayed in this extract is significant: they are beginning to develop, and their true nature is progressively being exposed. Yet Albee does not simply convey the characters and their relationships with each other, but perhaps even a portrayal of a wider society. In this extract, Albee criticises the concept of the American Dream, the idea of perfection through George, and successfully shows how all that glitters is not necessarily gold. (1263 words) Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE John Steinbeck section.

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A Definition Of Online Ordering Systems Information Technology Essay

A Definition Of Online Ordering Systems Information Technology Essay Online food ordering services are websites of local restaurants and food cooperatives set up for customers to select from the interactive menus provided so as the ordering process can take place. In order for ordering to take place, any sorts of internet capable devices which support complex web pages are used. People normally use computers to access into the food websites and place an order. Similar to ordering consumer goods online, online food ordering services also allow consumer to register and uphold an account at the Dominos Pizza website in order to make frequent ordering convenient. A consumer will look for favourite restaurant, browse from available items, and select delivery or pick-up. Payments could be made via credit card or cash. Partial of the payment will be given to the online food company. The pioneer restaurants to adopt online food ordering services are corporate franchises such as Dominos Pizza and Pizza Hut. Procedure Firstly, the customer needs to go the Dominos official website, The registration as a Dominos member is necessary if the customer order pizza via online for the first time. First step of the register process is entering the street name to locate the customer delivery address accurately for the delivery. After registered, click on the Order Now button. A log in box will pop up on the screen asking for the customer username and the password. After login the customer is able to start to order on desired food or drinks. Once finished ordering, click on submit. An e-mail for verification will be sent to the customer. Once verified, the delivery will send to the customers location within 30 minutes. After purchasing the pizza, customer can keep track of their pizza by GPS Tracker offered by Dominos Pizza. Payment is made subsequent to the customer when the Dominos employee delivers the pizza to the customer. Function: Ordering food online is becoming a norm for restaurants which offer takeout and delivery orders. Online food ordering is designed as it is cost effective yet an efficient system to satisfy the restaurants needs. The system is also designed for its ultimate flexibility and performance. The customers will be able to access into the company existing website and browse at their menu and select and place their orders on what they desire. Once the customer has confirmed their order, the system will either email or fax the customers order to the restaurant. The online ordering system also enables customers to order days in advance and the system will accomplish the order at the specified time. The online ordering system has been constructed to handle large amounts of orders simultaneously to prevent the system overload. This system is also flexible in a way, whereby customers are able to place online orders quickly, with just a click comparing to the tradition where orders were taken through the phone. More time and cost will be saved ordering online as phone bill is charged according to the time the phone is on the line. The system was used intended to meet the requirements of all of the clients. Internet database Online ordering is easy and convenient yet they have more to improve on their online ordering system. It is good that online ordering system has linked the customers information with the database of the system which facilitates the ordering of customers. In addition, customers information could be tracked easily from their database rapidly if they are regular customers. Advantages With the escort in of the 21st century, several of individuals have found out that it is basically easier to purchase goods online. This depends on the consumers preferences. Some people feel unsecure buying items online because they cannot have physical touch or sight with the items they wish to buy. In this case, some people prefer to have the pizza straight from the oven when it is served. Online ordering provides additional customer service such as delivery to the destination that they have requested for. Customers can view the entire menu and all special offers via official website though online. The system records customers orders when purchasing has taken place. Extra services are provided to customers for example like estimated delivery carryout times and track their pizzas position using the GPS Tracker accessible on the website. When ordering via online, even throughout a busy period such as lunch or dinner time, customers would not have a problem in contacting Dominos Pizza and placing their orders. The customers just need to order via online and the system will automatically generate and put it on queue. Online ordering records and stores past records of orders made and allows the customers to view them anytime during their online ordering session. These records will store at the database. The biggest advantage to order pizza online is that the customer can save a lot of time and effort. Customers can decide to complete their orders within seconds or take their time the customer wishes. There are no time limits for them to complete their orders, thus, customers can take their time to order. Instead of planning out time in daily schedule to go out and make a purchase, the consumer can instead go to the website when they have a free time at work or at home late at night, and look up the product that the customers are considering to purchase. The customers can view the full menu and can order any combination of food while the prices are displayed and calculated as they go. It is much easier for a customer who is wished to make large and complex orders online because the customer can order in patiently, consider the options, and calculate different pricing schemes. Consequently, a customer can take a look at products late at night. Even though the Dominos Pizza stores have closed for the night, customers can place orders for the next day while the website still running and available to make pre-order. This means that even after a long day at work and going back home to meal with family, the customer still have time left to go online and look for the product they want to purchase. The Internet is there is open 24 hours 7 days, and is always willing to let the customer to come make pre-order. By going online, the customer do not have to worry about the hassles, such as when they decide that it is time to check out, they do not have to waste the extra time queuing in line. By ordering online, the customer can also take advantage of deals that are only offered to online customers, and often find products that wouldnt be available at a walk in store and special offers are given to online customers. Customers who order pizza online are proven to order more because they dont feel hasty while ordering, as the customer often does over the phone when using phone order. In addition, online ordering increases the amount of customers who visit the Dominos Pizza official website. It also gains customer satisfaction and loyalty throughout the company. Due to its convenience of online purchasing service, customer purchase frequency also may increase. The company eliminated or reduced labour costs associated with manual order taking due to technology computerize replaced labour usage. For the Domino Pizza Company, the online ordering system accepts both online and traditional coupons to attract more customers. Mackay (2008) claimed that Customers who order on the web tends to order more because they have a menu in front of them. With internet, there will be fewer errors on the orders or miscommunication among customers and the employee who taking orders. Compare to phone call ordering, online ordering pizza make fewer mistakes. When during the phone call order, the customer may order wrong item without realizing it. The pronunciation of certain words might lead to order the wrong product. Besides, it provides timely service. The system examines all food orders prior to the completion and corrects human errors. Also, with this system, the registration of online guests is utilized to create valuable marketing campaigns. Online Ordering provides the wonderful solution for office lunch orders. The customers can orders without the hassle of using phone call to order the pizza. The customer can take their time and get the pizza in time. The Dominos Pizza website guarantees that the message, promotions and add-on offers are well delivered to the customers. In financial factor, online ordering system increase the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the ordering operations. For the advertisement, it can create easily or upload promotions to the Dominos Pizza website. For instance, this system can increase the customers guest check automatically by customer email by suggesting upcoming sells for additional products. Online ordering increases in sales of goods in the Domino Pizza Company. Disadvantages The trend of shopping online, especially ordering pizza online has gradually been significant in the last decade and online sellers are expected to have improvements on the volume of sales after website features and services altered. There is no doubt that the customers can find great deals online and so many different products which may not be even available in regular stores. By the way, there are certain disadvantages of online ordering. Normally when we shop from a regular store, we can go directly to a salesperson face-to-face to enquire and clarify our doubts regarding the food we ordering. It is possible that customers would have a wrong idea of what the products and services is about as the customers and the employee cannot deal face-to-face for a clear explanation. Another disadvantage is that a lot of companies which sells online state that customer have to pay for the shipping and delivery charges depending on the weight of the product the customer orders. Only a few companies with websites offer free shipping services while some companies provides free shipping services only if the customer has a total purchase of prices exceeding a certain amount. The shipment fee charged often is one of the reasons that customers would not like to order goods online and does not guarantee that the goods delivered will be in good shape. However, a company must consider on the target market they would like to focus on promoting their products and services to. The elderly are most unlikely to order goods online due to their knowledge of operating a computer. Therefore, if the target market includes the elderly, a traditional service has to be provided to them. Online connectivity issues are the greatest disadvantage for online ordering. The customers add items in online shopping cart, enter information and press submit. The confirmation screen might time out when the internet has an unstable connection. The online customers would not know whether the order has been made or not while reloading the page may cause several billing or several orders. Moreover, customers may also make human errors, such as ordering the incorrect item. This can occur when the customer attempts to place an order. The customer may have accidentally clicked on the wrong item while placing their orders through the website. Even if the consumer clicks on the correct product and provides an accurate product number there may still be mistake made in the ordering process if there are options associated with the item. This problem can be rather disturbing because the consumer will get agitated when the incorrect item is received and therefore, loses customers loyalty towards the company. Another disadvantage is that purchasing online would mean that personal information has to be given to the company when purchasing is taken place. Some companies take advantage of this feature. By purchasing on the Internet, the customer would have to take the risk of having their information taken by online companies and misused. Though this is a very rare occurrence, it is more likely to happen online, than in person. To avoid personal information from being exposed, customers would usually look for a trustable company to purchase goods from. More often, what people dislike about online purchasing is that delivery services are only restricted to certain areas. As a result, people living in rural areas are at a disadvantage whereby they will need to go to the destination whereby the company is able to deliver. Impact of the Technology Dominos Pizza is the first pizza delivery company that launch online ordering system and one of the most recognizable pizza brands in Malaysia. Online ordering has been great in this era of time, where communication taking place thru the internet. The company stated the pizza that order via online in Malaysia take up about 8 to 10 percent of the overall sales. On average, Dominos sells over one million pizza daily across the global. The technology helps the Dominos Pizza gain great revenue over other competitors like Pizza Hut which offer online delivery service as well, McDonald and Nandos which order by phone call. Technology has hastily taken over many jobs whereas technology also creates new jobs towards the organizations. Due to the implementation of the online ordering system for the Dominos Pizza, the company might require some web developer to maintain the website and the database. The organisations leadership and managers need to be change and they recognise the need to adapt and change in response to their vision, aim, shareholder expectations and consumer tastes for example the Dominos Pizza need to set new regulation and IT code of conduct to manage the Dominos Pizza website. Internet Application Similarities Dominos Pizza makes use of E-commerce, meaning transactions over the internet, ordering food online can be an example, pizza- a customers favorite, and additional menu items includes chicken finger`s, fresh salads and sandwiches. At the end we all enjoy all the benefits that the internet serves to the Dominos Pizza. The Domino`s Pizza uses a high-speed connection to access the internet, and with use of the internet they have a domain name, By the use of the internet is the ultimate tool in marketing, means they can reach an even wider population. Domino`s have they own website that they operate on is secure and hence digital certified thus providing the user to browse safely. They have built secure internet architecture to safeguard the data that they collect online, example can be advertisement boards. The Dominoes Pizza uses internet browsers to surf the web and consists of other useful features which are used to make ordering a pizza as easy as possible, apart from that you can do everything on their site from browsing the menu and ordering a special pizza`s and furthermore tracking the customer pizza in real time from order to delivery. Differences In terms of difference we see that E-mails sent to customers by the Domino cannot be replied back therefore it help in eliminating the risk of acquiring any Spam without the need to make use of freeware or encryptions. This System does not incorporate chat services, newsgroup or message boards to any user. The System does not incorporate any file transfers over the internet, be it downloading or uploading. Recommendations According to the similarities and the differences, we see that the advantages and the disadvantages of using ordering online; several recommendations are advised to be considered by Domino`s Pizza for them to enhance their services and operation and performance. Ordering food online should be more dynamic and helpful to the customers by enabling them to send instant messages to the customers notifying them on cancelled orders via emails, phones or fax informing them about the dynamic change, and providing them with other feasible alternatives. The interface of the ordering food online should be implemented to support more functionality like incorporating tighter security measures. This will allow the user to have more interaction with the system and test the system of its fullest potential. Ethical Legal Issues Computer Ethics Computer ethics is the moral guidelines that govern use of computers and information systems. For example, unauthorized use of computers and network, software theft, information accuracy, intellectual property rights which is the rights to which creators are entitled for their work, codes of conduct and Information privacy According to James H. (2000), computer ethics is the study of the nature and social impact of computer technology and the corresponding formulation and justification of policies for the ethical use of technology. Information privacy is one element of the computers ethnics. Dominos Pizza Malaysia acknowledges and respects the privacy of individuals. This policy covers the personal information that Dominos Pizza and its franchisees hold and locate the way in which Dominos Pizza and its franchisees will use, manage and protect the customer personal information when the customer visit any of Dominos Pizza websites, or place an order with one of the stores. In additional, Dominos Pizza is concerned about the information accuracy of customers. Dominos Pizza will take reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information collected is accurate, complete and up-to-date. The customer can access and request correction of any personal information concerning the customer at any time. The customer may also request that the personal information be deleted at any time. Dominos will take reasonable steps to protect personal information from misuse, loss and unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. Cookie A variety of ways to safeguard personal information is installing a cookie manager to filter cookies. A cookie is a small data file sent from a web server that is stored on the computers hard drive. Cookies allow the customer to recognize their computer while the user is on the website and customize the customer online experience and make it more convenient and browse the website browse faster for the customer. This file enables to track visitor to the website and records certain data concerning that visit, such as the web pages that the customer viewed in order to access to the website. The use of cookies by Dominos Pizza enables the server to record the customer preferred language for navigating the website and improve the functionality of the website. Cookies are also useful in allowing more efficient log-in for users, tracking transaction histories and preserving information between sessions. Most web browser applications for example Microsoft Internet Explorer have features that can notify the user when the computer receive a cookie or prevent cookies from being sent. If the users disable cookies, however, the user may not be able to use certain personalized functions of the website. Encryption When Dominos Pizza receives or sends data via its website, it uses recognized industry standard encryption technology. Encryption is the translation of data into a secret code. Encryption is the most effective way to achieve data security. To read an encrypted file, the authorized person must access to a secret key or password that enables the user to decrypt it. Unencrypted data is called plain text whereas encrypted data is referred to as cipher text. Dominos Pizza is using Voltage Securitys Secure-mail encryption package to protect internal and external company e-mails. According to Anderson (2007), the manager of network security of Dominos Pizza, he claimed that the move is part of a corporate-wide data loss prevention initiative to avoid accidental loss of private or proprietary information. He realised that e-mails being sent to partners and suppliers, such as insurance providers, may contain information like social security numbers that must be encrypted before sending. The decisions about encryption will be made based on pre-set policy, not by individuals on a one-off basis Secure-mail will automatically flag e-mails with sensitive data and encrypt them automatically prior to sending. Recipients will be able to read protected messages without having to download and install client software. This image show how the encryption works Image Source: Privacy Laws Privacy laws have been set by Dominos Pizza for example like how Dominos Pizza collects customer information and how they use customer information. As Dominos Pizza continuously improve and expand their services, the policy might change from time to time. Whenever necessary, check the website regularly to stay informed of any updates. The policy is effective as from December 2009. Dominos Pizza reserves the right to modify or supplement the policy at any time. If a material change to the terms of this policy is made, Dominos will post a notice on its homepage and a link to the new policy. Dominos Pizza does not provide personally identifiable information to unaffiliated third parties for their use in marketing directly to the customer. Dominos Pizza may use unaffiliated companies to help it maintain and operate its website or for other reasons related to the operation of its business, and those companies may receive the customer personally identifiable information for that purpose. Personal information that the customer submit to Dominos may be disclosed to a third party such as the suppliers who are employed to provide some of the services such as mailing houses. For example, if the customer place an order via our internet order system, the customer details will be passed on to VeriSign, who receive the customer credit card details for internet order payment. VeriSign is a secure internet payment gateway that secures the customer credit card number during transmission. Dominos will not collect, use or disclose sensitive information such as information about racial or ethnic origins or political or religious beliefs except with the customer specific consent or in the circumstances permitted in the Malaysian privacy laws or any other related laws in Malaysia. Recommendation The customer can protect their privacy by fill in necessary information on registration forms, rebate and warranty. The customer can limit the amount of information provide to the websites, fill in only required information. The customer is encouraged to set up a free e-mail account and use this e-mail address for merchant forms such as ordering a pizza. In addition, sign up for e-mail filtering through the Internet service provider or use an anti-spam program, such as Brightmail. Do not reply to spam if necessary. Security Before I start to write about similarities and differences between the security issues and dominos pizza ordering online, we should know the first goal to security issues keep users safe and dominos pizza online need this service to save customers information from loss or damage. Similarities All of the security that Dominos Pizza executes and makes use of it is to win the customers reliance. Dominos company try always to gain the customer and security companies by providing appropriate for the users. All of them looking for renewal ideas, offers and Inventions like new recipes for pizza and such us security program scans the files and codes and automatically pass to the company site on the Internet and to compare these codes and the company will renew the information. All of them need the computer. Viruses, worms and Trojan horses hurt the security and hurt dominos pizza online also because dominos company using internet and company want save Privacy such us security the amendment or change within the Software Protection. All of them has specifically plan. All of them use internet explain, dominos use internet to make ordering easy for all people who using internet and also order what over the people want from dominos. Security fabricate because the people how use internet need to save the information also dominos company need the security to save data from steal or loss. Challenge and Competition. Security companies compete with each other in the services companies provided for the user to gain users satisfaction and also dominos company using advertisement in TV, newspapers and web sites compete with dominos many companies and restaurants such as pizza hut stubborn challenger for dominos. Differences: Security issues Dominos pizza online Security is software. The main benefit of the program is a firewall that works to protect the device during work on the Internet and this wall protects you from hackers Dominos pizza is restaurant best services through company web page Security is very important and indispensable to save the information away from the players and hackers. Dominos pizza is not important, because there are many restaurants that provide the same services also, therefore one cannot loss anything from not eating from pizza rest restaurant. Protection service and Information systems and prevent any person from entering except by permission of the user to our system Service request and this service is available to request through the website Problems in security: All off Virus Anti-Virus, Kaspersky, Nod32, Norton and AVG did not reach full perfection each of them has many flaws and errors such us program size and some of them has the property to delete without permission from user or some of this make system slow. Conclusion Stepping into the world of modernization, majority of the services are being computerized and programmed in a specific system to simplify and reduce labour work. It is a wise decision for Dominos to adopt online food ordering system due to its convenience and user friendly. Dominos website which provides online ordering also have saved profile of signed up customers, including full name, contact number and also complete address for delivery. It prevents mistakes of jotting down the details if customers order through phone call. Besides, Dominos have also kept a record of previous orders so that customers can refer to previous selection of their favourite pizzas. This online ordering service will undoubtedly attract more customers because Dominos allow customers to place an order via internet today and request for delivery on another day. The delivery time is also available at any time according to customers needs from 11.30am till 11.30pm. Another great service provided in online ordering service is Dominos have specifically engineered the Great Pizza Service Tracker that provides customers an up-to-date status from the moment customers place orders to the moment the pizza leaves the store. The status starts from order placed, preparing, baking, boxing, packing, ready for delivery, and lastly the pizza is ready for delivering. In conclusion, Dominos has successfully keeps their customer loyal is partly due to the wide usage of online food ordering service. This service has not only minimize mistakes while placing an order, it has also provides maximum satisfaction for customers during the selection of food. Recommendation According to our research about Domino`s Pizza, several recommendation are advised to be considered by the company to improve their services and operation performance: Planning Domino`s company needs an effective advertising structure or plan, in this case it will improve customer relations. The domino`s company needs to increase the speed and efficiency of pizza making, therefore means that they can cope with larger amount of customers and having long customer relations. Performance management Domino`s company should check how the employees are doing for example how they analyze the performance of the company. Employees are required to interface directly with the customers to improve better understanding; another thing is that the employees need to make certain decision in the company rather than waiting to be told what to do and how to do. For Domino`s to be successful, the employees need to work hard so that they can reach the objective the company. I will recommend the employees should be made happy for example, good working condition and to be treated fairly. Vision Domino`s company needs to improve on their sales which at the end will inevitably lead to more profit and fame also. The Domino also has to break in and expand and do well in the Malaysia market.

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Russia and World War I :: essays papers

Russia and WWI The administrative system of the Russian government has deteriorated greatly. The present government has lost the will power and confidence to carry on with this war at a successful rate. All Russians long for a more confident and able power to rule Russia at this moment of war. At the moment Russia needs a very strong leader to have authority over it. An organised managerial structure over the military would help immensely but disregarding Russia^s currents military status, the Tsar Nicholas II has dismissed the Supreme Commander in Chief and taken up the post himself. Even the Russian President of the Duma, Rodzianko has stated in an account to the Tsar, that his taking over of the position of Supreme Commander in Chief was an unwise action to take. Another problem facing Russian military at the moment is the lack of ammunition. Russian guns are sometimes limited to four shots per day or less. Only 12% of the machine guns needed are available. Fuel, and metals like copper and iron are scares, because of this shortage of metals, mills are finding it impossible to supply a sufficient amount of bullets and bombs ordered by the Central War Industries Committee to fight this war. At this rate, Russia will never even come close to defeating any of her enemies. Also, there is a very large shortage of barbed wire which is resulting in many deaths of soldiers in the trenches because of the lack of protection. Most of the time the trenches are flooded with water knee deep, so it is very difficult for the soldiers to lie down or sit down which again results in them getting shot or bombed. Many men are wounded and the lack of transport is depriving them from getting any medical support so again many are dying relentlessly. Because of the lack of ammunition, insufficient clothing and poor rations the soldiers are loosing their courage and will to carry on with the fighting. Unrest among the troops have developed and signs of mutinies are evident as soldiers are growing more and more tired of the war and anti-war propaganda has started among the troops. The underdevelop railways system is another problem which is adding to Russia^s plight. The railways system is so underdeveloped that it cannot handle the massive troop movements from one place to another. There is also a shortage in railway transport and due to this shortage of transport for civilian purposes such as the ransportation of food, has caused a bread shortage in the towns.

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Valkire Movie Review

On April 7, 1 943, he was severely wounded at Subset en Annual, when Allied fight strafed his vehicle. He lost his left eye, right hand, and last two fingers of his eel Ft hand after surgery. Cool. Sternberg was sick of seeing Hitter's Nazi organization in rule of Germany so he took a big Step forward in his plan to Stop Hitter's journey tow awards success. In this part of the movie I wondered why Tom Cruise didn't have a accent while playing the role of a man from Germany. Cool. Sternberg joined the German resistance organization.This organization consisted of a group of en who were antihero and were constantly thinking and conspiring ways the could overthrow the Nazi government the guys in this group seemed really s mart but in the movie when Sternberg walked in the room were the men were, t hey seemed like they were unsure about what to do until Sternberg stepped in Cool. Sternberg meets General Beck and DRP. Girdler. Beck and Girdler are members of the resistances and are also so mewhat important to the German government. If the Valerie operation was a success, DRP.Girdler would have become the leader of Germany and General Beck would've became me the leader of Germany's armed forces. When Cool. Sternberg joins the resistance, he suggests that they should consider using operation Valerie. He takes charge, and agrees to govern this mission because he believed Valerie would be there only chance of stopping Hitler. I wished in the movie they would've explained the Valerie plan a little bit more in the beginning of the movie because it took me a while to fully understand it.The actual Valerie plan consisted of Hitter's assassination, to take control of the cities, take control away from AS, and lastly arrest the Men in charge of the Nazi organization. If Hitler was to be assassinated, this would allow the Germ people to no longer have be held under control. Cool. Sternberg believed hi destiny was to save the German people from the awful destruction that Hitler W as creating. Although Sternberg had a family, feel that his love for his country was so strong that he was willing to sacrifice everything for the greater good o f his country.Cool. Sternberg learns how to use pencil detonators and decides to use this as means to assassinate Hitler. Sternberg was promoted and was now able to attend to military meetings that Hitler would be attending; this was the per effect opportunity for Sternberg to go through with his plan. Cool. Sternberg an his assistant Hafted set out a plan that seemed perfect. Sternberg and Ha often attended a military meeting that Hitler would also be attending. At this meeting Sternberg and his assistant had everything in place.Cool. Sternberg and Hafted enter the hut, they go in a back room to arm the explosive. After Sternberg secretly armed the device, he put the bomb in his brief case and walked in the meeting were Hitler and his associates were located. At this poi NT of the movie a was so anxious to see if the plan would really work because at HTH s point of the movie, everything was going perfectly as planned As Sternberg enters the war room, he put his briefcase underneath the table on the side closest to Hitler.Hafted goes outside to get their getaway c As Sternberg eagerly stands in the room with the bomb counting down an d his Hitler rambling on, he receives his call that was used as a distraction and ticket t to leave the premises. While Sternberg is on the phone, Hitler is once again angered and hits the table with his fist, knocking over the briefcase. One of the men in the meeting notices Steadfastness briefcase on it's side so he picks up bag and moves it to the other side of the table, which was the opposite side oHitler. As Sternberg quickly but calmly existed the building, the bomb goes off. It was very loud and created very noticeable destruction. Sternberg WA sure that the target had been eliminated. While watching the movie at this pop you have no clue what really happen to Hit ler, but figured that since there w still a lot of time in the movie, something had to have went wrong. The director r of this movie did a great job creating suspense in parts of the movie.The camp was taken by surprise and the soldiers were ordered to put everything on Lockwood and that no one gets in or out. Sternberg, Hafted and here driver are quickly exiting the camp and come to a road block with soldier there, the soldiers explain that know one is get in or out but Cool Sternberg tricks the soldier by calling people who pose as a general and stating to the soldiers that it is important that Sternberg is able to leave. Flexible calls Queries and tried to explain what happen.But there was such poor receipt that Queries couldn't fully hear what happen, he just knew that the bomb had went off and that everything went as planned. All communications were then cut off. Queries tries to explain to Albrecht what happen but Albrecht wants to now for sure that Hitler is dead before he ac tivates the operation. Quirkier realizes that if Albrecht doesn't launch Valerie, everything will be set back an out of order. So Queries took it upon himself to mobile the reserve army without Albrecht even knowing.At this point, Albrecht understood that if he didn't activate it, Sternberg would have no chance of making it out alive. Operation Valerie put Albrecht, Sternberg and Beck in charge of the reserve army and they're ordered to arrest Everyone who was apart of the An sis's and the AS. As the reserve were placing their arrests, they go to the AS quarters, once they enter the headquarters, they Find Joseph Gobbles who is the minister. The communications from the camp were back and Gobbles ca lied Hitler while soldiers were ready to make the arrest.Gobbles gave the phone to the soldier and he here's Doll hitless a voice and then realizes that Hitler is in fact still alive. When this happen I was so shocked because I didn't think they would've been able to cancel Valerie after it already being in affect. People SST at the camp had been making rumors about Hitler but Sternberg just ignore deed them and explained to everyone that the rumors were fake, The soldier report deed to Major Reamer and Reamer cancels the operation in Berlin and is ordered to arrest the men in charge of this conspiracy.Cool Sternberg here's everything that people are saying about Hitler still being alive but he doesn't think anything of it because he is sure that Hitler is dead because he saw the blast go off. The reserve and AS Officers went to the resistance headquarters and they came to arrest Queries, Albrecht, Hafted, Beck and Sternberg. They all tried to escape and get into a shootout with AS officers. Cool. Sternberg is hi t and the rest of the men are caught. General From sentenced them all to death.

Mine pro

There are 3 doctor and 5 nurse that have been worked in this organization. Usually the operation starts on game until pm. The special of this organization is, it is open every day. This organization has been built to easier the student to make a day with a healthy health. Not only give a free treatment for student, the organization give the service for all the candidate in Tim include the worker and lecture too. Purposely to short the time and help the student to get the faster treatment so the learning schedule will not been disturb.Not only give free treatment, this organization supply medicine for those that need it for free too. The medicine did came from various of supplier because f different disease that may influence. Not because that only the medicine that have been supply are based on budget that have be limited by government. 1. 2 Organizational Chart 1. 3 Current System Description The patient and the doctor usually have to fill down all the info as manually. They have to write it in a card that have prepare for them to refill like patient card, doctor card.Medicine supplier and many more works. All of this card will be save in one cabinet that special made for it. The patient will write down their personal detail and their first date receive service provide. The actor will receive patient detail, begin the treatment and suggest the solution or the medicine should take. After that the medical section will receive receipt from the doctor, prepare the medicine and give to patience. From the medicine section work, the workers need to do all the record manually about the process of in and out the medicine.About the stock, Who are the supplier and the quantity Of the medicine too. After that the worker need to make a monthly report, so they knew the quantity and the disease that mostly affected. 1. 4 Current System Problem The patient may have more than one patient card. Take time to find patient card. The doctor may have lost the past information about the patient health problem. May lost the record about the medicine. 2. Proposed Project Overview 2. 1 Proposed System Process The patient will fill in the information into the system when they first come.

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Fast food †Pizza Hut Essay

Food that is prepared and served quickly is termed as ‘fast food’. Fast food such as McDonald, KFC, Pizza Hut, Burger King and others already suits perfectly into the fast paced life of a modern era. There are about 400 KFC’s restaurant, more than 150 McDonald’s restaurant and about 50 Burger King’s restaurant in Malaysia. Despite all the debate about the advantages and disadvantages that fast food has, the industry is flourishing. The most evident advantage of fast food is that it saves time. At the end of a hard-working day, when one returns home all tired and hungry, there is nothing better than getting a ready meal such as pizza or burger. Besides time, cost saving gives fast food an edge over the meal prepared in the kitchen. If one lives alone, then it is cheaper to buy a meal at the supermarket instead of cooking it at home. Usually, fast food is higher in soya, fat, sugar, oil, fried meat, salt, cheese, mayonnaise and obviously calories. In fact, fast food is more unhealthy than home-cooked meals, because it contains higher amounts of unwanted nutrients like salt, fat and various types of additives (artificial chemicals). The disadvantage of fast food is it will cause obesity in population, high blood pressure, strokes and related diseases of the heart. Nowadays, fast food restaurant becomes a good place for youngsters to hangout with friends and peers. This is a factor that is making a number of families spend less and less time together. As a result, relationship between family members become bad. Fast food has its own pros and cons. If we making some smart choices while placing the order for fast food, we can definitely minimize the drawbacks of fast food. Salads are a smart choice. If you could choose between the fried and boiled options, order the boiled preparation. Avoid ordering carbonic drinks when you are thirsty, go for fruit juices, low-fat milk, diet soda.

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Equity of Opportunity, Class Cleavages, the Role of the State, and Research Paper

Equity of Opportunity, Class Cleavages, the Role of the State, and Globalization - Research Paper Example I will discuss evidence of social and political motivation to end child poverty in Canada and will raise social change scenarios to direct attention to positive outcomes of implementing a guaranteed annual income for all Canadians, alleviating child poverty in Canada. 2. Objective My objective, in this paper, is to outline the issue of Child Poverty in Canada and to argue for a key solution to it, a guaranteed annual income for all Canadians. I intend to build a logical, persuasive argument, well-documented by reputable sources, calling for ethical action for society’s benefit. 3. Thesis Statement The federal government should implement a guaranteed annual income for all Canadians to alleviate child poverty. 4. Outline I. Introduction A. Provide definitions and Canadian interpretations of child poverty. B. Child poverty is inversely correlated with income. C. The federal government should implement a guaranteed annual income for all Canadians to alleviate child poverty. II. Li terature Review and Discussion A. Discuss child poverty in Canada. i. In one of the richest countries, 1,400,000 children live in poverty. ii.

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Marketing Plan on owning a Pet Store Research Paper

Marketing Plan on owning a Pet Store - Research Paper Example ference 23 Organizational Overview Name of the Organization Organizational name is referred to as non personal names which refer to a structured body that exits to perform some common function. Some of the organization includes schools, business, and clubs to name a few. This project would deal in opening up of a pet shop in Arizona. The business would refer to as ‘Little Pet Shop’, as the name indicates the existence of small little pets around the store. The pet industry is one of the growing sectors in the US. According to a survey conducted by American Pet Product Association, in 2010-2011 around 62% of the US households own a pet. Mission statement The mission statement of the company would be to present the buyers with a wide choice of top quality of pet merchandise and pet foods at the best price available. For all your pet shopping needs. Geographic location Geographic location is an important factor in setting up a business. ... The product mix is based on the popularity of products. The organization will include product mix ranging from food items, accessories, to pet grooming. The organization would go with different product lines this is because having different product lines reduces the risk in the business. If one of the pet is not getting sold than there are other options available for the organization. Thus it would be beneficial to have a multiple product lines. Description of New Product The pet shop would deal in pets and pets’ foods. Pets would include from breed of dogs, different types of birds, cats and also fishes. The shop would have a retail outlet as well as an online site for its business and the mode of payment would be cash and card. The shop would deal in different breeds of pets. The shop is located in the central area of Arizona in Phoenix as location plays an important role in the success of the business and would help the shop to attract its customers and generate goodwill fo r the company. SWOT Analysis Strength The strength for the organization like ‘Little Pet Shop’ is its wide range of products that it will offer to its prospective customers. The company provides an option of both online shopping of pets along with bricks and mortars way. This enables customers to shop from anywhere they are and accepts all kinds of payments. The company would also provide home delivery of the pets in the respective location of the customers. The company’s strength will also lie in the product line that it is offering. Its product ranges not only pets but also their products which can be anything from the clothing section to styling area. Weakness The company is new and it would take some time for the organization to reach its breakeven point. The company would need

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Description of policy currently under force Essay

Description of policy currently under force - Essay Example The United States National Guards are a part of the United States reserve military force.The primary main function of the National Guards is to aid the armed forces during emergency and support the state government during war.Used both by the United States air force and the armed forces, the United States National Guards are federally controlled units of the state authorities under title ten and thirty two of the United States code. Mobilized through the means of either the president order or the governor's consent, the National Guards require voluntary transfers or temporary duty assignments to get in action.According to the current policy, the National Guards are to act as a first line defense for the United States. The force is divided into small units which are spread across the length and breadth of each of the fifty states and are governed by their territorial governors. The current policy also states that in case of an emergency such as a hurricane, flood or an earth quake, th e National Guards may be pressed into active service after getting a nod from the territorial governors. National Guards can also be commissioned into active or inactive services in the federally recognized armed forces if the need rises.For this, it is imperative that the authorities get a nod from the state governors. Likewise, the National Guards may be called up to assist the Federal services to suppress invasions, rebellion or to repel a proposed armed invasion of a foreign country. Likewise, in the case of any danger against the Federal authority or the inability of the president to execute the laws of the United States with the aid of the current armed forces, the federal laws require added assistance through the means of the National Guards. At present, with special regards to the war with Iraq, wherein tens of thousands of National Guards are being dispatched to the war torn country, the country is facing acute shortage in terms of both manpower as well as recourses when it comes to dealing with natural disasters. Since the year 2003, the National Guards have left sixty four thousand pieces of equipment, which include trucks and communication equipment valued over $1.2 billion in Iraq. (Pear) (Millett and Maslowski) Environments Of The Policy Currently In Force National guards comprise one half of the US ground forces and one third of the support forces. Since September 2001, over 140,000 guard members have been mobilized; of which 113,000 are one active duty. Of these over forty percent are currently deployed in the war torn Iraq and fifty one percent are involved to aid the global war on terrorism. (United States Office of the Federal Register) The Physical Factors The main physical factors which affect the origin, development and implementation of the current policy are the physical factors. The biggest setback to the National Guard came when the organization was commissioned to active service. Here, it was a complete transition from a force which was rarely deployed to a force which was always on active duty. Likewise the sudden transition of a soldier, who was earlier deployed for a short period of time to one who had to be on active duty for at least a year, led to unprecedented stress and physical discomfort. In accordance to the present operational tempo, the unparallel physical demands led to severe health problems. The need for health promotion programs to prevent soldier injuries on and off the battle field, led to the induction of new health policies (Eaglen). The problems include- 1) Lack of medical readiness program projections based on current and future assessments 2) Conditions, which are potentially preventable but affect the mission include orthopedic (56%), internal medicine (16%) and neurological disorders (8%). 3) Lack of mobilized medical units 4) Lack of enhanced medical readiness to ensure healthy and fit medical personnel. 5) Absence of medical facilities which aid in the conservation and restoration of a soldier's health and medical