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Teaching Philosophy Statement :: Philosophy of Education Teachers Essays

Teaching Philosophy Statement I recall that the best way to gain knowledge is through and through experiences that we encounter in everyday feeling. It is for this reason that I know what I know today. This is why I feel that progressivism is an excellent apprizeing philosophy, and why I will be instructing my classroom with its principles. I will not however, rule out book work and studying from the text book. I just believe that students learn best through interaction with each other, books, and other non-traditional sources. I chose to become an educator because I want to inspire the students to get the most life has to offer and to be the cardinal that my students can turn to with their problems. Whether it be with the curriculum, family, bullies, or any other troubles that they may find themselves in. Since I am studying to teach general sciences, I feel there is no better way for the students to learn than through the application of pragmatism. Le t the students ask questions and solve them in their profess way, because I feel that not everyone learns the same way. This is a simple idea, if I want to know if something will work in a particular way, or find out why it works the way it does I should justly simply test it. Through this method I feel the students will dismission an interest with what is being instructed to them in the classroom and look forward to coming into a positive and lively environment, where they know that what they are doing is fun and the only one that is benefitting from this experience are themselves. I want to scaffold my students from what theyve already learned and apply it to new ideas to further their knowledge. The world is not moving backwards, and the children need to make believe a good grasp on what is happening in the world around them and how they can get into the shuffle. As a teacher I plan for my students to learn through fun and interesting methods that will push the m to question, why or how is this the way it is?

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Recruitment and Selection in Business :: Papers

Recruitment and Selection in Business Organisations are incessantly demand to recruit new staff every so often. There are many reasons behind this * If the business has grown, more staff are needed to carry out existing jobs and new posts. * If any existing staff have left by retirement, dismissal and other reasons, these vacancies need to be filled. * inborn promotion offers the existing employees more goals to set. If they take this up, a new member of staff moldiness replace their previous set up. In order to perform successfully and remain competitive, a business must have a good recruitment and selection team within their human resource function. Recruitment must be a success by ensuring that they attract the best candidate for to fill the job vacancy. Selection processes are carefully devised and carried out on the feasible candidates to help the organisation choose the best person possible to do the job. The Recruit ment and Selection Process ===================================== Job Analysis IMAGE Job Description IMAGE mortal Specification IMAGE Recruitment IMAGE Selection IMAGE Appointment/ Interview IMAGE Induction Job Analysis ------------ A job analysis is carried out to try and make the position available attractive to the right candidate straight away. In order to attract the ideal candidate, the Human Resources Department must state exactly what they unavoidableness and be very clear about it. A job analysis must include exact development about * What the job will have doing. * What qualities are required to do the job, qualifications and personal attributes. * Wages * Hours Job Description --------------- A job description s designed to outline basic information about the job itself and the role of the employee for that job.

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Exploring Reincarnation :: Religion Culture Cultural

Exploring Reincarnation Missing Works Cited For as long as man has been on this earth, one of the most popular questions without a finite answer has been, what happens after we die? Each culture, religion, organization, family, and any other group of people has had their own views about this subject for as far sticker as history goes, and probably even farther. One particular answer to this question is reincarnation. The simple version of reincarnation is re-birth. When one dies, they lose their physical being, moreover their soul haves on and is re-born into another body. According to the Buddhists, Central to the belief in rebirth is the idea of an individual stream-consciousness. As an unceasing flux of primal apparitional energy, it acts as a concurrent link with the new body conceived in the mothers womb. The nature of rebirth is closely linked with, or is the proceeds of, past thoughts and deeds. Rebirth is thus an essential part of the natural law of causality. ( pg. 74, child incarnate) The western world has traditionally been quick to dismiss the idea of reincarnation as nay say. They dont believe it is possible for someone to be reborn into a new body, most of the time due to religion, in the first place Christianity and Judaism, both of which have rejected reincarnation as a valid theory. The Eastern half of the world however, has consistently accepted reincarnation. Four hundred one million million Buddhists, Hindus, Jains, and Sikhs believe in reincarnation according to statistics. (Christie-Murray, 50) Although the western world has had increasing numbers of people believing in reincarnation, it is still widely disregarded. In the west, we live in a very materialistic age, and for that reason, very little consideration is given to anything besides the present. Reincarnation should not be disregarded so easy however, because there are a lot of logical reason it groundwork be, and probably is, true. There is overwhelming evi dence of reincarnation beliefs in every time period of time, so it is not some notion that was recently just made up for comfort or stability. There are many stories of people who can remember vivid details of their former lives, and even biological evidence such as birthmarks that are a result of an injury in a prior life. Reincarnation can also be a good explanation for child geniuses like Mozart, and even the current Dali Llama.

Fighting for Equality and Freedom Essay -- American History Civil Righ

Across all nations and cultures, the enduring pursuit of equality in life seems global and timeless. Some would turn over that their birth country has achieved a true democracy with no residual inequalities of which to speak, while others know they are at the other end of the spectrum, enduring foul laws that should not be bestowed on any human. Through the course of history many countries have fought for that democracy and all the equality that it implies. While some remember they have reached that goal, others continue to fight for the most basic human rights, even in this time of enlightenment. The journey each country takes on its road to that commit may vary by origination, length, severity and outcome, but the goal seems to be the same. Looking at two such journeys through the writings of Martin Luther queen, Jr. in his Letter from Birmingham City Jail and from an excerpt of Aung San Suu Kyis In Quest of Democracy, the underlying theme of equality is thoughtfully penn ed with examples universally recognizable from each of their own perspectives, respectfully acknowledging their own histories, religions, and obstacles to illuminate the path toward that common goal of a just society despite unjust laws. In Letter from Birmingham City Jail, Kings detailed writings demonstrate his understanding of the need to painstakingly explain his position to those controlling the unequal democracy under which he was be detained at that time. Even while writing of the history of his people as slaves, King skillfully avoids coming across as just another complainer, set out the blunt truth as it was. He calls upon history to show that this never should have been in the first place, referencing the New Testament of the Bible ... ...rom torment under unjust laws imposed by unfair rulers. Two people at different ages in their lives, different stages in their quests, of different histories and religions, 1 black, one Asian, one male, one female, with one go al for all. While Suu Kyi may one day be in a position to continue her fight, sadly the humankind lost King too soon. Their examples, as documented in their writings, of persistence, perseverance, and grounding in what is good and just for all mankind should be followed by all, to be benefited from by all.Works CitedKing, Martin Luther, Jr. Letter from Birmingham City Jail. Reading the World Ideas that Matter. Ed. Michael Austin. New York Norton, 2007. 173-187. Print.Suu Kyi, Aung San. From In Quest of Democracy. Reading the World Ideas that Matter. Ed. Michael Austin New York Norton, 2007. 191-196. Print.

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No Utopia Found in Wendell Berry’s What Are People For? :: What Are People For

No Utopia Found in Wendell plucks What atomic number 18 People For?The preface to Wendell Berrys What Are People For? is in the form of a two-part poem, titled Damage and Healing. By carefully digging by dint of its cryptic obscurities (It is despair that sees the work failing in ones own failure), we find the main message The more diminutive, local, and settled a culture, the healthier it is and the less damage it inflicts upon its people and the land. Berry can be called a utopian but non in the traditional sense. He pines not for the future but for the past. Basing his lifestyle upon his boyhood memories of fifty years ago as well as Americas pioneer days, Berry is confident he has found the answer to the perfect existence. In this case, agree and individual are difficult to separate. What Are People For? is Wendell Berry, so to criticize one is to criticize the other. His book is a compilation of contemplative essays on subjects ranging from literature to technology from the perspective of a Kentucky farmer. Having been in the same profession and location most of his young life, Berry in 1958 (at age twenty-four) accepted a Stanford University Stegner Fellowship. Intrigued, he decided to read Stegners books and take this professors typography seminar. Berry is reverent and testifies that Stegner make full the Jones Room of the Stanford Library with an aura of literary authority. It is here that Berry learns responsible writing. This is writing that contains the values one has proven by living exclusively in one country place and by perfecting ones knowledge of the place so as to bring sustainable benefit to it. Responsible writing actively promotes good agriculture and forestry unlike writing by self-styled smart people in the offices and laboratories of a centralized economy and then sell at the highest possible profit to the supposedly dumb country people. What Berry says about his seminar experience is that it started him on his developme nt toward working at home, and away from his confidence that I was going to follow a literary career that would lead me far from Henry County to teach at a university in a large city. In important ways Berry has some very good ideas. Concerned that radio and television have done too much to homogenize society, he uses Nate Shaw (a pseudonym) to provide an illustration of a man who lived without euphemistic clichs.

No Utopia Found in Wendell Berry’s What Are People For? :: What Are People For

No Utopia Found in Wendell Berrys What Are People For?The state to Wendell Berrys What Are People For? is in the form of a two-part poem, titled Dam season and Healing. By carefully digging through its cryptic obscurities (It is despondency that sees the work failing in ones own failure), we find the main message The more diminutive, local, and settled a culture, the healthier it is and the slight damage it inflicts upon its people and the land. Berry can be called a utopian besides not in the traditional sense. He pines not for the future but for the past. Basing his lifestyle upon his boyhood memories of fifty years ago as well as Americas pioneer days, Berry is confident he has found the adjudicate to the perfect existence. In this case, book and individual are difficult to separate. What Are People For? is Wendell Berry, so to criticize one is to criticize the other. His book is a compilation of contemplative essays on subjects ranging from literature to technology from the perspective of a Kentucky farmer. Having been in the same profession and location most of his young life, Berry in 1958 (at age twenty-four) accepted a Stanford University Stegner Fellowship. Intrigued, he decided to read Stegners books and take this professors writing seminar. Berry is reverent and testifies that Stegner filled the Jones Room of the Stanford library with an aura of literary authority. It is here that Berry learns responsible writing. This is writing that contains the values one has proven by living exclusively in one ground place and by perfecting ones knowledge of the place so as to bring sustainable benefit to it. Responsible writing actively promotes just agriculture and forestry unlike writing by self-styled smart people in the offices and laboratories of a centralized economy and then sold at the highest affirmable profit to the supposedly dumb country people. What Berry says about his seminar experience is that it started him on his development toward working at home, and away from his assumption that I was expiry to follow a literary career that would lead me far from Henry County to teach at a university in a large city. In important slipway Berry has some very good ideas. Concerned that radio and television have done too much to homogenize society, he uses Nate Shaw (a pseudonym) to provide an illustration of a man who lived without euphemistic clichs.

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Personal goal and professional goal Essay

Submit a statement that discusses your career goals, as well as the factors that led you to select the Mid-Career MPA program as a factor of furthering your personal and professional goals. Be as specific as possible in describing how your expected course of study will enable you to build on your prior professional experience and achieve these goals (750 word limit).Economic using and welfare of the people are the natural fit with my personality traits from my childhood which allowed me to withdraw the highest level of Federal Civil Service Examination of India and got selected in this merit based competitive examination. Candidates with distinguishable To get the blend of all the fields I was the class monitor up to class 5th class president from 6th to 11th class to conduct the weekly debates, secretary of the scientific society in college, in StudentsUnion at Indian School of Mines, club secretary in Ordnance Factory, and secretary, Residence Welfare Association. I was in is sue Cadet Corps and Junior Red Cross Society. After completing the schooling and graduation with merit scholarships I joined Indian School of Mines, the postmortem Institute for Earth science for Masters in applied Geology through national competition.Selected in National Education Test of UGC and with a scholarship from Council for scientific and Industrial Research I completed M. Phil. Initially, 12 years I have worked in middle level management in various self-denial production units mainly in the field of Administration, Industrial Relations, Human Resources, Estate and store. I got one year exposure in policy issues in higher(prenominal) Technical Education. As the head of Coal Mines provident Fund Organization (CMPFO) for two years, I sought to improve the national service to benefit 7.5 hundred thousand coal workers in the field of provident funds and pensions bringing reforms in a mission mode.SAP ERP was implemented in the organization which was first in govt. department in India. A bench mark was created in engaging multiple Fund Managers leading to transparency and fair competition. I had the exposure of control panel level management in Mineral Exploration Corporation limited, a pan India Company as Director. Four years under my leadership, as the inelegant head of computerization at Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO), the organization transformed from manual environment to fully computerized system. All receipts and payments of PF and pension became online devising the life of 50 million poor workers easy removing all paper returns. The interactions are now through web and SMS reducing the footfalls of workers and employers in EPFO offices.6 years, era working with the Federal Ministers for Water Resources, Rural Development and as the Director in coal ministry of Government of India, I have actively participated in development of macro level policies, its formulation and implementation.To name a few are the National Water Policy, Land Use Policy for Inclusive Economic Development, drunkenness Water and Sanitation, Corporate Social righteousness in coal sector, re-engagement of ex-service personnel in coal transportation, Poverty Eradication through National Rural practice Guaranty Act to meet the Millennium Development Goal, programme were massive initiatives of the Government. I have played important role in the planning and monitor of execution of such policy options. Additionally, I have been deeply diligent in my advisory role to the ministers to address the political and other socio-economic development issues of the different political provinces of India.Now I am working in top level management of Ordnance Equipment Factory, a Defence production Unit of India. The stonemason program is intended to provide the analytical and leadership skills to implement major social and economic change. It has the sessions on experience sharing, strategic management, communication, and policy decision making.The broadcast also includes the applied economics, quantitative analysis, political institutions and globalisation. My extensive experience in multiple roles in different government departments of India will provide a ingenuous fit to contribute during the MPA programme as a Mason Fellow. My in-depth knowledge in important streams of public work will further allow me to set effectively during my academic work at Harvard. I have credible track record of having developed and fostered enhanced level of partnership and cooperation between the stakeholders engaged in the faster socio-economic growth of India. I have demonstrated leadership skills by initiating several joint institution development activities with government, which all will be honed through a formal exposure to a MPA programme at Harvard.I have dreamt and aspired lately to be a Mason Fellow and would discover my personal goals of doing public good with improved knowledge and competence. I seek to join a mid career manageme nt course in public administration to sharpen my ideas in consonance with the emerging National and International Economic Scenario. I strongly feel MPA under Mason Programme, would provide me this chance to upgrade my capacity and equip me with latest management techniques. As I grow in my career, I would be required to take more responsibility and be associated in major policy making issues in govt. in the country.

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Why Ban College Football

August 16, 2012 Why Banned College Football? Why banned college football game? Thats the real question. College football sincerely yours means something to most Americans Most college football players dont even get paid to play the sport. though there are many safe arguments and opinions about banning the sport I have yet to see an argument that considers the players individual situations. All the people who are against keeping college football wholly consider the academic purposes. The players show their hard work, commitment, and devotion to the sport.They play for the entertainment of Americans and talking it away would be a massive mistake. College football players dont get a dime for there dedication to the sport. The young men that devote their time to play dont get paid with cash they get paid with an education. Young athletes benefit in the classroom from the sport every year. Some college football players dont play for the fun of the game. Though many athletes love the sport some dont have a choice because its their only way to get an education for the future.College football is essential to the United States of America. Most people need to reconsider their choice in banning the sport. For example, banning college football is like banning candy from Americans. Of range you dont actually have to have the candy but, like the sport its something majority of Americans want. The thought of banning the sport is a beneficial subject to countless Americans. If they were to decide to ban collage football they might as well ban the whole sport. Theres really no need in high instruct athletes to play football if theres no future in it.On the other end of it, if theres no college football then theres no purpose of having the National Football League (NFL). No high school student would rattling be physically of mentally ready to come out of high school straight in the NFL. Considering the banning of the sport is absolutely ridiculous. Through the obedient and bad times of America college football has always been around. Most schools are complaining because of funds but in all reality bigger school make good profit off the game. Instead of considering the issue maybe they should view another college sport in certain schools and universities.No offence, but most of the college cypher issues dont only come from football. Look at Cross Country for example can you name five big name colleges carrefour country runners? Probably not. Therefore, instead of debating the issue of banning college football they should look at a less popular sport. In all conclusions, college football is serious to the United States and probably isnt going anywhere anytime soon. The arguments and debates will continue but the sport means too much to Americans to just ban it.

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Gender Social Conditioning

The Influence Of Education On Gender Socialization The common misconception around sex nowadays is that it has the same meaning as sex, something innate and natural. However, since 1970s, progressively much anthropologists like Margargont Mead agree that grammatical gender is something that can be conditioned and is prone to socialization. Since a young age, possibly around two to three years old when an infant begins to develop higher cognitive functions, society bombards them with different signals that slowly condition them into a specific gender role virile person or female.By gender role, I am referring to a set of attitudes or conducts that is encouraged or at least expected of a person based on his or her gender. This also means that gender is malleable and a product of socio-cultural and historical contingencies a social construct. Normal traits that we associate with a specific gender like aggressiveness with men and gentility with women argon non as natural as t hey seem. In fact, these seemingly averageative behaviors have been slowly fortifying our make perspectives about gender roles but also help shape people into a gendered being.Therefore, boys are raised to conform to male gender role and girls are brought up to fit the female gender role. In a Western Society for example the US or Europe, education becomes an integral part of a childs livelihood from a very young age. The influences from education that condition children into specific gendered beings cannot be ignored as schooling time accounts for more or less of a child or teenagers life.I am highlighting that this is common in the West because family expectations or religious traditions might be the big factor or influence for gender socialization in communitarian or other types of societies. I would like to start with an observation I made about this particular issue while looking through an English language textbook for beginners. In a chapter about occupations, I noted tha t most jobs associated with the humans sphere usually carry male connotations with them, for example, fireman or policeman.Furthermore, the pictures depicting people in these public sphere jobs usually have male models. On the other hand, jobs related to servitude or obedience such as waitresses or nurses usually has female models portraying the jobs. This is where I first encountered an example of the issue of gender socialization in the education field. This particular example shows us that children from a young age have been conditioned to relate male with the public soil and also as dominant providers whereas females are linked to obedience and serving others.This fits in with Sacks argument that women are discouraged to work in the public realm where their work could be properly evaluated and valued. These subliminal signals from school along with their familys structure and parents roles or occupations could reinforce the childrens expectations for genders. This in loosenes s would affect the childrens preference of jobs where they choose something that conforms to their genders characteristics and thus, the cycle of gender conditioning begins again.Another very important gender socialization make that occurs during a childs educational years is self-socialization. I first noted this phenomenon when I saw a teenage girl being ridiculed for wanting to play basketball with the boys and estimate of another situation when my male friend was mocked for participating in a drama production. The common trend I have noticed is that when an individual does not behave or conform to his or her own genders expectations, society often reacts in a disapproving or negative manner.Thus the aberrant individual through remote pressure or other mechanisms like shame or punishment would hope to correct his or her own behavior so that it is more in tune with their gender expectations. From an early age, boys and girls would have started self-correcting their own behavio rs so that they received less negative feedback from the external reality. This, however, reinforces the differences seen by children amongst male and female and ultimately leading to the conclusion that you can simply behave like one or the other.The duality of gender actually limits opportunities and effectiveness an individual can have because if that specific skill or quality is not within a genders characteristics, it might be self-corrected and toss away through self-socialization. We can blush see an example or offshoot of this issue in the homosexuality debate occurring right now, men who are acting in a supposingly devious manner are being discriminated against not because of any biological reasons but because of socio-cultural pressure to conform to normative gender expectations.This process of self-socialization starts from a relatively early age to shape us into what our society constitutes as male or female genders. Lastly, another aspect of education that has lo ng-lasting effect on forming gendered beings is the way a classroom is ran and methods of teaching. There seems to be an emerging trend of a new style of teaching which uses a more open and interactive system, we see this in new schools such as School Without Walls. However, the majority of public or private schools in the US, or even around the world in this case, still follows a strict guideline on how students should behave in a classroom.Desired qualities in an ideal student from a teachers perspective would be obedience, quietness, maturity, passiveness and patience. In a system where examinations and tests account for the majority of the grading criteria, a student behaving according to these qualities would do better than a student who is more active, rebellious or passionate. One might notice that the characteristics that would allow a student to succeed in school are relatively feminine.Especially considering that girls are thought to develop at a faster pace than boys and reach full cognitive maturity sooner. The female gender might have an intrinsic advantage at doing better in our education system over male students who are often described as more energetic, easily distracted and physical. The ways the education system functions and evaluates allow more matured female students to focus and excel in studies while more physical male students would start to lose interest in education all together.This is a trend we have started to notice in the US where the dropout come in for male students is 50% higher than female students in a specific state the significant gap shows that the education system clearly has different set up on male and female. To sum up how our way of teaching in classrooms can form gendered beings, one can say that boys are discouraged from education or demotivated due to the education systems inadaptability with intrinsic characteristics usually associated with male children such as aggressiveness and spirited.This in turn would l ead male children to focus more on their own physical aspect while female children who have better chances at completing school, would have less external pressure and could focus on their own mental capabilities and schoolwork. Thus, this social process successfully highlighted the gender differences and strengthens notions about how genders are formed socially. This particular process could later on lead to selecting careers that are clearly relegated to a specific gender.The reinforcement of ideas about the duality of gender into our childrens minds would help them form their own concepts about gender roles and potential. From a childrens textbook to how a class is ran, it seems that our society is crammed with subliminal or direct signals that slowly shape us into our gender roles or to become a gendered being. According to Margaret Mead, gender is something that varies from culture to culture and the gender roles we have established here might not be the norm for another societ y.Her work shows that gender roles or expectations are complex products of socio-cultural, economical and historical contingencies and not just something innate in our biological differences between male and female. Following her idea, I realized that in our society, a lot of these gender socialization processes have been institutionalized and even the smallest things could help form us into the gendered beings we are today. Hence, I started at an early stage of cognitive development where the mind is the most absorbent so to speak.In conclusion, Ive found out that not only is the education system itself very much reinforcing these gendered ideas but as the children progress in this system, they also increasingly bolster these ideas in their peers through self-socialization, somewhat standardised to a mutual exchange of ideas. Therefore, one can understand that the influence and effect of the educational system cannot be overlooked on how gendered ideas and eventually gendered bein gs are formed as these ideas carry themselves into the real and adult society where these gender expectations are then passed on again to the next generation like a cycle.Bibliography Abu-Lughod, Lila. Veiled Sentiments Honor and Poetry in a Bedouin Society. Berkeley University of California, 1986. Print. Mack, Julie. A Closer Look At The Gender Gap In high school School Dropout. The Kalamazoo Gazette. N. p. , Apr. 2012. Web. 20 Feb. 2013. Mead, Margaret. Sex and Temperament in Three Primitive Societies. New York HarperCollins, 2001. Print. 1 . Mack, Julie. A Closer Look At The Gender Gap In High School Dropout. The Kalamazoo Gazette. N. p. , Apr. 2012. Web. 20 Feb. 2013.

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Bill Gates had been friends since high school Essay

Mike Basset and crest Gates had been friends since high school. Theyd competed for 1st place tout ensemble the time. Theyd spent hours to sign onher writing ready reckoner programs even before people heard in programming. They grew up together and even went to university and were joint top students. They both went in the programming business and soon each undefended their own computer phoner Bill find outd his Microsoft and Mike called it Compufriek. Bill was very successful and was very famous his products all crosswise the globe he was well know for Windows and Microsoft office.On the former(a) hand Mike was very good but only known in the United States but still lacking behind Bill. They both got espouse and had children. Mikes wife Jenny was very jealous of Marry Mrs. Gates shoe always used to talk about how successful her economize is and the contacts he makes with Difrent Companys across the world. Mike is also fed up his only ambition from when he was a boy was to run the outflank computer company and here his go around friend his standing in his way. One day Mr. & Mrs. Gates invited the Bassets for a barbecue in their new mansion.It was on the nose noon when the Bassets arrived at the Gates. Hello Mike said Bill, hows things going? he asked. Alright replied Mike. They sat down at a table, Bill has fired all the servants so they could spend some time together and do everything like the old days. I have respectable signed a rush with the Japanese, Worth a lot saying Bill as proud as it gets. Good I lack the best for you replied Mike but in a not meaning it sort of way. I am fed up of this hes always boasting about himself, oh I wish I was as ample and famous like Bill he was saying to himself.The day went on and they had dinner. The next day Mikes wife started to nag she unplowed saying how come youre not as rich as bill and youre better than him, he couldnt land it. That day he wanted to eat Chinese he went to his favorite Chinese res taurant Chin Dragon. They ate dinner and after a waitress came up to them, do you want to pick up our new fortune cookies some people have been very lucky and even there dreams came unfeigned she said. Well ok get us two, replied Mike Right away said the waitress. She went and came back after five minutes accommodateing a plate with 2 cookies.There you go, said the waitress Mike took his and snapped it in half and took the paper out. What does it say? Asked Mikes wife. Fame and fortune will come very soon, replied Mike. His wife then takes hers and snaps it in half and took her paper. Mines says your loved ones will be rich and famous She told Mike. Can it be that my dream will finally come authoritative? He said to himself. What does this mean? Asked Jenny. I dont know Mike replied. But lets go home Im tired and I need a rest he said. When they got home Mike couldnt stop thinking about the fortune cookies.He kept wondering was this honorable a coincidence that he got this in a fortune cookie, even Jenny his wife got the same thing. Can this be authorized can his emotional state ambition come true? No he thought it has to be a coincidence. That night he couldnt sleep. He kept thinking if this was true what was going to bring him this fame and fortune? All hes working on at this moment is a simple hacking program for him self because of destitute time. His wife wakes up. She asks him why isnt he asleep. He tells her what hes thinking about and she says, I dont think your going to get fame and fortune just like thatWhat do you mean? he replied Well, that hacking program youre working on for fun she says. Yes what about it? he replies anxiously. Is it power estimable? She asks. Yeah its pretty good he replies but doesnt have a clue whats all this got to do with his fortune. Why dont you access Bills files and find out what hes planning? she says quietly. You want me to betray my best friend. No forget about it he replied angrily and went to bed. T he next day he gets up and goes on his computer to do a bit of work. He kept working on his hacking program until it was finished. Honey he called.Ive finished my program. Jenny walks in and congratulates him Well no you need to test it she said. Test it? he replied. Who on? I cant try it on anyone its illegal Well test it on Bills I am sure he wont mind, you are his best friend she tells him Just examine if it square kit properly and the switch it off Well ok he replies and starts to test it he started to input and few numbers and letters and the put search. Bills name came up on the screen. He accessed his computer. Look whats that? asked Jenny Oh it will be some of his files Ill close it now I know it works he saidNo Jenny said, just have a quick look, it wont hurt He sat there spirit at Bill Gates files. His ambition took control of him. He spotted a file named big plan. He began looking through it. It was a massive program what was going to change the world. He froze. All his keep he wanted fame and now he could get it but at his best friends cost. Jenny kept telling him to copy the file then alter it for him so he goes wrong. She called him a coward. He didnt know what to do. His wife kept nagging him. He finally surrendered to his ambition and downloaded the file to his computer and started to alter Bills file completely.Jenny kept saying how wonderful he was and encouraged him to carry on. He was finished. He worked day and night on this program until one day he had finished it. Bill rang him up that day and said that his whole life just went wrong. The program take on with the Japs he made has fallen because his program didnt work. Now he has to pay Billions of pounds in compensation and at the moment cant pay that amount so he had to sell half his company. At that moment guilt started to grow in Mikes heart. His best friends life has collapsed but his road is open. He felt very sorry for him and said he was supple.In the following week Mi ke made a contract with the British. He sold them Bills program for a 30 billion contract he got 50% of the shares. His name was known all across the globe and his program sold very fast. But now he was feeling very guilty hes now the famous rich and famous one while his friend was under debt. In those weeks Bill didnt even find out about Mike he was to busy sorting out his problem. He went and says the program a computer competition. He was absolutely stunned when it had looked just like the one he made. He gets a bit suspicious and goes to Mikes home straight away.When he got there he didnt even say hello to Mike the rootage thing he said was that program of yours when did you start making it? Mike hesitated a bit knowing Bills suspicion he replies oh Ive been on this special project for a long time, Its been a secret Bill talked to him about it and went back home. Mike was feeling awful he probably just alienated his best friend. His guilt grew more and more over the days pa st. He didnt hear from Bill for a while now and was really scared. What he didnt know was at this time Bill was trying to see if anyone had hacked is computer.He knew that it couldnt be just anyone because his computer was protected with extra security. Bill spent hours trying to track down the thief. One day when Bill was on his computer he was going through a list of who opened the computer and when he say a weird number. He tried to find out what it meant but couldnt. Meanwhile Mike was not leading a happy life. He was rich and famous. Didnt even see his wife, she was always out and about. He couldnt go out and show his face to the popular they would just give him credit for the new program and that would make things worse.One week later something very unexpected happened when Mike was at home. The F. B. I came roast at his door. Can I help you? he asked Would you please come with us? they replied. What seems to be the matter? Mike asked knowing he was caught. You are under arrest for hacking into someones computer and steeling ideas and programs. They replied in a disappointed tone of voice. At that moment he knew his life was over his ambition just destroyed his life. He went quietly with them. As stepping out of their car and going towards the police station he says Bill.Im sorry, he said to him. From all the people I didnt want to think it was you he replied in a disappointed way. Mike walked off with the agents and into the station. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison. All of the money from the program went to Bill Gates and he got all the credit. He managed to by back all his company and start dominating the computer world once again. Mike was finished he would never write another computer program again. Bills life returned to normal bar for one thing he had no best friend beside him.

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Media Law in South Africa

The Press Freedom electric charge (PFC) was launched in July 2011 by the press industry representative body, Print Media South Africa and the South Afri mountain National Editors Forum in order to set up a suitable regulatory media system for South Africa (Press Freedom Commission, 2012 1). The Press Freedom Commission that was held earlier this year assessed both measures concerning co-regulation, self-regulation, individual regulation and state regulation so as to delay that the media is accountable to the public that they serve and similarly to ensure the protection of press emancipation (Press Freedom Commission, 2012 1).This year, the PFC recommended that an independent co-regulatory system , which does not include State participation, would best suit the country. This would rigorous that the press are accountable to serve in interest of the population (Press Freedom Commission, 2012 1). With reference to Julie Reids and Julie Posettis article in the Rhodes Journalism Re get word, I aim to evaluate various contexts and henceforth provide reasons for why I am in accordance with the co-regulation of the media.Under the South African Constitution, in the Bill of Rights (1996) it is stated that every soulfulness has a right to license of expression, which includes freedom of press and the media, the freedom to receive or impart information or ideas, freedom of artistic creativity, academic freedom and freedom of scientific research (Act no. 108 of 1996). Henceforth press freedom means the autonomy to communicate ideas, opinions and information without restraint.The media are a public religion with the ability to inform and influence and because of this power they should serve to represent the interests of the citizens without external institutional constraints. When analyzing freedom of the press with the current regulatory system, there are ii powerful institutions in society which cannot be ignored, that is political and economic power. Under ap artheid the freedom of the press was heavily restricted.The Newspapers Registration and Im home run Act of 1985, required that all newspapers had to be registered and conform to a strict code of conduct. In addition newspapers were also required to lodge R40 000 as a deposit before they could publish, as a result the act silenced some liberal newspapers (Manoim, 1996 7). With the transition into a new democracy, self-regulation of the media was employed to uphold freedom of expression, a pivotal divisor of a true democracy.Self-regulation is a system that operates on self imposed rules by the media, it consists only of representatives of the media profession who use the Journalistic Codes and Ethics as a guideline (Reid, 2012 1). The relationship between the political sympathies/ state and the media is one of conflict and dependency because on the one roll, the media are commonly referred to as the unofficial opponent to the government.As watchdogs they hold up public a range of issues concerning health care, education, corruption, unemployment etc and because of these disclosures the government repeatedly attempt to censor their biggest critic. As such(prenominal), the government proposed a Media Tribunal, which could lead to the forced adjustment of all newspapers, the registration of all journalists and punitive fines(Reid, 2012 1). The tribunal exemplifies the governments hostility towards the media and it clearly epitomizes the Newspapers Registration and Imprint Act of 1985 .Another example constitutes as the protective cover of Information Bill which bequeath allow the government to classify specific information which is deemed harmful to the national interest. The government have suggested media-unfriendly laws which pose a threat to attack the heart of the struggle for democracy (Reid, 2012 1). On the other hand, however, the media are dependent on the government for information and official materials and similarly the government depends on t he media to bring about important information to their citizens.It is evident that the media plays a large role in making public the successes and the failures of the government, however, I argue that a transform in the regulatory system could improve the relationship between the two so that the media do not have their own agendas for the information they produce, but they produce that which of interest of the public that they serve. Although self-regulation of the press was once highly valued, examples like the Murdoch scandal have shown that the system is weak and does not assure the accountability of the press.Journalists from the News of the serviceman were accused of phone hacking, police bribery and using unethical means to obtain public interest stories (Posetti, 2012 19). The self-regulatory system allows for journalists to operate freely without state prophylactic and although there havent been any situations like the aforementioned unethical proceedings in South Africa , the regulatory system does not fulfill the elective vitality of the inclusion of wider population (Reid, 2012 18). For many years under the rapacious system of apartheid, the black population was silenced, their grievances and njustices undocumented. In this new democracy, the media are still seen to ply for the interests of the elite, this can be conceptualized in Noam Chomsky and Edward. S. Hermans propaganda model. Granted the media does deliver information to serve the interests of its citizens, news coverage is frequently tailored to what suits the corporate. The media are a profit-seeking institution, funded by advertisers and are (sometimes) owned by private investors, this can henceforth lead to the media placing profit above public interest (Manoim, 1996 4).An example of this can be seen in various newspapers during the apartheid era, particularly the Business Day. The Business Day embraced a conservative liberal take on the apartheid system. The reporting that the Busi ness Day encompassed relied on keeping an apolitical stance and avoided negative consequences of full disclosure. The newspaper did not report on any issues negative aspects of the apartheid system or its effects on the population and the reason for this was to gain more than revenue than to possibly create controversy (Manoim, 1996 4).Another example of this was the recent Marikana shootings, wherein the first pieces of information distributed by the media through print and broadcast, told a story of a violent, armed and angry mob, charging towards apprehensive policemen who then conniption the mobsters from afar, in fear of their lives (Johnson, 2012 1). At least 36 miners were shot idle and because of the inadequate coverage by the media, many people were under the impression that the police action was proportional to the threat posed by the miners.It wasnt until Greg Marinovich went on to publish shocking findings about the deaths of the Marikana minors, in his article The mu rder fields of Marikana The cold murder fields of Marikana (Marinovich, 2012 1). The article made public that some of the miners had been shot by close range (execution style) and others crushed by police vehicles, thus providing proof that the police did not act in fear, but instead hand the upper hand and viciously killed the miners.In many of the articles published, before Marinovichs, statements were mainly one sided, comprised of policemen, the mining management and government official (Manoim, 1996 7). It can be understood that many journalists and news firms did not accurately report on the Marikana shootings because they did not want to cause controversy and did not want to lose revenue. With regards to the aforementioned relationships between the media and political/ economic institutions within the self-regulatory system, I argue that the system is clearly weak.There is indeed more freedom of speech with this system, however, the press arent held accountable to the citizen s that they serve, the press can be seen to accommodate only the elites and silence the people. For these reasons and the above examples, in my opinion it is clear that the self-regulatory system in inadequate for a new democracy such as ours. The proposed system of independent co-regulation without state or government intervention will best serve the freedom of the press in our country.The system will consist of members of the public (e. g academics, civil society organizations etc. ) and members of the press industry therefore sufficiently creating integration between the press and the society that it serves (Reid, 2012 18). The independent system as well as journalists will henceforth be accountable to the public. The co-regulatory system will allow regulatory rules to be created by more than one stakeholder and it will have independence from industries (Press Freedom Commission, 2012 1).The system should sufficiently allow members of the public and the press to engage with repor ts made by the independent body. This disposition of transparence will build a close relationship between the public and the media and henceforth it will encourage the media to be accountable to the citizens that it serves (Reid, 2012 18). I accept that the increased integration between the public and the press will give the once unheard voices of the public a platform for their opinions furthermore it will now assistance the country on the road to true democracy.The PFC suggests that the system will introduce a more efficient framework for dealing with refined matters especially when dealing with children. There will also be a be a method of space fines which will consist of monetary fines, muster or rulings for any offences made by the press (Press Freedom Commission, 2012 1). The co-regulatory system proposed by the Press Freedom Commission is not an attack at the freedom of the press, rather, it is very necessary to strengthen the system of the press in South Africa.Co-reg ulation will not only serve the public because of the systems transparency and allowance for integration but it could also improve the quality and credibility of journalism in the country. The marginalized and excluded persons of this country need an environment where they are able to make public their discrepancies and regarding the extensive reception to the current self-regulation it is evident there needs to be a change in the system.In my opinion co-regulation will ensure the sterling(prenominal) independence from different influential institutions, it will reinforce the accountability the press should have for the citizens, it will allow for press freedom and furthermore it will assist to uphold the principles of a democracy. References Manoim, I. 1996. You Have Been Warned The First Ten Years of The Mail & Guardian. Penguin Books South Africa. Posetti, J. 2012. Media Regulation, Murdoch and the Journalism Wars of Oz. Rhodes Journalism Review. Press Freedom Commission, 2012.W hat the Press Commission recommends. Retrieved from http//www. politicsweb. co. za/politicsweb/view/politicsweb/en/page71656? oid=294997&sn=Detail on 11/01/1012 Reid, J. 2012. Press Freedom in South Africa and why self-regulation is best. Daily Maverick. Retrieved from http//dailymaverick. co. za/opinionista/2012-01-26-press-freedom-in-south-africa-and-why-self-regulation-is-best on 11/01/2012. Reid, J. 2012. What will co-regulation mean? The Press Freedom Commission report and its implications for the regulation of journalism. Rhodes Journalism Review.

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A Portion of The Aging Population

According to Kidwell and Warach (2003) cerebral vascular accident is a bourne that was used to referred to the loss sensation functions arising from the problems in the communication channel vessels that supply the brain with oxygenated blood. cerebrovascular accident basis be caused by the ischemia or insufficiency of enough blood supply to the brain delinquent to a thrombosis, embolism or due to complications from hemorrhage.The central nervous system is very critical to the body and therefore lack of blood supply is likely to affect the other parts of the body. Mostly it leads to the inability to move limbs on one side of the body, distorted speech and understanding, or visual impairment. Today, the term stroke it mostly used in reference to cardiovascular accident. The prevalence of the condition has shown that the aged population is at a racyer(prenominal) chance comp atomic number 18d to the rest of the population.A disease of the agedThere are more(prenominal) than 50 0,000 case of CVA in the United States recorded every year. This results to more than 150,300 deaths every year due to direct approach path like stroke or due to other incapacitation and complications. More than xxx percent die in acute stage of the attack while about thirty to fourth percent are severely disabled.Statistics also reveal that more than 50 percent of individuals who suffer their first CVA or stroke attack are more than 70 years old while ninety five percent of the all the attacks occurs to individuals who are more than 45 years of age.Men, especially those above 65 years are 1.25 times more likely to suffer from CVA attack. However since women live eight-day than men, sixty percent of the case occurs in women since the risk increase with advancement in age. (Haase, 2006)Causes and contributing factorsCerebral vascular accident (CVA) is caused by an ischaemic attack or hemorrhage complications which attack the brain tissues leading to infarction of brain tissue thro ugh interruption of the cerebral blood flow. An ischemic attack may give-up the ghost for not more than five minutes but it has permanent effects since it damages the neural tissues which are incapable of regeneration.The pathophysiological progression of the condition shows that three groups of individuals are at a higher risk of suffering a CVA or stroke. The first group includes those with the transit neurological events. The second group includes those with the cardiac disease which increasingly predispose them to embolism and the third group comprise of those with asymptomatic carotid bruit which is a sign of vessel blockage. Mohr et al., (2004) argues that transit ischemic attacks serves as a warning sign which indicate that a stroke attack can occur at any one time.This means that we can identify two prime causes as an embolism and a hemorrhagic attack. An embolism can be detached from the blood vessel wall, travel to the brain and block the vessel resulting to stroke. Hemor rhagic strokes are caused by tissue injuries which result to compression of the tissues. This is mainly from an expanding hematoma and can either distort or maltreat tissues. The two most important risk factors are high blood pressure and arterial fibrillation.High blood pressure or hypertension causes about thirty five to fifty percent of the all stroke cases. High blood pressure may lead to a detachment of embolism increasing the risk of blockage of CNS blood vessels. On the other hand, arterial fibrillation accounts for about five percent of all case of stroke.Other minor risk factors include high amount of cholesterol in the blood which increase the risk for embolism, diabetes mellitus which increases the risk for hypertension and hyperlidimia, Anticoagulation drugs like warfarin which increase the risk for bleeding, surgical procedures and nutrition factors. (Mohr et al., 2004)

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Potential ranges of consequences of a development failure Essay

The concept of guild and culture has a long history associated with it, similar to the most other aspects of sociable science. The culture has always increasingly developed with time, and is an indication of improvement. However, there have been doubts with the quality of the progress, and how has the so-cal lead increase helped in evolving the culture into a succeederful social structure. There is a school of thought that believes that development of societies and culture has only emergenceed in ill fortune.The failed development has had quite adverse consequences over the society too. Success or failure of a run across is dependent on the policies taken towards the process of development. In todays world where most development projects are government initiatives with semipolitical motives, the enunciate development can be ofttimes associated with failure, keeping in mind the complete social structure and culture of the particular region. In the book, Whose Development?An d escriptive anthropology of Aid the authors Emma Crewe and Elizabeth Harrison raise the ultimate question in the very first line Is development a failure? If the third world countries, especially in Asia and Africa, are considered, the development projects had been undertaken over fifty years ago, and yet there is poverty, hunger and lack of education every where. So, the question that automatically comes up is how development has affected the people in half a century? The so-called development projects have only made the rich nations richer, and the poor poorer.Crewe and Harrison likewise believes that the success or failure of a development depends upon the gap betwixt the project plans, and their final outcomes. Of decennary, the field staff has not always been able to implement the plans accordingly, gisting in the failure of the overall project. However, going deeper into the issues of field workers, Crewe and Harrison feels that it the opportunities and limitations provide d by the society and the staffing organization, that influences the choices or decisions taken by the field staffs.This in turn influences the workers field-level action mechanism and thus development failure can stem from the lack of attention to the field-level workers. According to them, the bureaucratic approach to implementation of the project leads to such development failures, and often results in increased power imbalances, and a predetermined section of the society will rise up to take control and would discourage both tractableness in the society.On the other hand, James Ferguson takes another approach to the development failures, where he particularly documents the failure of the Lesotho project. The project, which started off as a livestock project grew in magnitude with time, and soon the plan was to develop a new society out of the mountainous region, with means of arable agriculture in the mountains. Eventually, the solely development project failed. The author at tributes this failure to the lack of a common purpose.The plans grew in stature but it diverted from the original purpose. This lack of understanding between the government and the development officials led to the failure of the project. The main aim of the project should have been to maintain the livestock without much of human intervention. However, with foreign aids climax in for the project, the evil intentions of the government surfaced, and a complete social transformation was planned. The author feels that the foreign aids led to the eventual consequence of the failed project.After ten years of commitment, the costly project did nothing to enhance the living standards of the people in the region, and it is claimed that the quality of village life has actually declined as a result of the pullout of the project. The project might not have done any good to the people, but the roads that were made during the implementation helped the Lesotho government in gaining a stronger posit ion in the region. The case of Rwanda genocide provides an insight on the consequences of development failures. light beam Uvin, author of the book Aiding Violence The Development Enterprise in Rwanda documents the reasons that led to the eventual genocide, and how it was the result of irresponsible actions of aid providing institutions. The World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) had kept on providing funds and aids to the government of Rwanda without any investigation of the social situation in the nation. Over the years, the aid had kept increasing, and finally resulted in the government-sponsored genocide of the Tutsi by the Hutus.The author feels that the aid given by the institutions promoted violence in the region. The basic aim was to help in the development of the African region, but the purpose was not sufficient enough, as the aiding institutions should have looked deeper into the social and cultural trends of the society. The institutions failed to implement the ir development plans properly, which not only led to a development failure, but also gave rise to a catastrophic disaster, which took away 500,000 lives approximately.This is also the largest genocide incident registered in the history, and it is quite alarming to see how the failure of a development project could lead to such a destruction of society and culture. Mary B. Anderson, in her book Do No Harm How Aid Can Support Peace-or War presents a similar approach as pecker Uvin, where she provides an insight on how international assistance can become a factor in a conflict-affected area. According to her, outside help, aimed at development of a certain region, can either be helpful in resolving a conflict or prolong the conflict by helping a particular group involved in the conflict.Anderson believes that it is not possible for international assistance to remain separate from the conflict. Most assistance is given with the purpose of trim down tensions in conflict settings, and h elps the region to develop. However, these development initiatives can turn into a failure, which would mean that the aid is actually reinforcing the conflict in the region. She urges to aid providers to take a step back, and look closely how the aid might have a negative effect on the conflict. The impact that is created by the aids often decides the success and failure of its developmental purpose.If the impact is destructive, the conflict increases, and leads to war instead of the desired peace. Through these four books, the authors provide a similar aspect to the cause of development failure external aid. In spite of the fact that external aid is mostly essential for development to take place, it is also important to carry on the implementation in a proper way. While Crewe, Harrison and Anderson specify the general effects of such development failures, Ferguson and Uvin has presented similar views with the help of specific development failure cases.The instances given in all the four books maintain the importance of local aspects while planning a development project for a particular region. The social, political and economic trends are to be studied carefully before implementing a development idea. The consequences are mostly devastating, and reach out to the society and often result in power imbalance and discrimination. References Crewe, Emma & Harrison, Elizabeth. Whose Development? An Ethnography of Aid. London Zed Books Ferguson, James 1994. The Anti-Politics Machine Development, DePoliticization, and Bureaucratic Power in Lesotho.Minneapolis, MN University of Minnesota Press. Uvin, Peter 1998. Aiding Violence The Development Enterprise in Rwanda. Bloomfield, CT Kumarian Press Anderson, M. 1999. Do No Harm How Aid Can Support Peace-or War. London Lynne Rienner Coletta, Amy. Book palingenesis on Aiding Violence The Development Enterprise in Rwanda. Praxis Fletcher Journal of Development Studies A. M. Hassan, Fareed. Lesetho. African Development Bank O perations Evaluation Department. OReilly, Kathleen. Responding to disturbance Gender, Knowledge and Authority.

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Employment Law Brief

commerce Law plan The Clapton Commercial Construction follow located in Detroit, Michigan, is planning to expand its business into the state of Arizona. It is a medium- size of itd company with 650 employees and possibly increasing an additional 20% in the new state. Prior to the move, the human resources (HR) section must be aware of applicable employment laws that whitethorn affect the business.Outlined below are brief summaries and consequences for noncompliance of the following employment laws human action 7 of the Civil Rights lay out of 1964, the Immigration Reform and arrest Act (IRCA), he American with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), and the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, as amended (FLSA). germane(predicate) Employment Laws Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is the first employment law to train. It prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin in aspects of employment such(prenominal) as hiring, wages, assignment , promotions, benefits, and discipline. Title VII is the most important federal Equal Employment Opportunity law because it contains the broadest coverage, prohibitions, and remedies (Cascio, 2013, p. 83). Under the law, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) exists o implement laws dealing with employment discrimination. According to Cascio (2013), the law was expanded in 1972 to cover almost all public and private employers with 1 5 or more employees pull private clubs, religious organizations, and Indian reservations. The EEOC has the authority to conduct investigations, create resolution programs, and file lawsuits.Failure to comply with Title VII exposes the employer to both civil and criminal lawsuits with possible outcomes of fines, compensatory and punitive damages, or even imprisonment. The company may also have to reinstate or promote the affected employee. In 1991, the Act amended several(prenominal) statues enforced by the EEOC. Parties were able to obtain J ury trials and recover compensatory and punitive damages with cases involving intentional discrimination. The Act also placed m nonpareiltary caps for future cases based on size of the company.Another provision was enforcement of those American controlled companies abroad. The succeeding(prenominal) employment law to consider is the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. This law applies to employers regardless of size and every employee regardless of status full-time, part time, or seasonal. The IRCA prohibits employers rom hiring or continuing to employ staff office which are not legally authorized to work in the United States. The Clapton Commercial Construction Company is expanding business to Arizona with the intent of increasing the number of employees by 20%.The company must consider the demographics of that area with regard to potential employees and take measures to ensure an employee has documents to work legally in the United States, such as a passport or resident alien card. Other examples are located on the Employment Eligibility Verification 1-9 form that potential employees are take to complete. Penalties for noncompliance may esult in fines for separately violation and denial of federal contracts. According to the Department of Homeland Security (2013), in fiscal year 2010, Immigration and Customs Enforcement removed more than 392,000 illegal workers nationwide.The American with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) is another law to consider. more or less 13% of people ages 21 to 64 in the United States have at least one disability, a percentage that more than doubles to 30. 2% for people ages 65 to 74 (Cascio, 2013, p. 89). The ADA prohibits an employer from exquisite against a qualified person with a disability. A qualified person is someone who can realize the essential unctions of a Job with or without accommodation. The physical or mental impairment that limits one or more major life activities is called a disability, such as seeing , walking, hearing, or talking.The ADA expanded protective cover of drug and alcohol rehabilitation and those individuals who have tested positive for HIWAIDS. The ADA applies to private employers with 15 or more employees, state and local governments, employment agencies, and labor unions. The Clapton Commercial Construction Company is not required to lower work standards or tolerate misconduct on the Job however, reasonable accommodations must be made to assist ualified Job applicants. For example, the company can purchase a computer screen magnifying deoxyephedrine for the vision impaired. The EEOC enforces the provisions outlined in the ADA.

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I Just Wanted to Know About the Present Trends in Housekeeping Department

PRESENT TRENDS IN HOUSKEEPING DEPARTMENT Accommodation Management Staffing The maintain surgical incision of a hotel is responsible for cleanliness, maintenance, aesthetic upkeep of retinue, public areas, back areas and surroundings. The department is not always given up the respect it is due in terms of work load, the size of which can be estimated by the occurrence the department often employs the largest workforce.There are a variety of areas the housekeeping department must manage, the following duck taken from Hotel Housekeeping Operations and Management depicts the housekeeping departments span of control precedent of House Areas Back of House Areas Guest retinue Corridors Lobbies and public restrooms Pool and patio areas Meeting rooms Dining rooms/restaurants Banquet halls Convention Halls Hotel-operated shops Games rooms / recreation rooms Exercise rooms / gymnasium Building out-of-door Landscaping and gardens Management offices Storage areas Linen and sewing rooms Laundry room Employee locker rooms Administrative offices Cloak rooms Maids service room The diversity of areas controlled by the housekeeping department requires constructiond planning when delegating tasks to be undertaken. Developing an organizational structure is a puzzle out which deals with identifying and grouping work and aims to ensure the department works as a unit, with clear lines of authority and good enough lines of communication and is essential for the smooth running of the department.A Schematic representation, known as an organizational chart, assists in shaping roles and relationships within an organization, the following organizational chart has been created for a four star hotel with one hundred bedrooms. social organisation is the best way to channel employees efforts towards productive efforts (OFallon et al, 2010). It is important to continually review an organizations structure to ensure the structure is aiding the attainment of the org anizations goals and proving to be

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Future Plans Essay

Audra Metzler Future Plans After graduating from high school, I plan to attend a iv year university followed by a four year graduate school and major in teenage Psychology. With this major I hope to eventually obtain a p. h. D. in the field. I intend on opening my own psychological practice after all of my schooling is completed. My secondary career extract is a registered dietician in which I would major in dietetics. I want to be an young Psychologist for s constantlyal reasons.I love helping people and trying to find solutions for problems. Im in like manner intrigued in how people think and why the brain works the way it does. By becoming a psychologist I feel it will be fulfilling to know I am changing peoples lives for the better. I have taken multiple reading and writing classes in my past curriculum and am signed up to take both psychology and sociology next year. However, if that plan doesnt fall into channelise my backup career will be a registered dietician.I will ma jor in either dietetics or nutrition. By becoming a dietician, I would help people overcome health issues as well as institute proper nutrition that they crowd out carry with them for the rest of their lives. I am interested in how foods can affect the human body, and I have taken several skill courses throughout high school. If I happen to encounter difficulties along my career path, I will not give up. Challenges along the way are expected, and looked at as a way to only prove stronger.For example, if money problems arise I will take out a loan that I can later pay back. I also have family and friends that support my decisions and would be there for me if I ever needed assistance. I feel that I am well equipped to achieve my dreams because of my positive attitude, determination, and will-power. By following through with these plans I will have a successful, enjoyable life that will be rewarding in the long run.

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Defending the Play Trifle Essay

In the breeze, Trifles by Susan Glaspell, is close a murder mystery of Mr. Wright. The men the court attorney, sheriff, and Mr. Hale, a neighorbor to the Wright family, and the women the sheriffs wife, Mrs. Peter and Mrs. Hale, solve the mysery in two very different ways. The men show up at the house as a crime scene, and only focusing on the bigger, important elements of a murder mystery. As Mr. Hale was assay to explain everything he saw in the house that morning of Mr. Wrights death, he give tongue to She was rockin sanction and forth.She had her apron in her hand and was kind of pleating it (1154). Meanwhile, Mr. Hale was looking for Mr. Wright, Mrs. Wright was kind of subtle and said you cleart. Mr. Hale was confused. All she said then was he has been murder. All three men go upstairs to talk and investigate the body. One the otherhand, the women approach the house as a home, and focusing on the trifles, meaning small detail or unimportant, such as baking mess, unfinished sewing, and unwashed pans & cleaning.As the women are worried about Mrs. Wrights trifles in the house the men like to make diversion of them. For example, Hale stated, Well, women are used to worryin over trifles (1156). Mrs. Wright loved making preserves as her fruit froze in the freezer and made a big mess that the two women were worried about, so the sheriff said Well, can you beat the women Held for murder and worryin about her perserves (1155). In society, as you can see, men t windup to ingore the womens world, art to the truth before their eyes.A critic once said Trifles is a lousy play because by the third page we already know who done it, so there isnt much priming the sit through the rest of the play. A murder mystery does not have to keep the endorser in suspense to who the culprit was, but why the culprit did it. The key element in the play Trifles is motive, the reason or emotion that drives a person to do something. What made Mrs. Wright drive to kill her maintai n? As the men look for any possible motive, the women talk to one another about Mrs.Wright. They end up finding a bird cage with a broken door, but they find no bird. Another possible movite uncovered by the women is the discovery of the dead bird. They found the bird, dead, somebody had strangled the bird. So, good because a murder happens early, does not make it a bad play. Works Cited X. J. Kennedy. Dana Gioia. LITERATURE An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, Drama, and Writing. Trifles. 12 ed. New Jersey Pearson. 2013. Pages1153-1163.

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Illiteracy: Education and Others Essay

illiteracy is noun which mean unable to read and write or dont have primary education. we cut that reading and writing is only the source of learning education systematically. the fill of ceremonial education is to tame a man morally ethically as well as provide him the skills that can be helpful for him to stand with the developing societies. if we talk about illiteracy in broader sense , it is clear that it is not a good aspect of any society.Pakistan is one of the developing countries. Pakistan is go for many problems included illiteracy. he problems started from an individual and collectively effects the whole society to where he belongs to. as we know that a society is an organization and persons in groups are the components of this organization , so if a oversize group of organization is unable then how can they proceed the society. the improvement of a society is really is the improvement of persons. people hesitate to educated their children formally.There are many reas ons1. Poverty the cost of formal and quality eduction is very high so a even middle class family cannot afford it. nd erect number of our intelligent students cannot get education . normally people of Pakistan struggle to achieve the base needs of life and ignore this even it is a also a necessity of life. govt should introduce programs and swing budgets for educational programs so that our country can also stand with the developed countries .2. Gender discrimination Pakistan is an Islamic republic . in Pakistan people even not educated religiously they dont know the importance of knowledge that religion Islam defines them. so they dont know the rights of others. uman beings can be shared into two catagories . male and female . male as the dominant kind , does not allow char to get there rights in the society . the rights also include the right of getting education. the population is comprises of large numbers of females . women are the 49. 19% of the whole population. so due to gender inequality this class body untutored and causes the increasing rate of illiteracy . the literacy rate in Pakistan is 46% and this caused by the large no of females and engaged children with labor to tolerate the family.3. Nawareness normally people does not support the education ,firstly they think that it is a waste of money and time . a child should be skilled in order to support the family economically. the other misconception is that the children specially the female children will get spoil if they go to school. some people think that the todays educational system will spoil the religious concepts. this all misunderstandings are producing the illiterate generation. the public is under the pressure of economical and political disasters and cannot understand it though the only solution is literacy.

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Commentaries of ''The Thief of Bagdad 1924 (China Version)'' Movie Review

Commentaries of The Thief of Bagdad 1924 (China Version) - Movie Review ExampleHowever, Ahmed was a Muslim and the fact that, he confessed that, he did not love these women shows that, Islam was treated with levity in the convey. After having these 365 wives, Ahmed is dormant unsatisfied as he tried to win the heart of a princess.Another way that, the film likely treated Islam with levity was in the lives and times of the Sultans of Basra and Baghdad. These two rulers were obviously Muslims and the way they ruled their people does not in any way speak well of Islam. These two Sultans were authoritarians as they ruled their people with an beseech hand (The Thief of Baghdad). The producers tried to show that, it is these types of rulers that ruled in the East. It is obvious that, the Middle East field is predominantly a Muslim world (Said).The producers of the film used the examples of the two authoritarian leaders to regularize Islam in a bad light, as viewers that do not know mu ch virtually the religion could be quick to conclude that, Islamic rulers treat their people in this manner. Through Ahmeds experience with the 365 women, the producers of this film tried to show that, the life of a Muslim Man could be unsatisfying. Thus, these argon ways that, the producers of the film treated Islam with

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Assault, Battery, and Crimes against Persons Assignment

Assault, Battery, and Crimes against Persons - Assignment ExampleThis means that there are different degrees of bombardment depending on the seriousness of the harm inflicted. Assault is non considered eachthing beyond threats without any physical harm. However, the reason why nearly of the jurisdictions consider two crimes together is because when one commits battery, they first have the intention of causing harm followed by threats and then they the physical harm is caused. While beset is executed verbally, battery goes beyond to involve both verbal and physical harm (FindLaw, 2014).To draw a clear distinction between battery and rapine an example is ideal. An example of an assault is seen when an individual intimidates another and threatens to kill them. However, the person threatening the other does not inflict any physical harm to them. On the other hand, the case of (A) can be regarded as battery where the attacker inflicts harm to (A) by dragging him and ripping off her clothes. The action taken by (A) cannot be considered as assault neither battery since he was on self-defense when he attain the attacker with a rock and ran away. The attacker should be punished for having committed both battery and assault to (A). This is because he had the intention to harm and went ahead to engage in a physical act that was accommodate towards causing fear and bodily harm to (A). The actions of (A) cannot be regarded as either assault or battery because they were attacked and reacted to the actions of the attacker by using a self-defensive mechanism. The assault and consequent battery against (A) could be narrowed use up to consensual touching if the attacker did not inflict any form of harm or execute any fear of harm to (A). This is based on the view that the attacker did not have any evil motive of inflicting injury to (A), neither did they attempt to harm them verbally. In consensual touching, the victim (A), should be willing to talk to the attacker wi thout being forced to do

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Establishing a trust or will Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Establishing a trust or will - Coursework ExampleA land trust enables an owner to budge their real-estate dimension to a trust, but maintain their ownership while a family trust would check the owner separates his individualised plaza from the real property and ease transfer to the next generation (Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, 2003).However, the owner faces a dilemma in securing appropriate and requisite contracts in twain trusts to ensure ownership when alive and safe transfer to her next generation when she dies. A severalty ownership of both trusts ensures she remains the sole owner of her property in order to eliminate any problems and challenges the property may encounter (Evans & Evans, 2007). A bailment will ensure the transfer of ownership to another party (trustee), but retain ownership because trusts are revocable.Since property consists of land, both tangible and intangible property, bailment is appropriate for intangible property not limited to, title deeds, meeting rules, swear documents, written orders and endorsements (Evans & Evans, 2007). It is necessary to give a giving for transfer of property to the next generation. However, an inter vivos gift ensures transfer of property when both parties are alive while a gift in font mortis ensure transfer of property to beneficiaries in case of her demise (Evans & Evans,

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DISCUSSION QUESTION RESPONSE Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 21

DISCUSSION QUESTION RESPONSE - Essay ExampleYou went ahead and talked about the importance of gestures in effective communication. I have to admit gestures are sometimes confusing nevertheless one has to pretend every gesture according to the subject being discussed. These will surely enhance effective communication. You state that you are most uncomfortable with listening and giving feedback. This is not a personal problem but a universal problem as well. Many people interrupt the speaker before they are done with the communication. If the speaker does not understand enough, he may end up having the wrong definition of the response (Caputo, Palosaari, and Pickering 122-125). I wholly agree with the initiative you have taken to eradicate this problem. Perhaps I may ask have you made any meaningful progress. Is your approach universally adaptable?I have adapted a habit of asking a question in case I want to put a point across in the middle of a given conversation. Alternatively, I just wait for the speaker to finish what they were saying before I make my

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Product Design in Cyberspace Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Product Design in Cyberspace - Essay ExampleThis thunder mug facilitate them in their negative activities and can be a potential source of harm for the slumber of the society as a whole. mickle who are in such professions that require use of GPS halt little trouble accessing it even if it is not available through Ebay. However, others that are not in a position to purchase GPS from their local areas can easily purchase it on Ebay and use it for whatever take they want. There are many areas where people are supposed to get a license to economize a GPS with them because it is a potential source of help for criminals particularly when they want to perform their act in groups. Likewise, GPS software should also not be allowed to sell on Ebay because of the same reason as that for GPS device. crush thing people be possessed of a problem with at Ebay Worst thing people have a problem with on Ebay is that it does not allow sale of any kind of medication (Hubpages, 2011). manipulate medicines are common in a lot of underdeveloped countries. In these countries, people produce mendacious medicines in the name of real ones in order to make profits on the cost of customers life. People are highly skeptical about the quality of medicine they purchase. Medicines are already very costly.

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International Human Resources, Human Resources System of Apple(Mac) Co Essay

International Human Resources, Human Resources System of Apple(Mac) Co - Essay ExampleAt pull round the conclusion has articulated the findings about the human resource management system in Apple.Ameri evict finishing put emphasis on the individual initiatives and motions (Communicaid, American Culture Key Concepts and Values). Self independence and self-confidence are highly recognised and appreciated in the working places where most of the businesses are carried out autonomously. The send of a person in The regular army society is mostly influenced by his or her own achievement rather than his or her age or social status. So in advertisement for job vacancies, the USA companies can attract more qualified mass by simply putting emphasis on their individual growth and remunerations.The people in USA are mostly task centred and they prefer confabulation to be the exchange of facts, specific information and individual opinions. So to attract more people it is bring out to giv e some quantitative figures regarding growth, remuneration for the respective position. Apart from that, it would be great if the company can put its economical and financial state in quantitative and specific qualitative data. This transparent conference would be helpful for the potential candidates to fetch the required data for the company and hence the proper dialogue with the prospective employees would help to attract, recruit and select the candidates. In United States the organisations need to communicate with a sink and transparent note, so that they raise enough trust in the prospective human resource pool. nigh times these direct and straight forward communications are inappropriately interpreted by the people coming from different other regions and who are not much accustomed to this kind of explicit communication (Communicaid, American Culture Key Concepts and Values).The American business culture is based on the concept of extend to opportunity for

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Strategic Supply Chain Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Strategic Supply Chain Management - Essay spokespersonat even though MCC was formed as a result of supplier desegregation and federation cost sharing, but MCC was by far the stakeholder with the maximum investment. MCC had paid more than 50% of the total pre-launch, and infrastructural, point of intersection designing investment. The remaining 50% was shared amongst seven integrated suppliers and 16 non-integrated suppliers. Since the primary stakeholder is MCC, it is sensible for them to even up the car since the performance of the car in the market, its success or failure, will directly have an shock on them. The client re consumers who are purchasing the product with the label Daimler-Benz, whereas the customers of the suppliers is the newly formed party MCC.The Brand Name As discussed above, the MCC car carried the Daimler-Benz name. The brand name is actually a promise to the customer of quality and reliability. Due to this, if on that point are any technical flaws in the finished product, Daimler-Benz would suffer. The impact would non only be felt on the sales of Smart Car but it would have a sill-over effect and would adversely impact the current high-selling models of Daimler and Benz. For his purpose, even though supplier integration is a significant part of MCC policies, however, even then MCC has to be in control of the manufacturing process.Influence and Control Supplier integration is a pull mechanism whereby due to the captivate of Daimler-Benz, which has its roots in the volume of business provided to their suppliers and partners by them, the suppliers and partners have willingly decided to invest and be a part of MCC. In the absence of the Daimler-Benz entity, it would be difficult to bring the different players of the automobile sector performing various functions under one roof. Likewise, this influence is needed to keep a control over the supply chain activities and to monitor supplier-supplier relationships. Without this influence and control, there would be greater conflicts and it would be difficult

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The Undetected Occurrence of PTSD in Soldiers Assignment

The Undetected Occurrence of posttraumatic stress disorder in Soldiers - Assignment ExampleSince soldiers are prone to exposure to different traumatic experiences in their endeavours, these traumatic events may lead to the feature of PTSD amongst the soldiers. Thus, this creates a need for the detection and prevention of PTSD, especially among soldiers. in that respect exist a number of strategic interventions with regard to the occurrence of PTSD in the society (Bryant, cream pitcher and ODonnell, 2009 Foa, Keane, Friedman and Cohen, 2009 Forbes, Creamer and Bisson, 2010 Sones, Thorp and Raskind, 2011 Ursano, Bell and Eth, 2004). These potential intervention measures can be divided into three.Psychological interventions beseech a wide variety of intervention methods for adults with respect to the occurrence of PTSD (Gray, Maguen and Litz, 2004 Hoge, Worthington and Nagurney, 2012 Jakupcak, Roberts, Martell, Mulick, Michael and Reed, 2006 Ruzek, Brymer and Jacobs, 2007 Wood, Mur phy and McLay, 2009).Thus, some of the psychological intervention methods with regard to the prevention and treatment of PTSD include psychological first aid (PFA) cognitive therapies and exposure-based therapies among other interventions.Since the occurrence of PTSD can also be attributed to biological pathways, there exist various pharmacological intervention methods (Holbrook, Galarneau and Dye, 2010 Matar, Cohen and Kaplan, 2006 McCleery and Harvey, 2004 Schelling, Roozendaal and De, 2004 Stein, Kerridge and Dimsdale, 2007).This is owed to the fact that such debriefing interventions would be geared towards providing the necessary information concerning the occurrence of PTSD amongst the soldiers (Barboza, 2005). The interventions would also create a platform for the affected soldiers to share the traumatic experiences with other come to parties (Schnurr and Green, 2004). This would significantly contribute to the reduction of the stigmatization associated with theoccurrence of PTSD among soldiers.This implies that CISD and CISM provide a suitable intervention platform for individuals who may be affected indirectly by traumatic events such as soldiers.

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A Positive Concept Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

A supportive Concept - Essay ExampleIt should be kn possess that law is immortal and man without truth is zilch but animation less. Life is not meant to be lived just for the sake of pleasure of senses, but for the social occasion of realizing truth and living by it in all means. One of the greatest philosophers who strived for truth and righteousness was Socrates, the known Greek believeer. Socrates main focus throughout his public teaching life was the acquiring by the several(prenominal) of self-knowledge. He trusts that goodness and truth, positive essences and pure ethical and moral (Burgess,2011) . This indeed explains us the value of on-key living and the way in which it helps a psyche to attain bliss and immortality. However, living a truth life is not simple and comfortable as one has to come across many difficulties and hurdles in the process. Only a person who has attained the knowledge about self has the motivation and impatience to walk the journey of life wit h truth. A person has the freedom to live life at his own will, but wisdom and knowledge prompt him to discard immoral life and return to virtuous and intellectual life. We all tend to intellectualize the road of a virtuous life , when all we need to do is believe in a few simple natural laws , formulated thousand of years ago by interacted with God (Joubert,2009,pg.1).It is not very difficult to follow the path of truth if you realize the law of nature. character universe the mother of all beings, has bestowed us with all bounties to come through happiness and bliss. Fortunately, every human being knows that happiness is the element that he is seeking and desiring in every phase of his life. As Per ( Babuta, 2010)Some people may be created happier than others, with enjoyment of life programmed into their hardwiring. For others, getting to happiness isnt always that simple. You werent programmed that way. It may be a surprising fact, that the truth and happiness are the two thi ngs that go transcend in hand and one who is leading an immoral life can never be happy in truthful sense. To be moral and truthful to oneself is the biggest achievement of life and every person should work and strive to achieve this purpose. A moral skeptic might be the sort of person who says All this talk of pietism is tripe who will reject morality and take no notice of it all. Such a person in a way is rejecting all moral judgments and truth wholly(Mc cord,1988,pg.96) Most people think that morality and truthfulness can be attained solely from religion. However, religion is a basis and home for finding truth but only self realization and truth of divine can deport someone to persuade a truthful living. Once the ultimate metaphysical or religious mental attitude is takes as truth, morality or truthful living becomes impossible without religion, and religion become impossible without verity (Chacko, 1986,pg.9).The truth is the reality and one has to go on a long quest to understand and erect truth in ones life. By truth it is meant that, a person will achieve bliss and happiness eternally and not only in his present life. However, to achieve blissful life the closely important think is to understand divine and love all the creations of the Almighty with true heart. The most important aspect of truth is love, this feeling and emotion is what makes the foundation of universe. The Almighty has

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Compare reading Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Compare reading - seek ExampleElectronic medicine is music produced by means of electronic musical instruments. Examples of instruments that produce electromechanical sounds are the telharmonium, or also k directlyn as dynamophone, Hammond organ, and electric guitar. Devices like the sound synthesizer and Theremin stomach be used to produce electronic sound (Holmes, 2002). The capacity to record sounds is usually associated with electronic music production, but not totally needed for it. The very first documented recording equipment was invented by Edouard-Leon Scott de Martinville in 1857, the phonautograph (Manning, 2013). A number of instruments were invented that used electromechanical designs and they encouraged the eventual appearance of electronic instruments. But the expert development that has made the biggest impact on music within the first half of the 20th coulomb is the ruse of the Telharmonium. The Telharmonium was invented by Thaddeus Cahill in the archeozoic 20t h century. The microtonal scales were one of the just about important developments in early 20th-century music made possible by the presence of telharmonium (Barela, 1997). As stated by Ferruccio Busoni, Only a long and careful series of experiments, and a continued training of the ear, can render this unfamiliar existent microtonal scales approachable and plastic for the coming generation and for Art (Barela, 1997, p. 31). Telharmonium The Musical Invention that Electrified the World The vitality of invention which emerged before the advent of the 20th century was simultaneous with a cultural interest in the newly technological advancements that was unmatched. Inventors like Edison and Bell became legends who led a philosophy of industrial growth based on the capacity of controlled electricity. Among this group of inventor capitalists was Thaddeus Cahill, creator and designer of the skipper musical synthesizer, and originator of the electric typewriter (Dunn, n.d.). Although se veral(prenominal) attempts to create electronic musical equipment were initiated in early 20th century by William Duddell and Elisha Gray, they were somewhat ambiguous or merely the consequences of other studies on electrical technology (Holmes, 2008). The invention of Cahill, the Telharmonium, is still the greatest and most determined effort to build an electronic musical instrument ever imagined. Under overwhelming adept challenges, Cahill was able to build the first model of Telharmonium in 1900. This electro-mechanical equipment made up of 145 alternators able to founder five octaves of changeable melodic content similar to orchestral quality. Its main function was composed of what is now called additive synthesisa sound synthesis method that produces timbre. Because Cahills instrument was created prior to the availableness of electronic amplification he had to make alternators that generated at least 10,000 watts (Dunn, n.d., pp. 2-4). Even though Cahills original purpose wa s merely to build a genuinely advanced electronic instrument that has the ability to cause classical musical selections, he immediately aimed at its industrial use with the intention of providing music to hush-hush settings (e.g. homes) as a way of funding its construction. He built the New York Electric Music community with this purpose in mind and embarked on

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Political Continuities and Discontinuities in the World between the Term Paper

Political Continuities and Discontinuities in the World between the Colonial Period and the Present - Term Paper ExampleIn a simplistic perspective, compoundism pertained to the acquisition, perpetuation, and management of the overseas territories referred to as colonies by the people from other countries, most commonly occurrence to be denizens of the Western world. Colonialism was a process by which the people of a Western country completed sovereignty over a foreign land and the colonizers went to a great length to alter the politics, kind norms, culture and sparing dynamics of that colony to strictly suit their vested interests and designs (Wesseling 1997, p. 29). Inequality was indeed the basis of colonialism and the divergence between the colonizing nation and the colony and between the colonizers and the natives was the crux of all the colonial logic. Colonialism did have a three-d impact on the individual rights, politics, cultural norms, economics and religion of the annex nations and gave way to institutions and concepts alike hard workerry, economic exploitation, religious enforcement and ethnic alienation. Though these norms and concepts have greatly ceased to exist in a strictly colonial form, they indeed tend to continue in altered forms and designs in the contemporary times. This paper intends to trace the continuities and discontinuities associated with these institutions and concepts in a current perspective. slavery Colonialism relied for its semipolitical and economic sustenance on the subjugation and exploitation of the colonize. Slavery was an immensely unfortunate and inhuman aspect of colonialism that tended to dehumanize the people from colonized lands to run the economic machinery of the colonial nations (Walvin 1994, p. 7). The essential essence of slavery in the colonial times was that it methodically degraded the culture, traditions, social institutions and religions of the colonized races to consider them equal to being animals. The colonial forces had to somehow justify the exploitation of subjugated races as slaves, and the ace plausible way of doing so was to prove and establish that the people from colonized races were inferior to the Europeans. The foundations of slavery and the slave trade were laid in the beginning of colonialism and the commensurate rise of mercantile powers (Walvin 1994, p. 56). Slavery was utterly withering for the colonized races in a long term context as it significantly shrunk their populations, made the colonized lands and races more vulnerable to and dependant on colonial powers, decimated any chances of modernization of the enslaved races and brought far reaching political consequences, whose reverberations could even be heard in the present times. The institution of slavery devastated farming and industry in the colonized nations. There is no denying the fact that the institution of slavery in its colonial context, where the individuals from the enslaved races we re owned and managed by the Western vested interests has seized to exist in the present times. However, it goes without saying that the historical momentum that accompanied colonialism and imperialism and the accompanying institutions and practices like slavery still continue to shape the present world in ways and forms that is utterly trouble and annoying. It would not be wrong to say that there are far greater numbers of slaves answer the cause of the Western economies today than that existed during the zenith of slavery. Today the