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Technical writing proposal on Senior Healthcare Facility Research Paper

Technical writing plan on Senior Healthcare Facility - Research typography Examplel is to find ways on how to protect faces of the wellness workers and the effectiveness of the facial contraceptive equipment and procedures for control that can be used. This will include reviewing of the literature of environmental, organizational, and individual factors that improves on the effectiveness of health workers. It will also include identification of the framework that will carry on the final research. The study goal of this proposal is to identify Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome and nosocomial infections of the respiratory tract in relation to the safety of workers and specific areas where further research should focus on. The target audience of this research proposal is the healthcare workers.The significance of this study is to make workers more effective at their workplaces if they are provided with facial contraceptive measures. The current events in relation to SARS in healthc are workers of Canada have attracted much attention on how to prevent this epidemic. Facial protection involved the use of a mask and protective eyewear. Following the outbreaks, at that place is need to ensure that the healthcare workers are protected to prevent future outbreaks and not only in severe acute respiratory syndrome but also other respiratory infections. Following these observations there is essential to carry out a review on facial protection that would deal with healthcare workers concerns. This influenced me to spare a proposal on SARS.Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome is a disease that is spread through with(predicate) respiratory droplets. According to research carried out, SARS is less contagious compared to other respiratory infections. It is important to visor that persistent use of infection control measures reduces occurrence of such outbreaks in China, Vietnam, and Singapore. Much attention concentrate on why the implementation of appropriate precaution s failed and the need to promote these precautions in future. It is also evident that act reflexively and coughing do not generate highly

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Human Resource strategy in Recession Term Paper

humanity Resource strategy in Recession - Term Paper Examplewever, the recent global nuclear meltdown or in other words the recession has abruptly changed the employee as well as employer scout particularly in the aspect of Human resource planning or HRM. So, this paper will canvass how the current economic downturn had a major impact on HRP giving more index finger to the HR managers when they negotiate with their employees.In this globalised world, an economic problem in one country will not get restricted to that country, but gets spread to other countries. The economies of or so of the countries in the world are directly and indirectly dependent on the U.S.s economy and with liberalization happening everywhere, the negative effects in USA will be felt everywhere, with businesses worldwide facing the negative impact on its HRP. many a(prenominal) companies are suffering losses and as a result of it several companies are opting for retrenchment strategy. apostrophize cutting would have to eventually result in job cutting. British Airways (BA) has said that it plans to cut a further 1,200 jobs after reporting a huge loss of 292 million in the six months up to the end of September. (Hinton 2009). Fewer job requirements and constant lay offs irrespective of the sector made employers to be fastidious about the kind of employees they want and more dominant in deciding the compensation package for them. some reputed organizations have quietly cut the salaries and other fringe benefits to their employees. BBC plans to cut the amount it spends on the salaries of its top bosses by about 25 percent, The BBC currently spends about $129.4 million on pay for its 634 senior managers and nine most senior executives. (Bryan-Low 2009). Managers have upper hand these days and really have become dominant, slightly skewing HRP. rather of thinking about how to optimize productivity and thereby effectively overcome financial problems, managers look at the easy way out. W hen negotiating with their employees there are some critical issues that concern both like salary,

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THE LUXURY FOOD SERVICE INDUSTRY Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

THE LUXURY FOOD SERVICE INDUSTRY - Essay ExampleThe world is overly experiencing increasing urbanization as several the great unwashed shift from rural places to urban centers. As people move from rural areas to urban centers, they tend to change their lifestyle trend especially their eating habits (Pride and Ferrell 26). As the number of people working in office increases, people tend to get less meter to prepare foods at their homes. Such consumers under constraint of time usually opt to each foreign in restaurants and cafes. Other factors seen to bring in led to the high growth in food service labor include tourism. Some investors opt to put up luxurious food service diligence for purposes of hosting tourists that determine the country (Great and Gavin 6).Britain is one such country that has witnessed an increase in growth of food service industry over the last decades. The high growth rate has mainly been seen in London the capital city. Among the restaurants establish in London include Hakasan, Nobu and Zuma. His are food joints that have been able to build prodigality portion within the service industry. The question that may be asked is, How have these restaurants been able to build such luxury, and what tools have the restaurants utilise to build the luxury element?The purpose of this paper is to examine the marketing tools that have been used by Hakasan, Nobu and Zuma to build the luxury element within the foodservice industry. This will also involve analysis of the 7Ps busy by the three restaurants. The paper will conclude by the most important elements derived from the study of luxury service industry in general particularly the food service industry. Finally, the paper will depict a recommendation regarding what has been learnt from the study.The Chartered Institute of Marketing (2) defines marketing as the management process which entails identification, antepast and satisfaction of the

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Terrorist Finance Tracking Program Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Terrorist Finance Tracking computer programme - Essay ExampleAccording toTerrorist Finance Tracking Program Fact Sheet(2006), The join States treasury department is uniquely positioned to track terrorist money flows and assist in the broader US Government effects to show terrorist cells and map terrorist networks here at home and around the world (PP. 4).In order to ensure the achievement of this program utilizes SWIFT. According toLegal Authorities Underlying the Terrorist Finance Tracking Program(n.d. ). SWIFT-a Belgium-based company with U.S. offices that operates a worldwide messaging system used to transmit bank transaction information- seeking information on suspected worldwide terrorists (PP. 6).The United States government uses subpoenas in order to view this information. Based upon the terms of the subpoenas the United States government is allowed to view this information only in regards to suspected terrorist investigations. The information obtained by SWIFT is lawfu lly obtained in accordance with The International Emergency Economic Powers Act. The International Emergency Economic Powers Act was schematic in 1977. The President only during a time of national emergency may put out this act in order to investigate fiscal transfers by means of banks and other relevant financial transactions in regards to a foreign individual suspected of being associated or being a terrorist. In regards to the September 11th 2001 terrorist attacks former United States president George W. Bush issued executive order 13224 declaring an international emergency as future terrorist attacks were suspected. Subpoenas issued are in compliance with the United States Constitutions 4th amendment as investigations of potential terrorists and relevant documents to terrorism are obtainable through subpoenas issued by Congress. In accession neither The Foreign Intelligence

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Solution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Solution - Essay ExampleIt is crucial to redesign healthcare intervention toward diabetic patients, increasing their self-care behavior especially for workers and the elderly (Bandura, 1997), and education is one pick out prevention strategy (Jun-Qiao Wang, 1997). Early education enables patients to prevent the disease spot reducing the expense of healthcare. numerous diabetic patients dont understanding the value of self-care, and helping them acquire the skills to manage their condition is important. According to the International Diabetes alliance (IDA), more than half of diabetics know nothing about diabetes, and the American disease control center estimates 50% - 80% of diabetes complications can be prevented. Surveys show 58% of diabetics are confused by doctors instruction, and 35% form damaged their health by not following those instructions. Also, 88% of diabetic patients gain primary knowledge from their doctors while only 9% receive it from nurses. The relationship b etween nurse and diabetic patient is essential in developed countries, most diabetes education is gained through nurses quite an physicians.Medication alone cannot control diabetes, and life style education enables the patient to increase self- counseling more effectively (Li, 2002). Physical activity can reduce the assay factors, and the Daqing study shows that life style intervention can improve insulin resistance by 46%. The U.S. DPP experiment showed that among 3,200 cases, life style intervention reduced the incidence of diabetes by 58%. Medical intervention is less effective compared to lifestyle intervention (Pan Lizhen, Chinese Nursing Research, 2004). Liu shows intervention is able to reduce glucose and increase the sensitivity of insulin, among other benefits (Liu, 2001), while another survey reveals a 40% decrease (Bing, 2005). Just 30 minutes of walking routine can reduce the level of glucose, and large studies in other nations have recently demonstrated that patt ern reduces the incidence of diabetes by more than 50%.Patients In China, diabetic patients tend to trust drug advertisements rather than healthcare professionals, and many think the side effects of western medicine are stronger than traditional Chinese therapies. Some believethink that the more expensive the medicine, the better health outcome they can achieve which is a bulky economic burden (Jia Fen, Wang Jun, Shanghai University). Most diabetic patients are worried about having an incurable disease, longsighted term injections of insulin, and other factors. Chinese studies show older diabetic patients dislike the outpatient service due to administration and waiting times, while others dislike the inpatient services because of unfamiliar environments. Richard Donnelly shares that most patients in China like to use traditional Chinese therapies, and many prefer to combine the best of traditional Chinese with Hesperian treatment. Behavior Ming Yeong Tan (2003) says that lack o f adherence to self-care behaviors requires lifestyle changes for long-term management, and identifying the barriers to behavior is important. It is vital to increase educational programs on patient behavior to improve the quality of life.Health System In China, health management is

Social Relations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Social Relations - Essay ExampleMany people bunk to be aggressive for unmatchable reason or a nonher. The result of ones character is highly characterized by roles one plays, and mutual interactions of motivation and the motion which lies at the heart of autonomy adaptation and social interaction in both biological and artificial agents (Kenny D, 1994). They likewise have a powerful and wide range in influence on many aspects of cognition and action even though ones role is often considered complimentary. This is refer by external and internal factors involved in the establishment of ones behaviour where emotion is the core epitope of behaviour among the critical factors (Kenny D, 1994).Within societies, an individual learns not only on his own but also through interaction with other people surrounding him/her. This brings about the issue of social intelligence an requisite tool in communication through conservations (Brown J, 1991). Social aggregation has a strong genetic ins titution where it is mainly as a result of environmental influences (Brown J, 1991). Specifically, teachers and peers indicate an extent to which a participating tyke exhibits social aggressive behaviors, such as trying to make others hate one another or the degree of influence to make others like one another, or saying bad things and spreading smutty rumours (Brown J, 1991). Empirical evidence for an effect of workplace psychological control on an individual is sometimes not visible but studies have shown that negative p benting behaviours such as lack of responsiveness and coercion are linked to ones ego (Perloff R, 2003). People who have socially aggressive friends tend to be aggressive themselves (Perloff R, 2003). This contributes to a good deal social stratification where people tend to group themselves in terms of character and behaviour. This makes them share a habit in common. For workers today, the stress associated with trying to blend the responsibilities of paid work with responsibilities of family and individualal life has beseem an increasingly visible issue (Perloff R, 2003). This is because more and more workers continue reporting on how their lives have reverse frenzy as they struggle with the unrelenting demands of work and personality (Perloff R, 2003). The significance of being free of preconceived idea brings about independence freedom of thought and democracy, where one is not intimidated (Kenny D, 1994). It creates integrative minds, where a person acts without being told, and thinks that he is right (Kenny D, 1994). There is an increasing demand for those who practice initiative because the reward is cardinal fold, one it helps one improve his financial status and also develops strength in his/her personal attributes. In conclusion, social psychology principles plays a critical component in enabling individuals interact, as well as personal relationship. It creates the spirit of mutual interrelationship between people whereby, the participants share information, therefore enhancing clear judgement of our surroundings.Reference Brown, J. David. (1991). Preprofessional Socialization and Identity Transformation The Case of the Professional Experience. Journal of Contemporary ethnographyPerloff, R. M. (2003).

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Different essays Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Different essays - Essay Examplestently met and providing subtle but regular enhancement in the attribute of an item or service, so that there are lesser and lesser flaws on delivery. The particulars of how each of these terms is interpreted are specific to the industry or business in question.Risk management, on the early(a) hand, is the process of identifying, assessing and peritonising the risks to efficient functioning within a system. The essence of risk management is improvement in the value of the end result by being flexible yet systematic transparent and inclusive of all factors and circumstances integral to the analytical process, but able to provide solutions specific enough to the precondition problem. Possible the most important factor is that it should be able to evolve continuously to meet ever-changing needs.While both processes Quality management and Risk management are essential for ensuring smooth operations, and then have a number of overlaps in their core p rinciples they ad differ on one of import account. Quality Management focuses on the end result and the extent to which error may be avoided in the deliverables while risk management focuses on the extent to which already occurred errors may be rectified and fictionalise ion be avoided.Cianfrani, C.A., West, J. E. (2009).Cracking the Case of ISO 90012008 for suffice A Simple Guide to Implementing Quality Management to Service Organizations (2nd Ed.). Milwaukee American Society for Quality. pp.5-7Continuous quality improvement (CQI) is embedded in patient safety-the ability to check out from mistakes and take actions to prevent the mistakes from re-occurring. Identify and explain how principles of CQI reduce the risk of harmful medical injuries.Tindill and Stewart (1993) have delimitate CQI as A comprehensive management philosophy that focuses on continuous improvement by applying scientific methods to gain knowledge and control over variation in work processes. Baker (1997) giv es the steps to using CQI. The first step

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Chipotle relation with Oganizational Structure Controls, and Corporate Essay

Chipotle relation with Oganizational Structure Controls, and Corporate Governance - see ExampleThe unwaveringly too obtained part of its capital from McDonalds through share offering. From McDonalds, the firm acquired nearly $360 one million million that rose to almost $1.5 billion. The come with managed to gain huge sales because of their unique top-level management system that was utile towards gaining a competitive advantage offer their rivals, which is important in raising the profit margin.The firm was also among the top companies to introduce a sales system in which customers could customize a healthy food for thought of their preferences, at a considerably cheaper price below other restaurants and food vendors without necessarily compromising on the quality. The caller has, therefore, become of one of the favorite food vending go with among consumers. As a leave alone the firm has realized a significance increase in size, and has subsequently maximized its shareholde rs, and stakeholders value. With the continued growth of Chipotle, a need for the separation between the ownerships, and managerial roles has emerged. Although this can raise serious problems, Chipotle can overcome the challenges by improving their approach to employees welfare, critical for gaining synergy, which in turn offers a competitive advantage within the industry. Their theatrical performance relationship is reflected by their standard hierarchy, in which restaurant managers report to regional manager, who subsequently report to the companys director. After the companys director gathers all of the regional managers reports, they present the report to the company president. This, therefore, shows the critical role of running the day to day affairs of the firm. On the other hand, the president of the company only makes critical decisions at the top level, but does not directly participate in the firms daily operations.To enhance the effectiveness of the board of directors, C hipotle applies executive

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Competition in my life. (Any story of competition that I might Essay

Competition in my life. (Any story of competition that I might encountered in life, and so on. look for instructiions) - Essay ExampleI know how it feels to be awake on a chilly morning going for endless laps. However, non all this has been in vain, as I have won a few medals, excelled in legion(predicate) races and even lost in early(a)s. This essay is a narration of one of the most memorable naiant competition in my life.It was an early Thursday morning when all the members of the swim team assembled in the work swimming pool for a warm up session on the day of the competition. Our coach was intense and gave us an encouraging speech after the warm up session (Ramsay 106). I would take better in four swimming events including the 400 free, 200 free relay, 50 free and 100 free. I was under intense pressure to switch an outstanding performance, as this was my specialized swimming style. On the other hand, I was nervous, as it was the first race I had taken part in with so man y experienced swimmers.The first race that I took part in was the 50 free and I was in the third lane. The lecturer instructed all the swimmers to step up and the pool seemed unusually longer. The gun went off and the referee shouted GO All the six competitors dove into the water and the water felt so raw that I felt dizzy. The race was faster than I expected and I came out forth. I had try ford for a better performance and promised myself to do better in the remaining races (Ramsay 106). When I went back to my team members, they patted me on the back and told me that I had done well as all the other team members had performed worse in other races. To my utter surprise, this was the best time I had ever clocked in this race. I could only hope for an improved performance in the remaining races.The 100-meter race was no different, my opponents seemed taller and stronger, and this intimidated me. However, I did not give up as I could see my teammates, friends and family cheering me on from the bleachers. When the gun went off, I dove in the waters hoping for a better performance. This time I emerged third as

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How the cultures of Norway, United Kingdom and Greece differ and how Essay

How the cultures of Norway, fall in Kingdom and Greece differ and how it affects the way the countries ar run - Essay fontSituated away from the cultural centres, Norway has a strong culture flourishing from the ninth century. The unique Norse Farm Culture, sustained to this day is closely related to the countrys history and geography, due to the precious resources, harsh climate and the ancient property law. Romanticism has a great influence on Norwegian language and media. With the continued support of g everywherenment for various activities like exhibitions, cultural projects etc, Norwegian culture flourished in areas of art, literature and music. Present Norwegian culture is a melting pot of various backgrounds and cultures. Norwegians are mainly egalitarian people who mainly focus on fairness, equal rights and open-mindedness. They like people for their nature and non what they do or how much money they dupe. They are honest and sincere in their relationship and have a simple way of living. Norwegian food has diversified in recent years and completely types of food is available along with sea food. Every year Norwegian food festival is observe in late august to celebrate different kinds of food. Music has an important role to play in Norwegian history. It has been passed down the generation and mainly includes instrumental and vocal music. The traditional musical instrument includes Hardingfele followed by Harp. The traditional dress is Bunad, an elaborate dress with lot of embroidery and jewellery. From Business perspective in that location are certain attributes in culture of Norway like informal style, individual interests, Transactional relationship and direct communication. History be United Kingdom as a developed power, a major(ip) power and comprising of four major countries-England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, each of which has retained its distinct culture. But with cultural influence of west, there were changes in United Ki ngdoms culture. Humanism, Protestantism and representative democracy developed .With the evolution of industrial revolution in UK, there were major changes in field of agriculture, manufacturing and transportation which impacted socio- economic culture. Formerly a homogeneous society, Britain has set about more diverse with people from different part of world living there. British are know for their stiff upper lip and blitz spirit. They still live up to grin and bear military capability in situations of embarrassment. They are reserved and private people and are sticklers for adherence to protocols. British cuisine follows a specific set of traditions and customs of cooking. However British has absorbed the cultural influence of those who settled in Britain. British cuisines international significance is limited to full breakfast and Christmas dinner. Britain has made a lot of progress in field of music with British invasion and British-pop evolving. The traditional music is cent uries octogenarian and has contributed to a lot of genres. It supports major orchestras and was among the two main countries in development of rock music. UK has been in question in development of theatre, movies, radio and television. UK has played a major role in scientific developments from the times of scientific revolution. The Royal society serves as a centre for science and is the oldest society developed. From the prospective of occupation British are formal and look for long-term relationship in Business. The culture of Greece has developed over a thousand of years with influence of Roman Empire, British Empire but according to historians the reference work for

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Neuroscience Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Neuroscience - Article Examplethe center 4 roofing tiles), the amount of clipping a rat spent in the center of the field (i.e. the center 4 tiles), and the number of tile crossings all indicated that rats treated with LiCl had indeed reduced risk taking, locomotor activity and exploratory behavior when undergoing the exonerated-field block out compared to sodium chloride (NaCl) treated visualise rats. Note, the tendency of the rat to cling and spend a great deal time on the walls of the test apparatus indicates a high level of anxiety or fear. On the contrary, a little fearful rat portrays the tendency of greater exploration within the experiment apparatus. As such, the rats that had been injected with LiCl spent much time on the walls of the apparatus a sign of increased fear and high level of anxiety. The results obtained in this test were in agreement with other studies previously conducted.Laboratory observations have suggested an interaction between atomic number 3 chlori de (LiCl) and exploratory behavior of rats. Studies have confirmed that LiCl administration tends to suppress locomotor activity in rats (Johnson et al., 1972). An open field apparatus was used to prevent the exploratory behavior and the movement of the rats one hour after the injection of LiCl. The purpose of the present study was to examine the effects of LiCl on risk taking, exploratory behavior, and locomotor activity of rats.The behavioral pharmacology test conducted was aimed at seeing the effectiveness of Lithium chloride on the unlike specimens used and their response. The experiment used Lithium Chloride as the main ingredient and sodium chloride as the control solution. The main objective of the experiment was an observation of the effects of taking against not taking Lithium chloride and on the other hand taking sodium chloride. We used an Open Field Apparatus from whence we could observe the behavior of the rat immediately after the injection with the drug.

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Female, Feminine, Fertility Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Female, Feminine, Fertility - Essay ExampleIn bettericular, she competes severely with Carla Santini, who was also striving to attain this position. Lola does not manage to beat Carla Santini since Carla Santini is quite clever and convincing. At one point, Lola gives up with the chase, but is later motivated to keep up the fight. She decides to participate in a play for their school where she manages to defeat Carla Santini. Although the two girls had personal differences during the time they were competing for the lead position, they are seen workforceding their differences by acknowledging each other (Sheldon, 2014).I have, for a long time seen female characters resembling Lola and Carla in that they are determined, doughty yet considerate and willing to forgive. Such are the people the society wants whom despite differences in, for example places of spirt due to competition for a given position, they are willing to work together, relate positively impertinent jobs and acknow ledge each other. Lola is used to show the modern woman whom despite challenges facing her, she should never will her worth and values. The modern woman should aim high and fight hard to attain her position fleck remembering that she should maintain positive relationship with other with whom she is battling out with. Competitors need not only be fellow wowork force but could also include men. For instance, there is a stiff booking between men and women with women striving to get their positions in the society.Such female characters would have a positive impact on practically every person. In fact, there is nobody would be harmed by the presence of Lola and Carla in the society. However, men might be harmed by characters like Lola in the society especially due to the determination part of the character. Being determined means that such female characters will never let off the battle with men in striving to

Developmental Assets Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Developmental Assets - Essay ExampleThus, cognitive meshing and behavior liaison encompasses the assets of school engagement and school boundaries in terms of the bookmans involvement in learning activities and their adherence to school rules respectively. Similarly, emotional engagement covers the development asset of school humor adequately.The caring school climate involves an atmosphere of respect for apiece opposite as purported by progressivism. Ackerman (2003) insists that demonstrating respect for the learner would foster a reciprocation of respect for the t individuallyer thereby promoting an atmosphere of care and respect. The school personnel such as the teachers, the administrative staff and other such personnel would encourage the student to do the best that they can do at all times. The idea of showing favor to one student over the other would therefore be non existent.The stake asset of school engagement incorporates the idea of a student being actively involve d in learning. At no time is the student seen as a passive observer but the student is constantly involved in every dimension of the learning environment.The third assset which promotes the school as the primary quill promoter entails school boundaries. School boundaries emphasizes the fact that each school should have clear rules and consequences for breaking these rules. one(a) risk factor that a student may experience without the strengthening of the caring school climate is the risk of cultural isolation or intolerance.This intolerance could lead to a rapid deterioration of the students self identity and self esteem. Such a decline in self cost may result in a number of inappropriate behaviors such as absenteeism, school cat out and delinquency. However, given a caring environment the students would understand the need to tolerate differences in each other whether it is colour, religion, or way of

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How do girls measure up to boys in Mathematics Essay

How do girls measure up to boys in Mathematics - search ExampleTherefore, girls participation in higher or advance math subjects were less(prenominal) which led to a conclusion that boys have higher scores. Nowadays, more girls opt to take advance mathematics which results to same performance level in state tests. Also, the female population taking up sit tests increased over the years which can be a fertile ground in comparison the performance of boys against girls. According to the article in Discovery, the study revealed that there was not much difference in the performance in math tests between girls and boys ( 2008). Furthermore, the National Science Foundation statistics revealed that .In 2004, women earned 58 part of all bachelors degrees, 78 portion of bachelors degrees in psychology, 62 pct in biological sciences, 51 percent in chemistry, 46 percent in mathematics, 25 percent in computer sciences, 22 percent in physics, and 21 percent in engineering. ( 2007 )Therefore, females do not really underperform in Math and Sciences as compared to Males. However, there are factors that affect girls in acquisition Math and Sciences which will be discussed in this paper.Cultural Orientation. Result of the study was the argument of professor and psychologist Janet Hyde that the ethnic orientation are incredibly influential( cited in Media Relations, 2008 ). This means that girls are often not anticipate by their own parents to excel in Mathematics or other masculine field such(prenominal) as Engineering and Sciences since these areas are only suited for the boys. No wonder, girls were stereotyped as underperformers when it comes to Mathematics. The importance of self- reckon plays a big role in encouraging girls to perform in Mathematics.In 2007, a take aim titled Encouraging Girls in Mathematics and Science was published by the National Center for program line Research. The main thrust of the

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Unauthorized Sale Of Starbucks In Japan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Un countenance sales event Of Starbucks In Japan - Essay ExamplePrevious record of the beau monde indicates that, a customer would buy at either given time was 66 cases and majority of the buyers would only buy 1 to 11 cases to an order (Black trade Sale).Black Market has been real issue for the bell ringers of world(prenominal) standards and repute. IN the case of Star Bucks, the brand although is non considered to be brand of international repute, however the product of the smart set has been black marketed, it was reported to the companys scheduler through an telecommunicate that the product of the company were beingness sold unofficially in Japan, the informer was official of brand apology for Beam Global, the function of the protection company was to keep an eye on the sales of different products in the international market, and in case of any malpractice, the practice was reported to the company authority.Star Bucks was although selling its brand to different countri es, but it was surprisingly to observe that the products of company was being sold in Japan, a land where the company never distributed its product. It was reported to the companys official that, different products of the company including Starbuck Coffee and Cream Liqueur that were being produced in companys private industrial unit in Frankfurt, were being sold in Japan unlawfully. The company has previously no direct contact with any of the distributor in Japan, and the company was not authorized to sell or market their product in Japan, it was therefore complete interference in the companys achievement and distribution department, and it was doubted that the companys personal authority and black marketer must have purported the plan and execution of this illegal practice. The company official had the task to revamp the case and locate the responsible official or way involved in this malpractice. The case of the company was personally handled by the scheduler. COURSE OF ACTION After the determent of the corrupt practices with reference to the distribution on the product in the unauthorized region, the scheduler ceased the production facility of those contingent brands on immediate notice. The scheduler took the Plant Manager and the Manager Operations into confidence prior to taking any such step, and all steps were taken after taking both the controlling authorities into confidence. The company officials stopped all production facilities, and instructed the employees not to involve or associate themselves into any production tie in activity for short period of time.The company officials decided to review the previous shipment lists for the particular interval, during which the email was sent. The employees were requested to involve themselves into gathering and maintaining the lists of all the shipments that have been do by the company to their local and international customers. The company officials wanted to apply this method so as to trace whethe r shipment to Japan has been made on record or not. EVALUATION OF THE COURSE OF ACTION

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Infant Circumcision Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Infant Circumcision - Essay ExampleAccording to Schoen et al (2000), evidence indicates that in the first family of life uncircumcised infants have at least a 10-fold increased take chances of UTI a circumcised infant has approximately a 1 in 1000 chance of having UTI in the first year of life, whereas an uncircumcised infant has a 1 in 100 chance.The Soweto study, conducted in South Africa, found that circumcision fastend the risk of custody contracting AIDS during heterointimate intercourse by about 65 percent. Circumcision prevented six to cardinal out of 10 potential HIV infection stated by Astor (2005).Studies suggest that circumcised males may be less at risk for syphilis than are uncircumcised males. Genital ulcers related to STD may increase susceptibility. A probable biologic rationalization for this association in that the mucous surface of the uncircumcised fellow member allows for viral fixing to lymphoid cells at or near the surface of the mucous membrane, as well as much likely minor abrasions resulting in increased access to target tissues.Schoen et al (2000) stated a successive study indicating only a 3-fold greater risk of penile cancer in uncircumcised men immoderately combined lethal invasive penile cancer with carcinoma in situ (CIS). 213 cases (122 CIS, 91 invasive cancers) in a large health maintenance organization reported relative risk of CIS developing in uncircumcised men was 3-fold. Another study by Maden et al uncircumcised men had 22 times the risk of having invasive cancer compared with circumcised men. IV. Objections A. Circumcision reduces sexual pleasure.During sex, the extra length of extremely sensitive skin provided by the foreskin allows the erect penis shaft to slide gracefully back and forth within the penile skin, providing an additional layer of brush and protection during the sexual act and providing an additional level of pleasure, when compared to the rigid and inflexible nature of most circumcised penises (http//www.coolnurse.com/circumcision_probs2.htm, 2005).B. Circumcision is a painful procedure.Circumcision is extremely painful and traumatic for an infant. According to anti-circumcision, it is a form of electric razor abuse, and that the perpetrators of this form of child abuse are really offensive criminals who have caused conflicting damage to their own children (http//www.universalway.org/circtruth.html, 2004).V. RebuttalsA. Circumcision does not reduce sexual pleasure.Schoen et al (2000) stated anecdotal beliefs about foreskin protective benefit on the fish of the penis and the belief that circumcision causes decreased sexual pleasure. Neither of these anecdotal beliefs meets the stated criterion of being evidence-based. On the contrary, in the case of sexual pleasure, surveys indicate that women prefer sex with circumcised men, primarily from the standpoint of cleanliness and appearance, and the AAP Task push back (1999) cites evidence that circumcised adult men have more varied sexual practice and less sexual dysfunction. B. Pain is effectively controlled by

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Love at first sight Essay Example for Free

Love at commencement exercise sight EssayAdolf Hitler was a genuinely famous person that was in the Holocaust. He was a very cruel person who thought that everyone who wasnt a splendid blooded German was lower than him and filthy. He raise a lot of people through misery and pain. He didnt level off drive in if the people he was killing could be nice and pleasant. All he cared about was that they werent pure blooded Germans. Adolf Hitler was born on the 20th of April, 1889, in a town named Braunau an inn, Austria. He was baptised Catholic and his dream was to become a priest and to peruse art school.He came from a divorced family, his mystify died in 1903. Hitlers mother died when he was 18 years old, 1907. Hitlers grandpa is believed to be Judaic and while in Vienna he had devil close Judaic fiends. Hitler also served in ball War 1. When Hitler was a child he was brutally ab utilise by his father and lost 3 of his siblings when he was a young boy, 2 from diphtheria a nd one during child birth. This must make believe been very traumatic and hard for a young boy to grasp. His mother and father were divorced and his father has 2 marriages aft(prenominal) his mother.Hitler had only been 14 when his father died of pleural haemorrhage. He soon after his fathers final stage left school due to him suffering from lung infections. Hitler had a hard and traumatic childhood and when he turn 18 his mother died from terminal breast cancer while being treated by a Jewish doctor. It is believed that Hitlers grandfather was Jewish and after his mothers death he became certain for what he wanted to become and moved to Vienna to become an artist, after years before being rejected. Hitler met two Jewish men and became close friends with them.This is why umteen of Hitlers generation and the generations there after dont understand why he turned against the Jewish, could it be psychological issues within his mind and thoughts after having such a rough childhood ? What could have been the main reason for Hitler to turn against Jews in particular? Hitler began increase hatred for, not the Jewish in particular but rather against the cruel world that he lived in. There are many that believe this statement is not true because they believe Hitler grew smoldering after his mothers death, because it was a Jewish doctor, Dr.Edward Bloch who put her with excruciatingly painful as nearly as expensive treatments and surgery, and yet she still died. As well as his hidden shame for his grandfather being Jewish. Others believe that he was angry at his father for the abuse, pain and suffering he put him trough and wanted to get back at the world in his own twisted way. What could have been the reason for somebody to act so mentally ill, that theyd want to exterminate an entire run for? I believe that Hitler was not only physically unfit but mentally too that he whitethorn have lost his mind.There are theories that Hitler turned against the Jewish popu lation because its believed they killed the Nazarene Christ and he was a Christian. When Hitler was 18 he moved to Vienna to peruse his passion for sightly an artist, he lived a very poor spirit living off of hid fathers small inheritance and an orphans pension. He became penniless and soon was homeless he slept in a different bit every night. It is during this time that people believe he became prejudiced about Jewish people, developing his ease for politics, and forming his debating skills.Adolf Hitler, two of his closest friends at this time were Jewish. He also admired Jewish art dealers and Jewish operatic performers and producers. However, Vienna was a centre of anti-Semitism, and the portrayal of Jews as scapegoats (the people who bear the blame) with stereotyped attributes (something that psyche said that was not true about them but people believed) fascinated Hitler. What could mentally have been awry(p) with Hitlers mind that hed turn so violently against his own fa mily and friends?In may of 1913 Hitler left Vienna and went to Munich, which is the capital of Bavaria, to avoid military services. In January the police came to him with a notice from the Austrian government. It threatened a year in prison and a fine if he was found censurable of leaving his native land with the intent of avoiding conscription (enrolling for the military). Hitler was arrested right whence and taken to the Austrian Consulate. When he reported to Salzburg for duty, he was found unfit too weak and unable to bear arms.Hitler served in human beingsity War I. He was enlisted in the Bavarian army. After less than two months of training Hitlers command saw its startle combat near Ypres, against the British and Belgians. Hitler about died that day and many others. He was awarded two Iron Crosses for bravery. In October of 1916 he was wounded by an enemy shell and moved to a Berlin land hospital. After recovering, and serving four years in the service, he was tempor arily blinded by a mustard gas attack in Belgium in October 1918.Communist revolts shook Germany while Hitler was recovering. Some Jews were leaders of these revolutions and this was part of Hitlers hatred for Jewish people. Could Hitlers recovery stage have been the time that he started to plot plans to exterminate the Jews, it may be possible that when he was injured and had to recover that he may have become mentally ill. It is also possible that he blames the Jews for becoming injured in the first place and this may have been the last straw for him.It is impossible to know what was running through Hitlers mind but its more thence certain that for one human to hate and despise a race so much to want to demolish them is not human nature, it is not normal for a human to have any thoughts, plots or motivation towards exterminating one person let alone almost a billion people. There are many theories that Hitler was an ill man and wanted more then to exterminate a race but exterminat e a nation for his own personal gain, even though this is possible to know there are still theories and accusations and this makes knowing the truth difficult.Hitlers monocracy began in 1933, when he joined and created the Nazi party. His leadership, many believe, do him more power hungry then ever, and made him more mentally ill then before. Hitler died in 1945, after committing suicide. There are theories that he couldnt handle his life anymore and wanted an easy way out, others believe it was his childhood that made him mentally ill and traumatised, and others think it was the guilt of killing millions of people for no reason. What could drive a human to taking their own life? Now you see that Hitlers life was very sad, like many others at that time.The way he was treated when he was young, his family life, might have affected the way he turned out to be an adult. Which is why many believe he was a strong and remorseless dictator due to his childhood, but this is still not a g ood enough reason, in my eyes, for someone to commit mass murder and attempt exterminating a race. Hitler was humanly unstable and was not fit to arrange or run a country which led to his genocide of the Jews and suicide. Bibliography www. google. com =to find out the following websites and education. www. historypics. com = was apply to find childhood pictures of Hitler and adult pictures.www. historyresearch. co. za = this was apply to find information about Hitlers childhood and life experiences. www. wikipedia. com = Also used to find out more information about his childhood and to see if the information found on the other websites was similar. www. brainyquotes. co. za = Used to find a quote to support the theories and feelings about Hitler. www. ispsuk. org = was used to find out how people can be mentally ill and where it could have began. www. webmd. com = Also used to find out about mentally illness and what it means to become mentally ill.

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IKEA Essay Example for Free

IKEA EssayIKEA, the Swedish retailer, is known for its good-quality, inexpensive harvest-feasts, which ar typically sold at determines 3050% below those of its competitors. While the monetary value of products from other companies continues to rise over time, IKEAs retail prices provoke been reduced by a total of 20% over the last four years. At IKEA, the affect of cost reduction starts at product conception and continues throughout the surgical operation of design, sourcing of materials and components, production, and distribution. For example, the Bang mug has been redesigned galore(postnominal) times to realize postping cost savings. Originally, 864 mugs would fit into a palette. After redesign a pallet held 1,280 mugs, and with a further redesign 2,024 mugs could be squeezed into a pallet, reducing conveyance cost by 60%.IKEA strives to deliver the right number of goods to the right stores at the right time to make sure that the deliveries are efficient. IKEAs mant ra in ecstasy has al modes been the same stating We dont want to pay to ship air. IKEAs products are shipped in flat tire boxes by not only reducing shipping for IKEA, but making it easier for customers to be able to slip it in the cargo hatch of a charge wagon.New Product ProcessProduct Price The process of developing a new product at IKEA starts with a team of designers, product developer and purchasers who get together to discuss design, materials, suppliers and pricing. Everyone contributes and purchasers use their contacts with suppliers all over the world to find who can make this product at best quality for the right price at the right time.Manufacturer IKEAs products are often developed in close cooperation with suppliers. IKEA has introduced a code of conduct governing working conditions and environmental awareness among suppliers. This deals with matters of health and safety at workplace that forbids use of child labor. IKEA implements quality control with external aud its who check IKEA and external suppliers. The manufacturer is chosen found on several factors and kinds of materials used for the product.Design The team works with existing pool of manufacturers and suppliers with a price point to identify the best designer and select a design for production. This is a continuous process that involves designer submitting a brief about the products price, its function, materials used and fabricators capabilities. This design is reviewed by IKEAS staff designers and freelances until the design is refined to be the best.Shipping IKEA has pioneered the concept of flat. This flat package enables IKEA to lower shipping costs by maximizing the use of space inside shipping containers. There is no storage waste. The companion has estimated that if the products are assembled and shipped, then the transport volume would be vi times its original. IKEA has created a global network of distribution centers, most of which are near container ports and major(ip) truck and rail routes for efficient distribution.Sales IKEA designs its stores a kind of theme park traversing as a furniture outlet. The layout of an IKEA store guides shoppers through a predetermined path of several model homes. Customers can pattern in, try it out. The emphasis is always on low priced products with yellow price tag. The IKEA centers have day vexation as well as dine in options. The biggest selling point is on price tag. supererogatory Features Value for Customer IKEA contributes to adding value to the customer includes its relationship with suppliers, distribution and logistics, and customer service in their stores. IKEA keeps costs low and offers good quality products. IKEA tries to reduce their prices every year. Going green is the mantra adopted by the company along with ethics which believe in no child labor. The logistics and the way their products are packed to the way they are stored is remarkable. Providing an on-site day care and a caf makes the sho pping experience good for children and their parents, to the way they break their products. The products are packed in such a way that customers can load them in the cars or u-hauls and transport them to their homes or offices. A customer is satisfied after viewing the product they have assembled.

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Activity Based Costs Implementation for a Not-for-Profit Essay Example for Free

employment Based Costs Implementation for a Not-for-Profit EssayThe author was tasked with setting up an activity base be ( rudiment) system for a not-for-profit organization. The first thing done by the author was to use the profits to research the use of first principle systems for non-profits. The result was the conclusion by the author that QuickBooks class gas could be used to track expenses, revenues and balance sheet cost for the implementing first principle. Income, Revenue and Balance Sheet reports are then(prenominal) prepared by class to see the result.Once the decision was made to use the class feature of QuickBooks, the author determined that the ABC system should accumulate costs into activity cost pools designed to moderate to the non-profit organizations major activities or business processes. The author determined that the costs in each pool would be largely caused by a single factor the cost driver. In activity based costing (ABC), an activity cost driv er is something that drives the cost of a particular activity. A factory, for example, may have rail machinery as an activity.The activity cost driver associated with running the machinery could be machine operating hours, which would drive the costs of labor, maintenance and power consumption of running the machinery activity. From his research, the author found there are currently no comprehensive manuals to provide off-the-shelf instructions on how to install an ABC system in an organization. for each one set of programs and activities, as well as each type of cost, presents different issues and problems.The author anticipated that many of the allocation issues faced by a not-for-profit would be similar to those faced by industry implementing an ABC system. On the other hand, the author determined that flexibility is the essence when implementing an ABC system in a not-for-profit organization. The purpose of ABC should be to provide decision-useful information, not to develop a pure measure of costs. ABC can provide interesting insights into the costs of programs and activities. ABC may highlight changes that have taken come on gradually over time of which the manager may not be aware.The rational for using ABC is to allocate indirect costs to goods or services based, not simply on what is convenient, such as direct labor, but on the factors by which they are most influenced. Costs of support services should be allocated on the basis of the factors that most directly affect their magnitude. As demand for increased accountability becomes more intense for an organization, such organization must demonstrate that the benefits of the programs and activities in which they engage are commensurate with their costs. Accordingly, not-for-profit organizations charter accounting systems that properly measure and report these costs.

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Why School Is Important Essay Example for Free

Why tame Is meaning(a) EssayI believe everybody should have a undecomposed start in their life. Having a good education is a great path to success. School provides knowledge, friendship, and intelligence. Education provides everyday skills, learning, and more. Several people in the world cannot afford for their kids to attend school, so its important to learn to read, write and communicate. The people that have the mishap to attend school should work baffling to get far in life. You must work hard to attend high schools, universities and colleges. Education provides fundamental skills that are subscribed for most line of reasonings. Now-a-days finding a job in todays world is becoming difficult each and everyday. Most of the worlds top jobs require advanced knowledge and intelligence. You can work as a top employee by attending school. School is very important because you earn education.Education is a key that has the ability to open many doors. For lawsuit math is impor tant because math teaches knowledge and ways to solve problems. Students master these skills by watching, listening, reading, and writing. When you learn freshly things, you develop an understanding mind and knowledge. There are several ways to develop a unspecific knowledge one way is paying perplexity to the instructor. Teachers feel happy and satisfied when the students pay attention and behave. It is good when your teacher thinks youre valuable and important. When you misbehave, you lose the teachers trust and respect. By doing your homework and assigned items you result earn good grades. Also, by behaving and being a good student your teacher will desire you for doing well in their class.

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External Analysis of the Telecommunication Industry Essay Example for Free

External Analysis of the Telecommunication industriousness EssayEconomic Market analysis by Insight Research predicts that tele communication theory- perseverance tax revenue provide obtain $1.2 trillion by the end of next year, and grow by a compounded rate of 5.9 percent to $1.6 trillion by 2010. Telecommunication remains an important part of the world economy and the telecommunicationmunicationmunication industrys revenue has been daubd at just under 3% of the gross world product. Mobile phones have had a significant impact on promise networks. Mobile phone subscriptions now outnumber touch on-line subscriptions in many markets. Sales of mobile phones in 2005 totaled 816. 6 million with that figure be almost equally luckd amongst the markets of Asia/Pacific (204 m), Western Europe (164 m), CEMEA (Central Europe, the Middle East and Africa) (153.5 m), North the States (148 m) and Latin America (102 m) In terms of new subscriptions over the five years from 1999, Af rica has outpaced other markets with 58.2% growth Size matters in telecom. It is an expensive business contenders need to be large enough and produce sufficient cash attend to absorb the termss of expanding networks and benefits that become obsolete seemingly overnight. Transmission systems need to be replaced as frequently as every two years. Big companies that own extensive networks curiously local networks that misdirect directly into customers homes and businesses be slight reliant on inter subsumeing with other companies to get calls and data to their final destinations. By contrast, smaller players essential(prenominal) pay for interconnect more(prenominal) often to finish the job. For little operators hoping to grow gigantic some day, the financial challenges of keeping up with speedy technological change and depreciation can be monumental. During the previous(a) 1990s, the telecommunications industry experienced very rapid growth and massive investment in tr ansmittance capacitor. Eventually this ca make use of supply to significantly exceed demand, departing in much lower prices for transmission capacity. The excess capacity and additional competition led to either declining revenues or slowing revenue growth, which has led to consolidation in spite of appearance the industry, as many companies merged or left the industry.Socio-Cultural Telecommunication is an important part of many advance(a) societies. Good telecommunication infrastructure is widely acknowledged as important for sparing success in the modern world on micro- and macroeconomic scale. On the microeconomic scale, companies have utilize telecommunication to encourage build global empires, this is self-evident in the business of online retailer Amazon.com but even the conventional retailer Wal-Mart has benefited from superior telecommunication infrastructure comp atomic number 18d to its competitors. In modern Western society, home owners often use their call in t o organize many home services ranging from pizza deliveries to electricians. Even relatively poor communities have been renowned to use telecommunication to their advantage. In Bangladeshs Narshingdi district, isolated villagers use cell phones to speak directly to wholesalers and arrange a better price for their goods. In Cote dIvoire coffee berry growers sh be mobile phones to follow hourly variations in coffee prices and sell at the best price. On the macroeconomic scale, in 2001, Lars-Hendrik Rller and Leonard Waverman suggested a causal tie in between good telecommunication infrastructure and economic growth. Few dispute the existence of a correlativity although some argue it is wrong to view the relationship as causal. However from any perspective the economic benefits of good telecommunication infrastructure are undeniable and, for this reason, there is increasing worry about the digital divide.A 2003 survey by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) revealed tha t roughly one-third of countries have little than 1 mobile subscription for every 20 people and one-third of countries have less than 1 fixed line subscription for every 20 people. In terms of net profit access, roughly half of countries have less than 1 in 20 people with lucre access. The September 11 attack reinforces the need for robust, incorporated networks that have a gamy prob competency of survival in the event of natural or unreal disaster. That argues for a consolidated base of carriers operating with agreed-upon disaster protocols Technological The largest sector of the telecommunications industry continues to be make up of wired telecommunications carriers. Establishments in this sector mainly provide shout out service via wires and cables that connect customers set forth to central offices maintained by telecommunications companies. The central offices contain switching equipment that routes essence to its final destination or to a nonher switching center that determines the most efficient route for the content to take. While part used to be the main type of data transmittable over the wires, wired telecommunications service now includes the transmission of all types of graphic, video, and electronic data mainly over the Internet. These new services have been made manageable through the use of digital technologies that provide much more efficient use of the telecommunications networks. nonpareil study technology breaks digital signals into packets during transmission. Networks of computerized switching equipment, called packet switched networks, route the packets. Packets may take separate paths to their destination and may share the paths with packets from other users. At the destination, the packets are reassembled, and the transmission is complete. Because packet switching considers alternate routes, and allows multiple transmissions to share the same route, it results in a more efficient use of telecommunications capacity as pa ckets are routed along less congested routes. One way wired carriers are expanding their bandwidth is by replacing pig bed wires with grapheme optic cable. Fiber optic cable, which transmits light signals along glass strands, permits immediate, higher capacity transmissions than traditional copper wire lines. In some areas, carriers are extending character reference optic cable to residential customers, enabling them to tenderise cable television, video-on-demand, fast Internet, and conventional telephone communications over a single line.However, the high cost of extending fiber to homes has slowed deployment. In most areas, wired carriers are alternatively leveraging existing copper lines that connect most residential customers with a central office, to provide digital subscriber lines (DSL) Internet service. Technologies in developing will further boost the speeds available through a DSL connection. Wireless telecommunications carriers, many of which are subsidiaries of the wired carriers, transmit voice, graphics, data, and Internet access through the transmission of signals over networks of radio towers. The signal is transmitted through an antenna into the wire line network. Other radio set services include beeper and page number services. Because wireless devices take no wire line connection, they are popular with customers who need to communicate as they travel residents of areas with inadequate wire line service, and those who simply desire the convenience of portable communications. Increasing poetry of consumers are choosing to replace their home landlines with wireless phones. Wireless telecommunications carriers are deploying several new technologies to allow faster data transmission and better Internet access that should make them competitive with wire line carriers. One technology is called third extension (3G) wireless access. With this technology, wireless carriers plan to sell music, videos, and other exclusive content that can be downloaded and played on phones designed for 3G technologies. Wireless carriers are developing the next generation of technologies that will surpass 3G with even faster data transmission. Another technology is called fixed wireless service, which involves connecting the telephone and/or Internet wiring system in a home or business to an antenna, instead of a telephone line. The replacement of landlines with cellular service should become increasingly common because advances in wireless systems will provide data transmission speeds comparable to broadband landline systems. Changes in technology and normal now allow cable television providers to compete directly with telephone companies. An important change has been the rapid increase in two-way communications capacity. Conventional pay television services provided communications whole from the distributor to the customer. These services could not provide effective communications from the customer back to other points in the syst em, due to signal interference and the limited capacity of conventional cable systems. As cable operators apparatus new technologies to reduce signal interference and increase the capacity of their distribution systems by installing fiber optic cables and improved data compression, some pay television systems now offer two-way telecommunications services, much(prenominal) as video-on-demand and high-speed Internet access. billet companies are as well as increasing their share of the telephone communications market both(prenominal) through their network of conventional phone lines in some areas and their growing ability to use high-speed Internet access to provide VoIP (voice over Internet protocol). VoIP is sometimes called Internet telephony, because it uses the Internet to transmit phone calls. While conventional phone networks use packet switching to break up a call onto multiple shared lines between central offices, VoIP extends this process to the phone.A VoIP phone will b reak the conversation into digital packets and transmit those packets over a high-speed Internet connection. Cable companies are using the technology to offer phone services without building a conventional phone network. Wireline providers high-speed Internet connections also can be used for VoIP and cellular phones are being developed that use VoIP to make calls using local wireless Internet connections. All of the major sectors of the telecommunications industry are or will increasingly use VoIP.Demographic The telecommunications industry offers steady, year-round employment. Overtime sometimes is required, especially during emergencies such as floods or hurricanes when employees may need to report to work with little notice. Installation, maintenance, and repair occupations account for 1 in 4 telecommunications jobs. Telecommunications line installers and repairers, one of the largest occupations, work in a variety of places, both in spite of appearance and outdoors, and in al l kinds of weather. Their work involves lifting, climbing, reaching, stooping, crouching, and crawling. They must work in high places such as rooftops and telephone poles, or below ground when working with buried lines. Their jobs bring them into proximity with electrical wires and circuits, so they must take precautions to avoid shocks. These workers must wear rubber eraser equipment when entering manholes, and test for the presence of gas beforehand going underground.Telecommunications equipment installers and repairers, except line installers, generally work indoorsmost often in a telecommunication companys central office or a customers place of business. They may have to stand for long periods climb ladders and do some reaching, stooping, and light lifting. Adherence to safety precautions is essential to guard against work injuries such as minor burns and electrical shock. Most communications equipment operators, such as telephone operators, work at video display terminals in pleasant, well-lighted, air-conditioned surroundings. If the work site is not well designed, however, operators may experience eye strain and back discomfort. The rapid pace of the job and tightfitting supervision may cause stress. Some workplaces have introduced innovative practices among their operators to reduce job-related stress. The number of disabling injuries in telephone communications, the principal sector of the telecommunications industry, has been well below the average for all industries in past years. The telecommunications industry offers employment in jobs requiring a variety of skills and training. Many jobs require at least a high school diploma or an associate degree in addition to on-the-job training. Other jobs require particular skills that may take several years of experience to learn completely. For some managerial and passkey jobs, employers require a college education. Due to the rapid introduction of new technologies and services, the telecommunicati ons industry is among the most rapidly changing in the economy.This means workers must keep their job skills up to date. From managers to communications equipment operators, increased knowledge of both computer hardware and software is of paramount importance. Several major companies and the telecommunications unions have created a Web site that provides free training for employees, enabling them to keep their knowledge current and helping them to advance. Telecommunications industry employers now flavor for workers with knowledge of and skills in computer programming and software design voice telephone technology, known as telephony laser and fiber optic technology wireless technology and data compression.Political/ legitimate Telecommunications Act Enacted by the U.S. Congress on February 1, 1996, and signed into law by President Bill Clinton in 1996, the laws main purpose was to stimulate competition in the United States telecom sector. FCC controls the wireless spectrum alloc ations among the various broadcasters and service providers. This allocation is through a competitive auction at high cost to service providers, which result in an increase of debt burden of these companies, eventually trickling down to consumers. FCC as a watchdog regulates that there be no monopoly of a single playerin the telecom market. Mergers and consolidation among companies is closely watched and evaluated before being allowedPorters 5 Forces Analysis1. Threat of New Entrants No surprise, in the capital-intensive telecom industry the riskygest barrier-to-entry is access to finance. To cover charge high fixed costs, serious contenders typically require a lot of cash. When capital markets are generous, the little terror of competitive entrants escalates. When financing opportunities are less readily available, the pace of entry slows. Meanwhile, ownership of a telecom license can represent a huge barrier to entry. In the US, for instance, fledgling telecom operators must still apply to the Federal Communications Commission to receive regulatory approval and licensing. There is also a finite amount of good radio spectrum that lends itself to mobile voice and data applications. In addition, it is important to remember that solid operating skills and management experience is fairly scarce, making entry even more difficult.2. Power of Suppliers At first glance, it might look like telecom equipment suppliers have considerable negotiate power over telecom operators. Indeed, without high-tech broadband switching equipment, fiber-optic cables, mobile handsets and billing software, telecom operators would not be able to do the job of transmitting voice and data from place to place. barely there are actually a large number of large equipment makers around. Nortel, Lucent, Cisco, Nokia, Alcatel, Ericsson, Tellabs are just a few of the supplier names. There are enough vendors, arguably, to dilute bargaining power. The limited pool of ingenious managers and engineers, especially those well versed in the latest technologies, places companies in a weak position in terms of hiring and salaries.3. Power of Buyers With increased choice of telecom products and services, the bargaining power of buyers is rising. Lets face it telephone and data services do not much vary regardless of which companies are selling them. For the most part, prefatory services are treated as a commodity. This translates into customers seeking low prices from companies that offer reliable service. At the same time, buyer power can vary somewhat among market segments. Customers can be as small as individual residential users like you or me, or be as big as an ISP like America Online or a large university. While switching costs are relatively low for residential telecom customers, they can get higher for larger business customers, especially those that rely more on customized products and services.4. Availability of Substitutes Products and services from non-traditi onal telecom industries pose serious substitution threats. Cable TV and satellite operators now compete for buyers. The cable guys, with their own direct lines into homes, offer broadband Internet services, and satellite links can substitute for high-speed business networking needs. Railways and energy utility companies are lay miles of high-capacity telecom network alongside their own track and pipeline assets. Just as worrying for telecom operators is the Internet it is becoming a viable vehicle for cut-rate voice calls. Delivered by ISPs not telecom operators Internet telephony could take a big bite out of telecom companies core voice revenues.5. Competitive Rivalry Competition is cut throat. The wave of industry de-regulation together with the receptive capital markets of the late 1990s paved the way for a rush of new entrants. New technology is prompting a raft of substitute services. Nearly everybody already pays for phone services, so all competitors now must provoke cus tomers with lower prices and more exciting services. This tends to drive industry profitability down. In addition to low profits, the telecom industry suffers from high exit barriers, mainly due to its specialized equipment. Networks and billing systems cannot really be used for much else, and their swift obsolescence makes liquidation pretty difficult.

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Negative Influence of Social Media Essay Example for Free

Negative modulate of Social Media EssayToday, Mass Media is notoriously know to project a negatively charged run on teens and guild. It manipulates several aspects of our lives including, but not limited to, the choices we disembowel about our over totally physical appearance, how we perceive beauty, healthy decisions we make regarding medicine and alcoholic beverageic beverage use, engaging in prenuptial sex, and our peer and social interactions. We emulate what the media portrays as acceptable and desirable, though it goes against the norms and values put out from society. As we mature, our goals and values seem to change as we break from the traditional values and connect with those visualised as cool and current, through the media and pop culture. During adolescence, i much struggles with choosing in the midst of what is right from wrong and the media often accentuates the lives of celebrities. Young children be known to emulate their role models, unconscious of the consequences that may result in their actions. The media has been proved to be detrimental to the health and lifestyle of the youth.The media has a strong impact on the appearance satisfaction of immediatelys youth. Young women are constantly comparing their bodies to the ones seen advertised on television commercials. near 10 million females and 1 million males in the United States are suffering from eating disorders much(prenominal) as anorexia, bulimia, etc. After seeing these beautiful and flawless models on billboards and advertisements, many women are unhappy with their personal body images.This is known to be a main contributor to eating disorders around the world. Thus, the media has the center to change ones mental set up. Beauty and Body Image in the Media is an condition that explains the negative run the media has on young women and how they view themselves. Images of female bodies are seen in films, TV, magazines, ads, etc. These models are engraving the c orrect body image into the minds of the youth. Womens magazines are full of ads influencing women that if they lose weight theyll have it all. Researchers have ascertained that these images of thin and airbrushed models are associated with depression, loss of self-esteem, and the development of harmful eating habits.Its been suggested that almost half of all preadolescent girls are dissatisfied with their appearances and either diet or think about dieting. Further, 50 to 70 percent of average weight girls feel that theyre overweight and 90 percent of women are foil with their body images. These advertisements are not only advertising their products, but theyre also selling an wide way of life. The media promotes tan, fit, and outward physical perfection in men and women. It is not only middle-aged adults who judge cosmetic surgery to alter their appearance.Today, children also downstairsgo cosmetic procedures. In fact, in 2005 it was reported that children under the age of 18 un derwent approximately 333,000 cosmetic procedures. Some included liposuction, breast augmentation, otoplasties (ear pinnings), and rhinoplasties (nose jobs). Teenagers of both genders are nerve-racking to acquire a perfect figure rather than living a healthy lifestyle and appreciating themselves for who they sincerely yours are. The media also has a reputation for promoting unhealthy choices, such as unprotected premarital sex and drug and alcohol use.The media is sending the wrong message to young adults that taking part in these activities is okay. The article, The Medias Influence Undermines Americas Morals, by Tim LaHaye contains numerous subjects of how the media is detrimental to the future of the United States. AIM, Accuracy In Media, and PMRC, Parents Music Resource Center, are organizations that support government regulation of the media. They believe that the media is destroying our culture and altering our values. Moviemakers, producers, and journalists are provoking s exual immorality in our society by explicitly exposing and promoting sexual relationships.The media is even ready glamorizing teen pregnancies in the MTV series, 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom. LaHaye states that, the medias power is seen in its degrading influence not only on the nations morals, but on virtually every subject field of life. Music also plays a huge role in influencing teens toward becoming sexually active and provocative. flutter Music Has a Negative Effect on the Youth, by Rob Lamp is another article which states that escape from medicine is somewhat accountable for the increase in teenage pregnancies.A counselor for big(predicate) teenagers believes that young girls are emulating celebrities. They are buying their albums and dressing like them. Today, 30 percent of all women blowsy their virginity before age sixteen. Violence sexuality has also become popular in music videos and striving lyrics. Rap lyrics are being criticized by child advocate groups such a s the American academy of Pediatrics, for imparting the wrong message to the youth about sex and drugs. Misogamy is a derogatory or tight comment geared towards girls and women and a lot of rap artists tend to include misogamy in their lyrics.TheAPA has determined that todays youth actually spends more time listening to and reading to the lyrics via the Internet to their favorite music than they do watching television. This council urges parents to be vigilant when it comes to knowing what their children are listening to. Lamp also states the kind of electronic music played at raves has been associated with the use of drugs and alcohol. The Robert Wood Johnson foundation backed a report entitle Substance Abuse The Nations Number One Health Problem, which shows juveniles are starting to use drugs and alcohol between the ages of 12 and 13.In fact, by eighth grade 52 percent of adolescents have employ alcohol and 20 percent have used marijuana. This figure jumps to 80 percent use of alcohol and 49 percent use of marijuana by the 12th grade. A research conducted in 1997 showed that in the 200 most popular exposure rentals, alcohol appears almost 93 percent of the time and outlawed drugs appeared roughly 25 percent of the time. Further, of the 1,000 most popular songs, 27 percent were shown to include alcohol or drug references. These numbers have surely risen since 1997.In addition to music videos and song lyrics promoting premarital sex and drug/alcohol use, this form of media is also seen promoting violent behavior among adolescent teens. Robert Lamp also believes that sour metal and rap have been associated with reckless behavior and below-average academic performance heavy metal and rock music have also been associated with an increasing risk of suicide, depression, delinquency risk behavior, smoking, and conduct problems (Neale 1). In new years, lyrics are becoming more vulgar and inappropriate.The strength heard in rock music instigates adolescents to sacrifice violent crimes. In Northport NY, a seventeen-year-old boy was slaughtered the names of Ozzy Osbourne and his former band members were spray painted at the crime scene, along with many satanic symbols. Doctor Guttman, a Professor of Psychiatry at north University states that, Rock has so often been involved in these things (violence, teen suicide, etc. ) many of us in psychiatry have had to take it more seriously. 45 percent of about 1,200 rock music videos supervise were viewed as explicitly violent.Video games and movies also play a prominent role in promoting violence among youth. The article Most Teens Play Violent Video Games, by Ben Berkowitz and published in the Washington Post, states that 70 percent of American teenage boys have played the violent, but popular Grand Theft automobile video game, and they are more likely to have been in a fight than those who have not played. It is clear that the violence depicted through these games are mimicked by youth w ho have difficulty distinguishing between fantasy and what is appropriate and acceptable in a realistic environment.Tim LaHaye gives a real life example of how the media affects certain people. In San Diego, a High School honor student watched An ABC horror movie on the life of Lizzy Borden, an infamous axe murderer in the 1890s. After viewing this film, he resolute to murder his mother, father, and sister. These examples illustrate how juvenile violence is promoted through music, video games, and movies. We live in a society that depends greatly on the media to impart information, allow for communication, and provide entertainment on a regular tooshie throughout our daily lives.It is vital that we are attentive and vigilant in deciding what our youth should be allowed to view and listen to, as we know there is a direct connection between what one consumes and what one in turn values, how one behaves and how one interacts in society. Too much exposure to the negative aspects of th e media can be detrimental to ones mental, emotional and physical health. The media influences how we perceive beauty, the healthful decisions we make, and how we interact socially. The negative media is harmfully transforming our ethical values of life and our outlook on society.

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D. Forecast for Next 12-18 months Essay Example for Free

D. Forecast for following 12-18 months EssayThe world economic watch is bright. World GDP growth is forecast to median(a) moderately more than 4 perpenny per annum during 2006-2007. Asia go forth continue to act as the primary engine of world-wide growth, though activity allow for also be supported by continued U. S. economic expanding upon of almost 3 percent annually. chinaware will continue to register robust growth of slenderly more than 9 percent per annum, and output will continue to increase rapidly also in India. Japan also appears to be entering a longer phase of stable growth. The positive global environment will be reinforced by the Euro Area, where economic growth is forecast to accelerate in response to a recovery in domestic demand (The Research Institute of the Finnish Economy). The theme Institute of Economic and Social Research has recently released a set of forecasts regarding the state of world miserliness in 2007. Below be listed some of the key p oints spherical growth will quicken to 5. 1 per cent this year falling back only a bit in 2007 to a thus far rapid 4. 7 per cent.Inflationary pressures are rising, in the first place owing to higher oil prices, moreover the encounter of rising oil prices on inflation and output is now more muted than in the past. Global imbalances remain marked and the dollar bill may have to fall by a further 30 per cent in order to halve the US occurrent-account deficit. The US economy will grow by over 3 per cent a year in both 2006 and 2007, but inflationary pressures are mounting. The Japanese economic recovery has become self-sustaining and GDP will leaven by 3. 1 per cent in 2006 and by 2. 6 per cent in 2007.The Euro Area will expand by around 2 per cent a year in both 2006 and 2007, and consumer price inflation will average about 2. 5 per cent in both years. The NIESR report goes on to elaborate upon the aforesaid(prenominal) points Advanced countries in the OECD bloc are participat ing in the upswing but the main reason for the current period of exceptionally strong global growth is the long boom in China. In 2005, China represented 15. 4 per cent of global GDP on a purchasing-power parity basis, up from 3. 4 per cent in 1980. Global inflation is rising in response to higher oil prices, but much less so than in the past.New estimates suggest that a $10 permanent rise in oil prices will add 0. 2 to 0. 4 section points to inflation in the united States in the four years to 2009, with a somewhat smaller impact in the Euro Area, and a button up smaller effect in the UK. The global upswing continues to be accompanied by major imbalances, notably the case of the US current account deficit, which widened by 4. 5 percentage points of GDP between 1997 and 2005. Since this deterioration has mainly financed increased consumer spending rather than productive investment, financial markets may conclude that the deficit is not sustainable.It is estimated that the dollars value against a basket of currencies needs to fall by a further 30 per cent in order to reduce the current account deficit by 3 percentage points of GDP. The US economy will grow by 3. 6 per cent in 2006 and by 3. 1 per cent in 2007. The economy continues to be driven mainly by consumption, which will increase by 3. 3 per cent in 2006 and by 2. 9 per cent in 2007. Housing investment is laxation but business investment, stimulated by high corporate profits, will buoy growth this year and next.Inflation is picking up and the private consumption deflator will rise by 3. 0 per cent in 2006 and by 3. 3 per cent in 2007. There now appears little doubt that the Japanese recovery from the bleak period of deflation and stagnation has become self-sustaining. The economy grew by 3. 5 per cent in the year to the first quarter of 2006 . Business investment is expanding strongly and consumer spending is expected to grow by 1. 9 per cent a year in 2006 and 2007. Average earnings, which had been f alling earlier in the decade, will grow by 0.8 per cent in 2006 and by 2. 8 per cent in 2007. The outlook for the Euro Area is for higher inflation despite a fairly modest recovery. Consumer prices will rise by 2. 6 per cent in 2006 compared with 2. 2 per cent in 2005. Tighter monetary conditions together with measures in Germany to trend the budget deficit will hold back growth in consumption and GDP in the Euro Area. Consumer spending will also be restrained by sluggish growth in average earnings as the corporate sector manages to retain its increased profitability (Barrell et al, 8-31).

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Jail and Prison Comparison Paper Essay Example for Free

Jail and prison house house Comparison Paper EssayJail is usually the first displace a person is taken after being arrested by police officers. The authority of states to build, operate, and fill jails can be found in the Tenth Amendment, which has been construed to grant to states the power to pass their own laws to pre advert the safety, health, and welfare of their communities. Jail is to protect the populace and citizens of county by providing a wide range of constructive, professional correctional services for pre-trial and convicted detainees. Jail is also arrest the safety and welfare of staff, visitors, and wrongdoers by operating facilities and programs in a secure, humane environment which meets professional and standards and constitutive(a) requirements. It reduces the rate to reincarce dimensionn by providing offenders with the opportunity for self improvement and the inner resources necessary to make a prospering adjustment within the community. An act of 179 0 brought about sweeping reforms in the prison and authorized a penitentiary house with 16 cells to be built in the yard of the jail to carry out lonesome(a) confinement with labor for hardened atrocious offenders. Jails are authorise by the county of a state and serve as locally-operated holding places, usually for brief periods of incarceration or as a detention place before and during trial and other legal matters. For example, someone convicted of a misdemeanor crime would be jail. In addition, the sentence must be less than a year. Jails are especially for someone being held in custody for trail, or they couldnt afford bail, or they were just arrested will be held in the county jail, not prison.As such, jails are impermanent county residences, and lack m all of the amenities and programs that the large prisons have. Jails are usually run by the sheriff or the local government. According to the Department of Justice, there are approximately 3,600 jails in the joined States. On the hand, prisons are federal or state-run. Prisons are generally much bigger and much more(prenominal) mellowed-security take aims. Inmates convicted of federal felonies usually go to federal prison, and those convicted of state felonies go to state prison.Prisons often have actually elaborate education and vocational training programs, half direction house service, work-release programs, and recreational and entertainment facilities. The original history of the federal prison system started back in the 1890s but it was not until 1930 that president hoover signed a bill establishing a federal prison system that would actually start the grammatical construction of actual federal facilities. The federal system had been relying on the state and local levels of government to house their prisoners.The national Bureau of Prisons was established within the Department of Justice and charged with the management and regulation of all national penal and correctional institutions. T his responsibility covered the administration of the 11 Federal prisons in operation at the time. As time has passed and laws have changed, the Bureaus responsibilities have grown, as has the prison population. At the end of 1930, the agency operated 14 facilities for just over 13,000 confidence tricks. By 1940, the Bureau had grown to 24 facilities with 24,360 bunco games.Except for a few fluctuations, the public figure of inmates did not change significantly between 1940 and 1980, when the population was 24,252, according to Federal Bureau of Prison. However, the number of facilities closely doubled from 24 to 44 as the Bureau gradually moved from operating large facilities airless inmates of many security levels to operating smaller facilities that each confined inmates with similar security needs. The federal prison incarcerated for longer time and associated with White Collar criminals.Some of the crimes that fall under federal crimes are dose dealer, political person, fa lse insurance, bank robbery, and many more. On the other hand, the state prison system has been in existence since the early 1800s with the building of Sing Sing state prison. Sing Sing state prison is one of the oldest state penitentiaries in existence today and is still in use. The state prisons also discover to blue collar criminals. The state prison system is devised of a network of small prisons that hold near of the joined States prison populations.Since the beginning of penitentiaries in each state proceeds has been a rising issue. more states have to provide millions of dollars to their prison systems. Those who commit state or break the state roles, they will automatically be sent to state prison and wait for federal if there is any. Some crimes that can be incarcerated within a state prison such as habitual offender, sex offender, drug user , and other violent crime offender. In the State Prison, there are five security level have been established for correctional fa cilities and inmates are low security, medium security, high security, and maximum security.Inmates have been conditionally released into the community but remain under the supervision of the Department of Corrections. Low security includes Work Farms, burster Camps, Forestry Camps, etc. Basically these are either first time low- take a chance offenders or inmates who have worked themselves up in the system and are possibly on their way out of prison. Being considered low risk, affords the inmate to break away living conditions and a few more freedoms. They have earned the trust of the institution.This is why we believe its imperative to tell your family member to steer clear of any trouble during their incarceration. Minimum security categorize for inmates coming up in their time or those inmates that have committed a less arduous crime. This level of inmate can be trusted and is usually designated as a form of legal guardian or in a trusted work detail. Medium security, 3 inma tes are typical of any placement for someone headed to prison. You must earn the trust from the staff at all levels to work your way up. This level of inmate has some rights and freedoms, but not many.Finally, maximum security is typically in lockdown to the highest degree of their time and are usually the more violent or feared members of the population. To be housed at this level the inmate must have performed an extremely violent crime. There are basically no freedoms unless the Max inmate is housed with other max inmates, and they are only allowed out for one hour per day. This is not always the subject field with every prison, jail or detention facility. Some offer multiple programs and allow limited movement, classes, expand and freedom for all inmates.According to the Department of Justice, there are minimum security, low security, medium security, and high security in the Federal Prison system. Minimum security institution is also known as Federal Prison Camps have dormit ory housing, a relatively low staff-to-inmate ratio, and limited or no perimeter fencing. These institutions are work- and program-oriented and many are located adjacent to larger institutions or on military machine bases, where inmates help serve the labor needs of the larger institution or base. Low ecurity Federal punitory Institutions have double-fenced perimeters, mostly dormitory or cubicle housing, and strong work and program components. The staff-to-inmate ratio in these institutions is higher than in minimum security facilities. Medium security have strengthened perimeters (often double fences with electronic detection systems), mostly cell-type housing, a wide variety of work and treatment programs, an even higher staff-to-inmate ratio than low security FCIs, and even greater internal controls.Finally, High security institutions know as United States Penitentiaries have highly secured perimeters (featuring walls or reinforced fences), multiple- and single-occupant cell h ousing, the highest staff-to-inmate ratio, and close control of inmate movement. Some of the factors influencing the growth in jail are drug offenders sex offenders, violent offenders, increase in time served women offenders. The department of corrections system does four fundamental things.The first three, basic life care for offenders, risk identification and risk management, cover the bases of managing offenders. However, only risk reduction hits a home run to significantly affect offender outcomes and community safety. According to the National Institute of Corrections, appropriate treatment reduces recidivism by 30%. In juvenile years community-based corrections has been trained in and begun implementing evidence-based practices. In recent years community-based corrections has been trained in and begun implementing evidence-based practices.

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The Cool Web Essay Example for Free

The Cool meshwork EssayIn their respective poems, the poets examine lecture and the importance of it in our life and culture. Robert Graves uptakes a metaphor of a meshwork to depict voice communication, one that gives form, structure and release to daily events. The image of language be constructed like a web is reflected in the structure of the poem, in iambic pentameter form. Graves describes in the first stanza how children ar unable through haggling to describe how hot the day is. They are solely dumb and unable to express their discomfort, and in this manner lessen its intensity. The black wastes of the evening sky alludes in any case to the negativity and oppression that daily living inflicts. How dreadful the tall soldiers drumming by reinforces this, suggesting war, reinforcing excessively the mental picture of conflict and negativity.The second stanza turns the poem around, starting with But. Graves explains how we have speech to chill the angry day, to d ash the roses cruel scent. The philosophical proposition of speech as a release, as a poultice or panacea, is amplified through the poets use of repetition.But we have speech, to chill the angry day, And speech, to dull the roses cruel scent.We spell outside the overhanging night,We spell away the soldiers and the fright.The second half of the stanza, on a conspicuous level, describes the craft of a poet. It similarly insinuates language as a form of magic, as if poets are magicians who have power over the instinctive world. The third stanza links directly back to the title of the poem, describing language as a cool web that winds us in. It also carries a warning of withdrawing too much from emotion, joy or fearWe plow sea-green at last and coldly dieIn brininess and volubility.Language is here draw as an Ocean, one that if we immerse ourselves too deeply in, we drown in brininess and volubility. Graves extract of elaborate words demonstrates the power of language.The final sta nza is also a warning, a warning that without words and language to provide rationalisation, form and structure to our thoughts and emotions we shall go mad no doubt and die that way. The poet is ambivalent in his viewpoint, arguing that we need a balance between verbosity and losing self-possession of our tongues, that without the escape language and rhyme offers we are like children, dumb to express ourselves.In Edward doubting Thomas poem, Words, he suggests that eloquence and language are not voluntary. The poem uses enjambment, reflecting the flow of intensity and free thought. Addressing words directly in his poem, he asks for frenzyWill you chooseSometimes (.) Choose me,You English words?Thomas insinuates that words choose the poet or writer, contrasting with Graves opinion (as suggested in his poem The Cool Web) that we have control over our use of language. Thomas compares inspiration coming to the poet as wind, whistling through as if through a go in a wall, or a drain . The imagery of words being weightless and almost transmundane is amplified by their comparison to light as dreams. The reference to words being as precious as poppies can be interpreted perhaps as opium dreams, and corn is the basis of bread. Through these comparisons the poet implies that language and words are a basic need of human culture, as necessary as bread and dreams the allusion to dreams being an escape from reality, and also a source of inspiration. An old cloak implies familiarity.The majority of the second stanza appeals heavily to the senses, development aural imagerySweet as our birdsTo the ear,As the burnet roseIn the heatOf MidsummerThomas also describes the mystery of words and language by comparing them to the races of the nonviable and unborn. The similarities between words and the dead and unborn alludes to the idea that there are poems and books not yet written, the dead implying potentialities not reached and the unborn suggesting poems and inspiration g rowing and developing within poets. The verse describes natural beauty, depicting roses, yew trees, hills, and streams after rain implying that words are also natural beauty.In the third stanza, Thomas alludes to the different dialects of Wiltshire, Kent and Herefordshire, drawing attention to the diversity of the English language. From the names, and the things / No less.The final stanza eulogizes the act of writing a poem, addressing inspiration directly as you again.Let me sometimes trip the light fantastic toeWith you,Or climbOr stand circumstantiallyIn ecstasy,Fixed and freeIn a rhyme,As poets do.Thomas personifies language and inspiration a tactile being, Let me sometimes dance / With you, also reflecting back on his previous description of poetry being dream-like, Or stand perchance in ecstasy. Fixed and free describes the rigid backbone of a poem, the technical structure and form, but also the freedom the language gives it.