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The Era Of The Common Man - 1011 Words

The Jacksonian period has been regarded as the era of the â€Å"common man†, this characterization only holds true in regard to politics. Jackson’s action in economic development was little different from when this era began. His view towards reforms were threatening and unwanting. Jackson was relentless in his strive for presidency. Jackson lost his first presidential run to John Quincy Adams in 1824 despite having the popular and electoral votes. The Jacksonians (supporters of Jackson) called this event the â€Å"Corrupt Bargain† due to Henry Clay support of Adams after he was out of the race. Jackson won the following election in 1828, after a war of words were exchanged between supporters of Jackson and Adams. The Jacksonians accused Adams of being wasteful with money, while Adams supporters accused Jackson of being a murderer in the war of 1812 and called his wife a bigamist. These accusations got to Rachel and weeks later she passed. Nonetheless, this wa s still a victory for the new Democratic Republicans against the National Republicans. Politically, the age of Jackson was a triumph for the common man since politics were more open. Before Jackson politics were only indulged in by aristocrats and elites; With Jackson it was open to all white male citizens. It has also be noted that before Jackson came into office that there was expansion in voting with Ohio and other new western states. These new constitutions made older states conform to their laws due to the fear of losingShow MoreRelatedThe Era Of The Common Man897 Words   |  4 PagesThe â€Å"era of the common man† did not fully live up to its characterization on the means of economic development and by some democratic reforms such as office appointments. However, the politics aspect of the â€Å"era of the common man† did live up to its expectation by giving the common man a larger voice in politics and also with some other democratic reforms such as popular v ote for presidential elections. The economic development in this time period was severely harmed by Jackson when he went afterRead MoreThe Era Of The Common Man844 Words   |  4 PagesThe era of the common man was a period between, 1824 through 1848, described to be the era of wealth, hope and power. During this period Andrew Jackson s presidency helped United States grow as a nation and live up to the era’s name; through the economic developments, changing politics that benefited the common man, and different reform movements. The Tariff of 1828 commonly known as the â€Å"tariff of abominations† decreased the Southerners economy drastically. The Southerners had to pay for raw materialsRead MoreThe Jacksonian Era Of The Common Man1561 Words   |  7 PagesThe Jacksonian period (1824-1841) is widely recognized as the era of the â€Å"common man†. To an extent, this statement is true due to the numerous political advancements that increased the rights of the â€Å"common man†. However, the political developments alone do not form a full picture of this period. In contrast with the progress in the political sphere, the economic developments during this era oppressed the people as America plunged into the worst financial depression it had seen to that pointRead MoreAndrew Jackson’s ‘Era of the Common Man’ or the ‘Jacksonian Period’ (1824-1845)1100 Words   |  5 PagesAndrew Jackson’s ‘Era of the Common Man’ or the ‘Jacksoni an Period’ (1824-1845) starts at his inauguration, and ends as the Civil War begins. Jackson was the first president that was not born into wealth or education, but instead made his own wealth, and taught himself up to a prime education, a ‘self-made man’, as some may say, this and his military history made him the defining figure of his age. Although, he downplayed his past successes to make him more like the ‘common man’, and appeal to theRead MoreEssay on 1920s Dbq823 Words   |  4 Pagesof revolutionary movements that would shift the everyday lives of American citizens and pave the way to the modern era. A struggle between old ideas of conservatism and new liberal movements surfaced during the â€Å"roaring twenties†. The new movements that began rearing their heads during this time period consisted of liberal political ideas, the advancements of rights for the common man and woman, and reforms to our social culture. One reason that tension was created during this time period was becauseRead MoreJeffersonian Republicanism vs. Jacksonian Democracy1441 Words   |  6 Pagesvery different eras, ranging from 1800-1808 and 1808-1840 respectively, that established two very different political philosophies. Each formed their own system that helped shape the way people think about American government. Liberalism is a political philosophy that goes against the established status quo at the time in order for change, where as a conservative is one which adheres to principles established by that same status quo. The Jeffersonian Republicans image of the common man was one vestedRead MoreInequality : Andrew Jackson Won The Presidential Election950 Words   |  4 Pagesfearless Jackson boasted; ‘a calm dose not suit me† (George Brown Tindall 442). His two terms in office was called the age of the common man. However, the Jacksonian democracy was actually the era of growing economic and social in equality. The growing gap between the wealthy and the poor and open racial behavior are two points that demonstrate how the age of the common man became instead the age of inequality. â€Å"While men of moderate means could sometimes turn an inheritance into a fortune by good managementRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s The Elizabethan Era1548 Words   |  7 PagesAlthough the importance and presence of love in a person’s life over the ages has not changed, the role of love in one’s life has changed drastically in an individual’s personal life, specifically in marriage. During the Elizabethan era, it was â€Å"considered foolish to marry for love† (Ros). Fifteenth century marriage was seen as a means of gaining property, friends, and allies; therefore, marriages among wealthy landowners were more commonly arranged than those among people from lower classes. ManyRead MoreRealism And The Victorian Era859 Words   |  4 Pagesindividuals that are of different blood and social statuses fall in love? The Victorian Era was a time where your social status could be construed as directly correlating to whom said individual could socialize with, marry, or have any ties too. Perhaps maybe there weren’t three individuals that knew this more than the three of Wuthering Heights Edgar Linton, Catherine Earnshaw, and Heathcliff. The Victorian Era had many elements that could be tied to it but the one that will be the center focus forRead MoreThe Reconstruction Era And The Jim Crow Era1525 Words   |  7 PagesThe Reconstruction Era and The Jim Crow Era were both times of Rapid growth in the United States that were characterized by changes not only on the intrapersonal level, but also on the cultural and legislative level. The Reconstruction Era occurred directly after the civil war and spanned twelve years from 1865 to 1877 , while the Jim Crow Era occurred from 1877 to 1954. Some of the common themes of these eras were race relations and t ension between northern states and southern states. The first

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The Lewis and Clark Expedition A Summary - 969 Words

Lewis and Clark Expedition: One of the greatest achievements that contributed to the increase of the size of the United States by double is the Louisiana Purchase. While this accomplishment was started through the initiative of a group of American explorers, it was mainly realized because of the efforts and vision of President Jefferson. Since it increased the geographical size of the country, the Louisiana Purchase was a significant historical event that was realized when Americas population started to grow rapidly and it was a relatively young nation. Following the expedition led by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, this historical event occurred in 1803 after an agreement was ratified between America and France. Actually, this region stretched from the river to the orifice of the Rocky Mountains though with yet to be determined original boundaries. The significance of the Louisiana Purchase is evident in the fact that it currently includes states like Colorado, Montana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Wyoming, South D akota, and Minnesota among others (Stief, n.d.). Historical Context of the Exploration: The Louisiana Purchase was a by-product of Lewis and Clarks expedition that started in 1804 as an exciting journey to examine land, resources, people, and animals. These two individuals were leaders of a group of explorers from the United States who traveled without through the use of horses and boats. The use of horses and boats as means of transport to facilitate theShow MoreRelatedThe Fate Of The Corps1160 Words   |  5 Pages Lewis E. Morris’ novel, The Fate of the Corps: What Became of the Lewis and Clark Explorers after the Expedition, encompasses the events that had preceded Lewis and Clark’s expedition of the American West. Readers of diverse backgrounds have read Morris’ book and have produced reviews for those seeking insight of his book. These reviews vary from those written by and for scholars, and those written for the everyday reader interested in Morris’ book. By reading multiple scholarly reviews of Morris’Read MoreAPush Book Report, Lewis and Clark Among the Indians Essay examples755 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿Introduction: The book I read was Lewis and Clark Among the Indians: By James P. Rhonda. It included a lot of other information that helped me understand Lewis and Clarks view towards the Indians. It introduced me to a new name of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, the Corps of Discovery. This book was written in the 3rd person as a narrative. It was w ritten for the purpose of informing the reader of the Corps of Discovery and its major components, also to help the reader understand the relationshipsRead MoreThe Declaration Of Independence And The Second President Of The United States Of America1656 Words   |  7 Pagescolonists that greatly supported the American independence movement was Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson was soon elected to the Virginia House of Burgesses in 1768 which was being led by Patrick Henry and George Washington. In 1774, Jefferson wrote, A Summary View of the Rights of British America, and it displayed his deep passion and commitment to the cause. Jefferson then attended the Second Continental Congress where the Continental Army was created and George Washington was appointed as Commander-in-ChiefRead MoreApush Chapter 7 Outline Essay4627 Words   |  19 Pages1784, Judith Sargent Murray published an essay defending women’s rights to education, a defense set in terms very different from those u sed by most men. 8. Colleges provided very limited educated focused mainly on classics and theology. Subsection Summary: The patterns of education began with the Republicans’ belief of a public school system to the belief that any race or gender should be allowed an education. B. Medicine and Science 1. The University of Pennsylvania created the first AmericanRead MoreSAT Top 30 Essay Evidence18536 Words   |  75 Pagesthat a lot of students forget to do. Good luck and study hard! P age |5 Amelia Earhart (1897-1937) â€Å"Flying may not be all plain sailing, but the fun of it is worth the price.† â€Å"Courage is the price that Life exacts for granting peace.† Summary: Amelia Earhart was a legendary female aviator (an â€Å"aviatrix†) at the dawn of the heavier-thanair flight era. In the midst of defying death in the new contraptions of the day, she found time to advance women’s rights and set international flightRead MoreEssay on John Trumbull, Thomas Jefferson, and Horace Mann1994 Words   |  8 Pagesimposed the Stamp Act of 1765 to collect taxes from the American colonies. Thomas Jefferson strongly opposed the taxation; he opted to fight against the British with his written words. â€Å"In 1774, Jefferson penned his first major political work, A Summary View of the Rights of British America, which established his reputation as one of the most eloquent advocates of the American cause† (, 2014). Jefferson had soon become a reputable political leader though he was not very vocal; howeverRead MoreAmerican Holidays11778 Words   |  48 Pagespiercings? Pumping [n., thrusting, as in the sexual act]. This has been popularized by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) in referring to objectionable sex scenes. Salvage [v., n., summary execution]. This usage is particularly misleading since salvage means save or secure something for complete loss or destruction. Text [v. texted, texting; to send a text message via a cell phone], as in He texted me last night about his problem soRead MoreProject Mgmt296381 Words   |  1186 PagesOrganization Considerations Project Considerations 77 77 Organizational Culture 79 Summary 16 What Is Organizational Culture? 79 Identifying Cultural Characteristics 82 Chapter 2 Organization Strategy and Project Selection 22 The Strategic Management Process: An Overview 24 Four Activities of the Strategic Management Process 26 Implications of Organizational Culture for Organizing Projects 84 Summary 87 Chapter 4 Defining the Project 100 102 Step 1: Defining the Project ScopeRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 PagesNetworked Organizations 20 †¢ Helping Employees Balance Work–Life Conflicts 21 †¢ Creating a Positive Work Environment 22 †¢ Improving Ethical Behavior 22 Coming Attractions: Developing an OB Model 23 An Overview 23 †¢ Inputs 24 †¢ Processes 25 †¢ Outcomes 25 Summary and Implications for Managers 30 S A L Self-Assessment Library How Much Do I Know About Organizational Behavior? 4 Myth or Science? â€Å"Most Acts of Workplace Bullying Are Men Attacking Women† 12 An Ethical Choice Can You Learn from FailureRead MoreAccounting Information System Chapter 1137115 Words   |  549 Pagessupplier relationships. Outside companies are taking advantage of Tesco’s data to improve their decision-making. When Kimberly-Clark introduced a premium toilet paper, it used Clubcard data to track who purchased it and who continued to purchase it. Further analysis showed that those who bought the toilet paper also were big buyers of skin-care products. This allowed Kimberly-Clark to develop a marketing program that offered free beauty treatments to those who continued to buy the toilet paper. d

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Management and Organizational Behavior Environmental Factors

Questions: 1.Identifying the main issues that Jack should consider and enhance evidence from the case study.2.Explaining how Jack benefits from applying the rational decision-making process for addressing the issues3.Describing the different resources such as valuable, rare that are available to Jack and provide evidence from the case study4.Identifying, explaining and applying organizational strategy frameworks that Jack might be helpful in considering future of Glasshouse Avocados Answers: 1. From the case study, it is evident in understanding the fact that Jack while dealing his father business felt that his father managed their business pretty well (Wood et al., 2016). Jack identified some of the external environmental factors that turn into a threat in the near future. There are several issues that Jack faced while dealing his father business and immediate attention for attainment of future goals and objectives. The first issues relates with cost of production whereby the costs are the expenses that are incurred from the finished products. It is advisable for Jack in understanding the cost of producing an item for getting perfect position analysis of the company (Shah, Anwar Irani, 2016). Product name is avocado where it involves cost of irrigation equipment as well as managing the root of the plants. Jack identified invisible cost and interest from the capital that has been invested by Jacks father. With the increase in competition, it was difficult for Jack in co ntinuing their business in smooth terms with the available resources. Competition means active demand from more than two organizations as the available resources are rare in nature. In actual terms, Jack really enjoys the profits earned by the business as there is not much of competition present in this field of operation. Jack has brilliant networking skills like his father and he too believes in maintaining cordial relationships in handling the situation (Rhoden, 2016). Jack also identifies low sales as there is lack of process whereby sales managers remain unproductive in operations (Page Nilsson, 2016). Crucial attributes should be taken into consideration as it is the backbone of business in achieving higher sales. As far as Glasshouse Avocados is concerned, the cost of production as well as competition resulted in increasing the number of sales for given year. Jack also need for innovation in their products where they will have better understanding of new entrants by putting the ideas for the better performers (Malik, 2014). Natural conditions is other conditions that Glasshouse Avocados should take into consideration as they need clean water and clean air as major part of natural environment. Jack identified the issues of moving in the streamlined business by exploring alternative options. It is recommended to Jack in considering ways for moving towards other options like real state (Kumar Sundareshan, 2015). 2. It is essential for jack in applying rational decision process so that he can solve the above-listed issues identified at first place (Kinicki et al., 2014). It is important to understand the fact that business decisions are highly risky to take as the outcome or consequences will have direct affect in major attributes of business. There are several steps that get involved in the rational decision-making process from the case study such as: The first step is defining the main problem such as lower sales as well as profits. In this step, several issues will be mentioned by Glasshouse Avocados (Gold et al., 2013). This involves dipping revenue and competition by creation of downstream atmosphere as it is considered main issue for Glasshouse Avocados in the recent time. The major reason lies for Glasshouse Avocados is decrease in profits as well as sales due to advanced and nearest competitors for gaining competitive edge. This requires intuitive as well as rational decision-making whereby individual will be keeping an approach for solving a particular problem. The second step will be bringing out the goals of the business such as growing in revenues as well as beating the level of competition (Gelens et al., 2014). In this step, primary goal will be mentioned as it will help in creating maximum economic value such as profit maximization. Glasshouse Avocados believes in regaining their market share as they face lost in sales in the present time. The third step in rational business making decision will be developing various alternative solutions involving concentration on custard apple as well as passion fruit. In this step, two fruits such as custard apple as well as passion fruit will be selected for making decisions as they lead towards sales growth due to other nearest competitors (Frederick, 2014). There is huge opportunity that will be utilized by the company in driving the attention for Glasshouse Avocados. The forth step is the evaluation part where it requires comparing the cost of production within the allocated resources and stipulated time. In this step, Jacks Father, Elias ideas will be evaluated that will have more weightage based on rate of success (Fernando Lawrence, 2014). This takes into consideration the investment that helps in keeping long profits and sales. In this case, both the fruits can be even secondary option for Jack as they will be finding ways for yielding good profits. The fifth step is the selecting the best solution that will be essential for selecting the best option for achieving the target. In this step, all the ideas will be taken into consideration so that best can be selected based on several parameters. Best idea can be evaluated by conducting analysis on their advantages and disadvantages at the downtime period. It is essential for selecting the best options by undertaking rational decision-making process (Abraham, 2013). 3. Resources of an organization can be viewed as the foundation for gaining competitive advantage of a corporation that lies mainly in the implementation of a wide variety of valued tangible as well as intangible resources (Shah, Anwar Irani, 2016). As mentioned in the given case study, Jack has access to different resources that can transform into profitable assets of the firm. According to the case study, Jack possesses a land area of approximately 80 hectares that can be regarded as a valued resource and this can be exploited for carrying out operations of the corporation of essentially Avocados. In addition to this, Jack also has access to different utilities that includes the real estate alternative. Therefore, as the option of real estate is open Jack can decide to undertake the business activity of construction of different residential or else office space for the purpose of selling or else leasing (Wood et al., 2016). The yields from selling or else leasing of these office o r else residential spaces can lead to accessibility to huge amount of funds. In addition to this, both daughter and son of Jack possess expertise as well as business acumen. In addition to this, his children can also comprehend the recent crest as well as troughs of business reasonably. Therefore, the manner in which Jacqui, daughter of Jack analyses different factors of business, business alternatives, feasibility, processes of reduction of costs and at the same time expresses the skills to arrive at good business decisions is very valued for the business of Jack. Further, Elias, son of Jack also possess innovative business ideas for expansion of business with the identical products or else diversification of the existent product line of the business. Therefore, Jack can enter into different new ventures as he is very much conscious about the regional business environment and has good image and reputation in the market. Thus, the good image as well as reputation of the firm can be regarded as an asset of the company of Jack as this asset can help in reaping advantages in the upcoming period (Shah, Anwar Irani, 2016). 4. As rightly indicated by Abraham (2013), the strategic concepts of SWOT analysis can be utilized for the purpose of delivering solution to this particular question. The SWOT analysis calls for the need of analyzing the strength, weakness, opportunity as well as threat of the corporation Glasshouse Avocados. However, there is a strong confidence to have an augmented business circumstances in the upcoming future and Jack can properly utilize the McKinsey 7-S Framework for enhancement of the practices of the business. Particularly, this model helps in analysis of different internal as well external facets and subsequently can be employed in diverse business situations. However, the 7 different elements of the McKinsey model can be categorized into two different groups that are essentially the hard and the soft components (Shah, Anwar Irani, 2016). The different elements of the Mckinsey are hereby mentioned below for detailed analysis: Strategy: Glasshouse avocados have thoughts regarding expansion of particular business line by marketing tube avocados and helping customers to consume avocados effectually. Structure: Glasshouse Avocados have different plans to particularly add on different cultivators of Avocados to decrease the overhead cost of a large number of small sized cultivators in addition to satisfaction of reporting needs at the time of increase in the number of professionals (Wood et al., 2016). Systems: Systems refer to different business processes and the corporation Glasshouse avocados also adhere to the established business processes and uses and aligns the same with the proficient workers. This in turn can help in the process of reduction of the overall cost and augmentation of profit figure of the firm. Shared Values: particularly, from the Errors time, it can be said that the work ethics was very much strong that can essentially help in addition of value of the entire organization. Style: The Company needs to follow the Laissez Faire Style Leadership in order to manage different circumstances in the market. Staff: Staff represents the workforce of the organization. Glasshouse avocados have the need to recruit more number of people as the management of the organization has the plan to expand the entire business line. Skill: The management of Glasshouse avocados has strength to develop business and hire competent individuals to direct the organization (Wood et al., 2016). Reference List Abraham, S. (2013). Relationship between organisational culture and employee engagement: A study. EXCEL International Journal of Multidisciplinary Management Studies, 3(2), 34-44. Fernando, S., Lawrence, S. (2014). A theoretical framework for CSR practices: integrating legitimacy theory, stakeholder theory and institutional theory. Journal of Theoretical Accounting Research, 10(1), 149-178. Frederick, P. R. H. (2014). Organisational Behaviour and its Role in Management of Business. Global Journal of Finance and Management, 6(6), 563-568. Gelens, J., Hofmans, J., Dries, N., Pepermans, R. (2014). Talent management and organisational justice: employee reactions to high potential identification. Human Resource Management Journal, 24(2), 159-175. Gold, J., Holden, R., Iles, P., Stewart, J., Beardwell, J. (2013). Human resource development: Theory and practice. Palgrave Macmillan. Kinicki, A., Williams, B. K., Scott-Ladd, B., Perry, M. (2014). Management: A practical introduction. McGraw-Hill Education Australia. Kumar, S. A., Sundareshan, V. (2015). Organisational Behaviour and Motivation Impact on Employee Performance. ITIHAS-The Journal of Indian Management, 5(4). Malik, M. R. (2014). IMPACT OF POSITIVE ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR ON LEADERSHIP AND HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT. International Journal of Organizational Behaviour Management Perspectives, 3(1), 770. Page, N. C. P., Nilsson, V. O. (2016). Active commuting: workplace health promotion for improved employee wellbeing and organisational behaviour. Frontiers in Psychology, 7, 1994. Rhoden, M. (2016). Construction Management and Organisational Behaviour. John Wiley Sons. Shah, N., Anwar, S., Irani, Z. (2016). The impact of organisational justice on ethical behaviour. International Journal of Business Innovation and Research, 12(2), 240-258. Wood, J. M., Zeffane, R. M., Fromholtz, M., Wiesner, R., Morrison, R., Factor, A., ... Osborn, R. N. (2016). Organisational behaviour: Core concepts and applications. John Wiley Sons Australia, Ltd..

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Definition of Various Terminologies Free Sample for Students

Questions: 1.Define and Explain the following terminologies: Business intelligence IT AgilitySWOT analysisStrategic planningEnterprise architectureManagement information systemsMIS and DSSCloud infrastructureData and text miningDMSBig data. 2.Suggest a list of Information Technology Key Performance Indicators and outline the Advantages and Disadvantages associated with IT KPI. 3.What is SaaS and outline its Benefit and Disadvantages. Explain your answer. 4.What Business Risks had Liberty Wines Faced?. 5.How did Server vVrtualisation Benefit Liberty Wines and the Environment? Answers: Business Intelligence: It is a procedure which is dependent upon technology for the processing and analysis of information and presenting the same in such a manner which would help the organizations, managers, and other key management personnel to be able to take more sound decisions. Business intelligence includes an array of tools, applications and methods which support the entities to gather data from both the internal as well as external sources , prepare the said sources for the purpose of investigation , build up and run enquiries against the information thus finally create reports, consoles and data visualisations so that the investigative outcomes are made accessible to the decision makers (Lloyd. 2011). Thus BI helps in taking important decisions thus leaving little or no room for any disaster, improvise upon the operational efficiency and further gain competitive advantages. IT AGility: Agility is a common phenomena used to find out how fast are the entities being able to act in response to the various opportunities as well as threats. The same is done via key agility indicators. IT agility is defined as how well the Information technology installed in a company is being able to develop agility into the business processes (Oosterhout. 2007). It is basically the coalition between the business and the IT and it is believed that better alignment will lead to better agility. SWOT Analysis: It is a procedure that defines the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats of an organization. It is an analytical tool that helps an entity to find out what is possible for an entity to do and what is not, within as well as outside the organization. The strength of a company may be management of the procedure of brand development at a faster pace whereas an organizations weakness could be in the management of the accounts receivables (Taylor 2016). However, the opportunities and threats are not under the control of the company. Strategic Planning: It is a long term planning which helps to direct the effort of a business. It highlights the various long term problems which would help the organization reach new highs and also enable it to survive in this competition. It is basically the job of the directors and the executives (Hartl 2004). Entrprise Architechture: It is a procedure that helps to link and integrate the business intelligence, link the strategies to final action and ensure that there is flexibility and ease in adaptation so that business can be conducted in line with the strategy changes (Malan 2006). Management Information System: It is a recently developed concept and is defined as an incorporated system of man and machine which helps to provide adequate data which in turn provides support to the operations and the various decision making functions of a business entity (Harsh 2005). Therefore it can be rightly be called a system which helps to provide data for decision making. MIS And DSS : MIS is a computer based management information system which basically helps to fulfil the daily information requirements of an organization whereas a DSS also being a computer based system is used by any one executive or group of executives at the decision making level of an organization so as to take decisions about certain issues. It helps to give such an output which produces valuable reports and statistical data (Asemi 2011). Cloud Infrastructure: The infrastructure that is required for supporting the cloud computing services is termed as cloud infrastructure. It only details about the infrastructural part or the physical location (Winans Brown. 2009). Data and Text Minning: Data mining is examination of observational facts situated to discover unsuspected associations and sum up the data in new ways that are both comprehendible as well as constructive to the owner of the information. Thus it helps to gain high end data quality information from the available text (Solka. 2008). DMS: It is the abbreviated version of document management system. It is a system which is used to store, manage and track the documents kept in electronic form and those document which are captured with the help of a document scanner. Big Data: As the name suggests it is a set of large amount of data whether structured or unstructured which can be further worked upon for extraction of valuable data. It basically can be summarised as 3Vs i.e. volume, variety and velocity (Rouse). 2.Some of the IT KPIs are account create success, customer connection effectiveness, Email client availability, internet proxy performance, Server growth rate etc ( 2017). The advantages associated with IT KPIs are that it helps to provide the decision makers with the correct data and at the correct time. Further to this IT KPIs follow a more structured approach thus enabling to take a more informed decision. However IT KPIs are disadvantageous to the extent that it fails to quantify measure and analyse some of the most significant metrics of achievement such as the engagement of a member of staff. 3.SaaS is the abbreviated form of Software as a Service or popularly known as on demand software which is a software release reproduction wherein the software and the allied facts are hosted centrally and contacted by means of a thin-client such as a web browser or an internet. Therefore it provides far-flung admission to software as a web based service. The benefits of SaaS are that it helps to save money on the purchase of licenses, calls for a low cost of maintenance and purchase of hardware. The cost of installing the same is very low and the ROI is attained at a faster pace. The disadvantages of SaaS are that even if the same is cheaper yet the organizations are always exposed to the risk of sticker shock wherein the initial investment may seem to be low but the additions of various services can increase the expense. The market is very crucial while choosing upon the vendor from whom the software is being purchased as the same is being offered at a lower cost wit greater benefits but with no sanctity of the vendor. Further the SaaS has an issue to integrate the system with the existing one (Deyo. 2008). Thus SaaS has its own advantages and disadvantages to offer. 4.The lack of a good IT system suiting to the expanding business was the biggest risk being faced by Liberty Wines. There computer systems were running at a very slow pace and cost of maintenance was also very high because of which the staff could not reply to the customer queries on time. This ultimately led to loss of time while processing customer orders and inventory management as well. The organizations current system is not being able to support the expanding business line of Liberty Wine. It lacks competence in management of huge data sets thus losing a number of customers. Therefore it affected the competitive advantage of the company with others in the market. But the server virtualisation had really become a boon for the company from the environmental as well as employee beneficial perspective as well. Some of the advantages that server virtualisation had on the Liberty Wine and its environment are as under: The server virtualisation led to reduction of physical servers from ten to just three and one additional server for backup purpose. This ensured savings in the cost of space as well as availability of an extra back up in case of crashing of the main server. The companys carbon footprint also reduced by more than 50 percent because of usage of lesser power and ACs as well. The apps of Liberty Wines started to work at a faster pace which enabled the staff of the company to become more responsive to the customer query. The overall overhead costs of the company also reduced and virtualisation proved to be a boon for smaller companies such as Liberty Wines (Marshall. 2011). 5.FinCen was suffering from IT issues prior to the year 2008 due to which it was not being able to provide financial data relating to money laundering and terrorism at the correct time. Due to inefficient IT system, they were unable to gather data and crucial information on a timely basis. Also unavailability of the online system and usage of the off line system for the dissemination of information amongst various agencies led to delays in taking action against the various serious financial crimes. Updation of the analytical potentials of FinCen in line with the IT infrastructure as well as the management of the data set is the need of the hour of FinCen for the successful accomplishment of its goals and mission. If the system gets updated then the bureau will be able to transmit information using faster methods including processing of the same as well. It has in the near past launched an App which has helped them to get real time accessibility of the past decades data for the benefit of the analysts, law enforcement officials and regulators. The financial intelligence is reliant upon thriving scrutiny of information to distinguish models and linkages that picture likely unlawful movements. The ability to recognize the patterns and relationships is critical for the security of the nation simply because these agencies and financial bureaus have the required amount of talent and resources to find any kind of illegal and uncensored financial acts which can endanger the safety of a nation and its citizens. Therefore their main purpose is to ensure that any kind of danger approaching a nation is identified in advance and relevant action can be taken to disrupt the act. The recent financial crime detected and disrupted by FinCen is the aggressive Mexican pills associations who as a matter of regular affair bring in illegal cash from the American narcotics sales within Mexico, deposit it in their own local banks and then transmit the money back to USA. Ann Martin an associate of FinCen analysed big data sets and seven years ago in the year 2010 stated that huge sum of illicit amount from US was entering the Mexican souk. The Government of Mexico acknowledged the fact that for the first time they have got a proper analysis against the crime (Partners for Public Services. 2011). The same could happen only because FinCen has shifted its way of processing data into the automated form which supported valuable correlation of data from many sources in detail as well as in the right time. References Asemi,A. Safari, A. Zavareh, A.A. (2011). The role of Management Information System and Decision Support System for Managers Decision Making Process. International Journal of Business and Management. 6(7). 164-173 Deyo,J. (2008). Software as a Service (SaaS). Retrieved from Hartl,D.E. (2004). Definitions of Strategic and Tactical Planning. Retrieved from file:///C:/Users/E-ZONE/Downloads/Definitions%20of%20Strategic%20and%20Tactical%20Planning.pdf Harsh,S.B. (2005). Management Information Systems. Retrieved from (2017). Example KPIs for Information Technology (IT) departments. Retrieved from Lloyd,J. (2011). 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