Saturday, April 13, 2013

Introduction About Angiosperms

INTRODUCTION ANGIOSPERMSAnatomy is a study of the internal structure of organs. There be between 200 000 and 300 000 different species of angiosperms ( inflorescence plants) known. In semblance with other organisms, only insects number more species than angiosperms. Although a full(a) variety of flowering plants occur on earth, all stick out more or less the same structure and lie in of three basic organs: calms, stems and leaves.

Angiosperms argon divided, according to current characteristics which you studied in std.7, into two large groups, viz. Dicotyledoneae and Monocotyledoneae. In this section I shall refer to the former group as dicotyledons and the latter group as monocotyledons. In this chapter you will shoot more about the anatomyRootsThe root system of rules of a flowering plant begins its development from the hypocotyl of the embryo of the seed which gives come near to the primary coil root. Roots generally grow downwards into the soil (positively geotropic) and up (negatively geotropic). Roots do not bear leaves and therefore no nodes are present.Two kinds of root systems can be distinguished in flowering plants: pick apart root systems andadventitious root systems. Usually dicotyledons posses tap root systems and monocotyledons adventitious root systems.

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Later lateral or petty(a) grow grow from this at an acute angle outwards and downwards, and from these other branches may arise. The main or primary root is known as the tap root; together with its many another(prenominal) branch roots it forms a tap root system e.g. the bean.

?Adventitious Root System: The primary root ordinarily dies at an early stage and is replaced by numerous roots that develop from the stem. These roots, which develop from the stem, are equal in size. They are known as a adventitious roots, which give rise to...

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