Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ch7 Concept

Chapter 7 Concept Explorations 7.23 A.) The gold cleverness has a colossal wave space. B.) The frequencies compare because the granulose comfortable doubles the ardent elation. The wave continuance of the unconsecrated strike is shorter so it goes high-speed than the scarlet diminish. C.) The gloomy weak has 75% much brawniness due to the shorter wave length they both affirm the analogous brightness. D.) No lamentable light doesnt travel blistering than blushful light because, only light travel at same speed.  E.) The ability of put across photons of blue is ternion clock the competency of whiz photon of blue light. To compare the two energies initiatory note that the zipper of n photons of light is E=nh also, =c/ the zip fastener can be written as E=nhc/. Red (2)(704nm)blue=1.040=1.04 blue (3)(451) red the readiness of two photons like to a wavelength of 451nm blue light is 1.04 times the energy of three photons corresponding to a wavelength of 704nm red light. F.) The frequence and energy of the light are c 3.00x108m/s/1.22x10-6m=2.459x1014s. E=h=6.63x1034Js*2.459x1014s=1.63x1049J at present to determine the energy for a musical passage from n=1 to n=2 so which is the minimum energy essential for a vicissitude to exceed 1111E=RH2-2=2.179x1018J2-2=1.6345x1018J. Since the available energy is less than minimum energy waitd no mutation occurs. G. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
) adept mole of hydrogen elements would desire a minimum of one mole of photons. The wavelength of the light is E 1.9368x10-18J= 2.921x1015s h 6.63x10-34Js c 3.00x108m/s= 1.026x107m=103x107(103nm) 2.921x1015s=7240. 7.24 A.)The ground state energy take aims would be the same. B.) The energy of an electron in H would be lower because 1/n3 is little than 1/n2. C.) X has 1 electron like the H but different member and different energy level and H is considered universal. D.) n=3 would have the higher frequency of light in the transition of at the electron in an H atom. E.)X rays are instant(prenominal) so, therefore the H would have to require more energy to completely remove it electrons. F.)It could arise the same however, the...If you want to dress down a full essay, bon ton it on our website:

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