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Galen transmitted Hippocratic medicate all the way to the Renaissance. His On the Elements According to Hippocrates describes the philosophers remains of four bodily humours, stock, yellow freshness, non-white bile and phlegm, which were identified with the four neoclassical chemical elements, and in resign with the seasons. He created his experience theories from those principles, and oftentimes of Galens work can be seen as building on the Hippocratic theories of the ashes, kinda than earth purely innovative. In turn, he mainly ignored Latin belles-lettres of Celsus, but deported that the past works of Asclepiades had ponderous surmisal. Amongst Galens own study works is a seventeen-volume On the utility of the separate of the Human Body. He similarly wrote about philosophical system and philology, as well as extensively writing on anatomy. His collected works summate twenty-two volumes, and he wrote a line a daytime for most of his support. Galens own theories, in accord with Platos, emphasized meaningful creation by a single Creator ( personality - Greek phusis) - a study reason why posterior Christian and Muslim scholars could stomach his views. His fundamental principle of life was pneuma (air, breath) that later writers connected with the soul. These books on philosophy were a product of Galens well set off education, and finishedout his life Galen was keen to underline the philosophical element to medicine. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Pneuma physicon (animal spirit) in the brain took care of movement, perception, and senses. Pneuma zoticon (vital spirit) in the heart controlled blood and body temperature. Natural spirit in the stick upr handled keep and metabolism. However, he did not agree with the Pneumatist theory that air passed through the veins rather than blood. Galen expanded his knowledge partly by experimenting with live animals. one(a) of his methods was to publicly dissect a living pig, baseball discharge its nerve bundles one at... If you exigency to get a immaculate essay, order it on our website:

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