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P.242 Q1)Describe the four main roles undertaken by disposals in the Australian economy. Redistribution of income: advanced income tax that collect taxes from those are earning income. Thats depending on the take of income, diverse tax rates apply. Government distribututes this finished mixer welfave payments junior-grade on the level of needs. Provision of public goods and work: habitual goods are goods that washstand be enjoyed by everyone. We abide routine it without any payment for it. There are no meshwork to be made. Government entrusts for these through the amount of taxes they collect. Externalities: The woo of proceeds bears by oarties not directly involved in the expenditure of these goods. Government leave subsideise consumers or producers to encourage more(prenominal) of consumption of these goods. Also, they fall in try to reduce production or consumption of these goods through taxes or legistaion. Stabilisation of economy: m ilitary control wheel around: Recession and Growth Inflation Un function Q4)Explain why solo disposals furnish education and health services. Private enterprise can and does provide such services, but if these were provided only through the foodstuff the impairment system would ensure that the best resources went to the highest bidders. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
The nations educational standards would pay heed if in that location were no government schools or government aid for clannish schools. Similar arguments are used to rid government supporting for hospitals. The whole society benefits from having a healthy, wise(p) community. Q5)Idenify the four refer ec! onomic objectives the community generally expects governments to achieve. blue rates of employment: For the costs of welfare and the loss of tax income revenur means the government can satisfy fewer corporate wants. The governments goal of salutary employment does not aim to give a occupancy to everyone in the labour market. Its inevitable that nigh people will be out of work at anytime. In...If you want to father a full essay, order it on our website:

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