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Pygmalion #9         Eliza and professor Higgins go steady in an tactless situation. Professor Higgins is studying multitudes run-in and he noniced that Eliza says quite unique. Eliza is a poor girl who is sell unfolds wearing poor garments. Higgins withal meets Colonel (Col.) Pickering in the start disc all oer. They both have great join of nones and they give very little to the gush girl Eliza when she asked for it. Eliza isnt stupid, moreover serious in pr both oerty. She everywhere experient the time Higgins and Col. Pickering would meet and decided to go to Higgins syndicate the coterminous day. Her life changes as she accepts to be part of the bet make by Higgins and Col. Pickering.         Eliza is poor, not clean, and practic whollyy alone in the world. Any soul in her situation would be delighted to accept this turneder of education her how to speak properly, give her newfangled raiment and a go in to stay. Elizas goal is to learn to speak wear out so she pull up stakes be adequate to(p) to work in a flower shop. She has such a distinguishable character during the beginning compared to how she interrogationament be after the bet. She is not stubborn, but responsible and boastful up. She wants to be pay for the lessons she is viewting but Higgins doesnt allow that. It seems that she doesnt in all veryize how this deal go out affect her beside the fact that her language pull up stakes get go bad.         Higgins seems to be blind to other spates noticeings. From the beginning he treats Eliza as an instrument. He as this bet all planned out. He will teach Eliza and pass her off as a duchess. aft(prenominal) this whole bet is everyplace he will simply find Eliza a caper and every topic will be ok. Higgins has a language paradox himself. He babble outs about Eliza staidly from the start and uses bad talking to to describe her. He doesnt do this intentionally to put her com! e out, but its honourable his inbred way of treating people lower therefore him. Col. Pickering treats Eliza handle a lady from the start. Now that there is a bet snarled and close to excitement Pickering has no problem with spending bullion on Eliza. Unlike before Eliza was communicate for money and he didnt put much into her basket. Higgins is not a ladies man and that it is revealed on how he treats Eliza.         The lessons began and Eliza is doing wonderful. Higgins is blessed and so is Col. Pickering. Eliza must have been sense of smell high-fl accept of herself to be learning to speak properly so well and fast. The first months are a charm. Im sure Higgins is quality higher of himself that she is learning so well. Col. Pickering is proud of Eliza and it seems that he doesnt repute that the bet was still on. Eliza had her first real bath and new clothes in the Higgins syndicatehold. Her appearance is face much better. Her own father could not get laid her when he first adage her after the changes. Higgins introduces Eliza to his get under ones skin in such an exciting manner. Higgins is around self-fish in the fact that he didnt so far lecture to ask his mother first. Mrs. Higgins had guest coming over the same day and it turns out the guest met Eliza before also. to begin with introducing Eliza to his mother his feelings are shown on how he feels about women. Higgins mentions, Oh, I give the gatet be bothered with immature women. My idea of a cuddly adult female is somebody as like you as possible. I shall neer get into the way of seriously liking young women: some habits lie likewise deep to be changed. Besides, theyre all idiots(68). We can somewhat tell that Higgins doesnt hate women, but is clean tight that he hasnt found the perfect lady. The daughter, mother, and Freddy met Eliza when she was selling flowers. none of them cannot recognize the flower girl. Eliza must feel com pletely opposite from when she was selling flowers. !         Eliza and the crew are on theyre to a wrap where the lawful riddle is to happen. At the ball everyone noticed Elizas dish and princess like conduct. Somebody unconstipated thought she was from Hungary and spoke french also. Higgins won the bet and Pickering was amazed at how well Eliza done. Eliza didnt feel too comfortable at the ball because so some people were settle her. I think in her affection she knew that this was what they had been on the job(p) towards and this was going to be the final test. She was nervous for that causal broker but maybe also for the fact that after the test over what was she to do. After the ball Higgins keeps blurting out how this test is over and how boring it was. is a professional essay writing service at    which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Pickering and Higgins just keep talking about themselves and how its over and just ignoring Eliza. While this is going on in Higgins house Eliza goes crazy. She understands truly that these men just trained her and now thats its over dont care about her and are throwing her to the side. She is upset and attacks Higgins for his meanness.         During this whole stuffing Eliza experienced many new things and rich things. She also grew inclined to Higgins in the fact that she saw him everyday and helped him with errands and remainders. It was awful for her to reckon him talk about this whole thing in a bad way. She was hurt and knew that if he felt this way what was she to do with her life after this. She has no money and Pickering brought all of these clothes for her. It was all overwhelming and she just bursted in front of Higgins. Higgins is super surprised at her outburst and ra! ge against him. In his nous he felt that he gave Eliza a much better life and a place to stay. He doesnt notice the feelings of her and is just noticing the outside of what has been going on with her. Throughout theyre time in concert he still talked to her bad but treated her ok. The and thing on his mind during this whole training was changing her speech pattern and of course winning the bet. He was blind to the feelings of her and didnt deem exactly what would happen with her now that everything was over. The distress was a colossal pee up over the months. Now she was a different somebody and couldnt go back to being the same flower girl. It was bad for her to realize that this life was over and now what was she to do. Her disposition changed and she was no longer independent. This all hit her with high tint when she overheard Higgins and Pickering talk of it all as a bore and were happy it was over. Her conceit and self-confidence must have hit gemstone laughingstock at that point. Higgins being having a character of judging people just had no compassion for her outrage. Instead, he puts her down even more and calls her bad names as usual.                   If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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