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Describe what was going on the U.S. that helps explain the creation of the label run-in. Sweatshop (1892), Motel (1925), Supermarket (1933), Teenager (1938), Workaholic (1971), regurgitate potato(1976), and Soccer mom (1996). New lyric poem where created all the time greatly due to causes of ethnical change. Sweatshops atomic number 18 created by social and economical conditions. Many people peculiarly immigrants are willing to borrow any wage and really poor courseing conditions. The phrase Motel is a linking of the two words motorist/motor and hotel. The concept of motels started with the brass section of high steerings. It enabled people to ram longer distances and travel frequently easily knowing that there would be lodging in between their travels. Travelers found it impracticable to find lodging with hotels organism located in bragging(a) cities. Supermarkets were developed in the 1930s in general to reduce embody and simplify market ing in the U.S. The supermarket would enquire over during the falloff because it gave the consumer cheaper prices and more choices leaving the much littler and more dearly-won grocery store in the dark. The word teenager originated afterwards young girls and boys were put into two stages: children and adults.
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During the embossment and war, unemployment rose and teenagers were allowed to work and being paid minimum wage. In all, during the depression umpteen children took on a greater obligation at an in the first place age. Teenagers found jobs when their parents could not, reversing the practice r oles of provider and dependent. The word w! orkaholic, which was originated by Oates (1971). He went on to show that workaholics were, The most likely to succeed. (Oates, 1971,: 12) The workaholic in the U.S. is considered a urinate of patriotism, the way to win friends and influence people, and the way to be salutary and wise. Therefore, the workaholic is looked upon from others to be a good intemperately working American. Couch potato is a label that genius would give soul who spends most of...If you want to get a full essay, pronounce it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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