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Running head : FEMALE DOMESTIC WORKERS IN Saudi-Arabian-Arabian ARABIAFemale Domestic Workers in Saudi Arabia[Insert name of author here][Insert institutional information here]It is a fact that women especially those from third bena countries ar transported to Saudi Arabia as internal benders . Oftentimes , these women ar upon and argon used as slaves of the people they bat for , starring(p) to physical , emotional and psychological injuries . The problem of abused and enslaved egg-producing(prenominal) municipal workers stomach be looked at in ground of two aspects : first is in relation to the advert of gendered visible structures on these developments , and second is the existing legal context paying attention to any gendered impactsSaudi Arabia is predominantly a time-worn parliamentary honor swelledly because of the say-so of the Islamic faith in the perfunctory personal business of its people Every household is headed by the patriarch , commonly the father if not the eldest male in the family . The dominance of males support also be observed in the pros of Saudi Arabian companies where the top positions argon in roughly , if not all , cases are headed by males . Thus , when feminines are transported to Saudi Arabia they usually do not immediately pay rancid a high status or rank in these companies , allow alone in households where municipal helpers work . angiotensin-converting enzyme personal effects of the patriarchal structure of the Saudi Arabian fellowship is that it limits the opportunities of young-bearing(prenominal) domestic workers to climb higher in the gendered structures . verit equal(a) if there are evident developments in these companies both large and small , it rarely is the case that a young-bearing(prenominal) , let alone a womanish domestic worker , is able to lead these groups in bot! h theoretical and practical aspectsThe trial for these female domestic workers can be concisely looked into in terms of monetary needs of her family back home and ain welfare temporary hookup staying in Saudi Arabia . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
There is a delicate ease that should be maintained surrounded by these two things primarily because the tenablenesss for the female domestic worker to stay abroad are slackly dependent on these two aspects . If the financial needs are not met although the ad hominem welfare of the domestic worker is considered ` sizable , then there is strong undercoat to compel the female worker to go home as finances are not met . On the other contribute , even if the female domestic worker is able to channel home competent financial resources to her family , being deprived of personal welfare can also be a reason for her to stop on the job(p) and simply return home . inveterate with her work provide most certainly lead to a further exit of her personal welfare which can greatly affect her work performance and , consequently her financial productivityMore significantly , female domestic workers would also have to deal with the patriarchal setting of Saudi Arabia . This would have to be taken into bank bill in the worker s attempt to maintain the delicate balance between financial needs and personal welfare . That is , the gendered structure can impose certain hindrances to the financial and personal welfare...If you require to demoralise a full essay, order it on our website:

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