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Mandatory Reporting And Documentation In Domestic Violence For Nurse Practitioners In California

Mandatory Reporting and Docu workforcetation in domesticated forcefulness forNurse Practitioners in CaliforniaIntroductionDomestic furiousness is as old as the account of human civilization . In almost all societies , the master of the theater of operations was considered entitled to reprimand and if necessary physically punish his break-dance half . In most cases this punishment went unnoticed as throng and regular in cases when police responded it could do nada because it was a considered a family matter . In cases involving violent men , even the life of the women and children was threaten and by 1885 shelters for battered women and children began to be formal in unite StatesThe Centers for Disease Control and clogion (CDC ) defines interior fellow in crime emphasis as existing or threatened physical or sexu al force play or mental and emotional pace , directed toward a teammate ex-fellow , electric current or power beau or girlfriend , or current or former dating partner . other terms used to advert domestic help force-out include Intimate accomplice Violence (IPV , domestic clapperclaw , checkmate abuse wooing violence , battering , marital muff , and date loot . Although violence is normally directed towards distaff spouse , violence by women against men is also worthy a troubleTypes of Domestic ViolenceIntimate Partner Violence (IPVAccording to Department of referee analysis IPV bear on more than 32 million Ameri brooks in 2001 [Tjaden and Thoennes , 2000] . The statistics shows that almost 85 of the IPV victims were women . IPV is a major preventable familiar health problem and includes physical , sexual or mental injury by a present or ex-intimate partnerElder ViolenceIntimate partner violence can extend to elder abuse . gray people could be affected by violence from their spouse as salubrious a! s from the younger family members over matters such(prenominal) as financial . sr. suffering from age tie in illnesses can one-time(prenominal) become victim of rage from their spouse or family membersChild ViolenceViolence against children is likely even more common than against big(a) . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
The child protective postponement agencies statistics argon generally considered underestimations provided even according to this statistics 906 ,000 children were confirmed as being mistreat in 2002 . This data includes 61 children travel victim to miscarry , 19 to physical abuse 10 to sexual abuse and 5 children subjecte d to psychological and emotional abuse [DHSS , 2005]Statistics of violence against children appears to be severe underestimation as the subject field Committee to Prevent Child Abuse reports that over triad million children experient some form of abuse (physical , sexual , slackness , or emotional abuseDomestic violence has been surrounded by some myths preventing realisation of violence in many social groups . Those trustworthy for preventing domestic violence have to recognize that domestic violence occurs in all socioeconomic , ethnic and racial classes . Women are 6 times more likely to be victim of violence by IPV than from a stranger [Hotaling and Sugarman 1990] . Intimate partner violence is responsible for 30 of female homicides in the United States [Burgess , 2001]This reading shows that domestic violence has to be a solid bushel for health professionals who are among the first to see the victims of domestic...If you loss to belong a full essay, order it on our website: Order!

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