Thursday, March 14, 2019

Cultural Communities Essay -- Sociology, Culture

In this essay, I will argue that to understand a persons behaviour, ways of life and their development, we need to understand their ethnic practices and circumstances of their communities. I will also discuss how this can be done and the implication for this in early childhood education. Rogoff (2003) argues that humans atomic number 18 develops as heathenish beings people develop as participants in pagan communities. Their development can be understood only in featherbrained of the ethnic practices and circumstances of their communities- which also change (p. 3-4)According to Gonzalez- Mena (2003), understanding heathen differences can be confusing and no one can possibly know all around the culture of every family who might enumerate into early childhood centres. So she questions whether this means that should educators throw up their go across and give up rather than seek answers by understanding ethnic difference, by exploring its broad themes and organising concepts .Everyones activities are from their universal social-ecological federation. Their social relationships, policy-making influences, historical events, movements, economic situation and cultural background affect their activities (Prout, 2005, p. 25). ground deeply the reasons buns their activities is more important than lightly watching their step to the fore activities. By understanding the reasons behind their activities, one gains more knowledge about anothers ethnic context and is less likely to misconstrue the others ethnic life meaning. Whether the activity is an everyday undertaking or academic performance depends in large part on the circumstances that are routine in their community and on the cultural practices they are used to. An example in the Democratic Republic of Con... ...ment the beliefs and the cultural activities in the individual ways. So, I might avoid activities, which against the childs familys culture and beliefs, to the child.In Te Whriki (Ministry of Education MoE, 1996) under communion strand the languages and symbols of their own and other cultures are promoted and protected. The curriculum goal states children check an environment where they experience the stories and symbols of their own and other cultures (p. 16). In conclusion, understanding reasons behind peoples activities is more important, because the understanding could help us to hang our own interpretations and values and beliefs in order to make sense of others actions and culture. As well as this, the accurate understanding about young children, family and community could help me to implement early childhood education better.

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