Friday, March 22, 2019

Every Child Counts :: Teaching Education Careers Essays

Every Child CountsGrowing up I love being surrounded by children. Looking back on my preceding years, I realize that teaching has always been a desire of mine. As a child I read to my dolls, pretended to be a teacher to my friends, and baby-sat every opportunity that arose. No matter what the situation was, if on that point were children involved, you could count me in. I love the feeling of being around children the experience they bring to a room is what pull outs them so special. Children ar wonderful beings that make me laugh and realize how precious life heap be. I take hold chosen to teach elementary age students because these are the most all important(p) years they provide encounter as they are shaping who they will become. I believe I am taking my God-given gift of pleasing others, especially children, and using it to benefit the people around me. So many students are neglected, ignored, and abused because people fail to see their worth. I admit that kids are creative, spontaneous, sweet human beings and they have a hunger to witness. I feel I have many gifts to offer these children and try for I can have a true impact on their lives. My hope is to learn round each individual and touch them each in different ways. I know I will have classrooms alter with diversity but it will be a priority to learn something unique of each student.One thing I have spy that happens a lot in our beingness is prejudices. Children are so insecure to different cultures and are quick to make judgments. It is my job to teach my students about these different cultures so when they see someone unlike themselves they will non make fun of them. Instead I want these children to be shady and willing to understand why people are different because it is what makes our world unique. While I am learning about them, my hope is that they are willing to learn about each other as well. I hope to unite children of all cultures by teaching them to be ho mophile(a) about others, learn about them, and appreciate their differences. In doing this maybe we can stop some of the prejudices they may have and build a loving community of people who think about each other sooner of only themselves.

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