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How Poets in Quickdraw Explore Ideas

English literature poetry and comparison colligate/task The manhunt The manhunt is closely an injure soldiers wife who is describing her experience witnessing her husbands mordant injuries. It is a positive affinity because the wife is feeling the pain of the husband. The rime which has comparisons is In Paris with you the theme is common in some(prenominal), of the darker place of enjoy.The pen of manhunt chooses to explore this through the idea of a man returning to his wife, by and by a war, and therefore is a more emotive poetry, whilst the author of In Paris with you writes of a weekend in Paris, in which angiotensin converting enzyme tries desperately not to fall in love with the unnamed person.They argon both pen in first person in the manhunt the wife is sacramental manduction her experience directly closely her husband to the reader and similarly In Paris with you the narrator is addressing the reader about her/his broken human birth and the just differen ce in the midst of the two vocals is that the relationship in Paris with you is negatively charged and she/he is not in love with their buffer and explaining their relationships. Furthermore they are both monologue songs where the writer creates an illusion of a voice and is slanting because we only hear one side of the story both characters in both numberss are not addressing their point of view.The hour Houris about the feelings that arise from spending cadence with a loved one. The song suggests that to be with a loved one, even for just an hour, is precious and valuable. The relationship in the poem is positive. Hour follows the structure of a Shakespearian sonnet. Hourhas many another(prenominal) references to money and riches, contrasting the concept of material wealth and possessions against love and magazine spent with a loved one. Hour is similar to the ghazal because they both lambast about love and separation and are both positive relationships. Quickdraw Quic kdrawis aone-sided relationship.The speaker of the poem is waiting for contact from her lover. The context of the relationship is unclear, and we do not know if the speaker welcomes contact or not. Quickdraw is a poem which shows and demonstrates the highs and lows of relshonships it is a negative relationship because the speaker is talking to her lover she is wounded by the texts shes received. The lexical field of fighting is in this poem which makes it a bad relshonship. Ellipses are also used passim the poem maybe to show expression. Sister Maudealso presents the idea of difference and violence in a relationshipbut between sisters kinda than lovers.Ghazal Ghazalis a love poem in which a speaker seeks to guarantee the love and attention of another. The poem is made up of a epoch of two-line stanzas Ghazal is similar to hour because it has the commen theme of love and serperation running through the poem. The poem is a positive relationship because the woman is incomplete with out him. Brothers Brothers is a poem about two brothers where a void is created. The opening metaphor sets the odor for the relationship between the two brothersSaddledsuggests the negative feelingsthe speaker has for his brother.The relationships in the poem is negative Brothersexplores therelationship between siblingsand the way in which sequence separates them. There is affection between the brothers, particularly in the adoration of the junior boy. InSister Maudea much more destructive relationship between siblings is presented. LikeBrothers, this poem hints at the way in which the move around towards age brings a distance between siblings. Praise Song for my come Praise song for my start out is a poem about a mother and her kid and the deep love and affection they have for one another the relationship in the poem is positive . he poem is linked to nettles because it has similar theme running through which is love for kidren and fault versa. Harmonium Harmonium is about a son talking positively about his dad . The narrator (the son) needs the help of his father to abide the instrument away from the church the relationship is positive and a organ is a musical instrument. Nettlesare a poem about the relationship between father and son, although from the perspective of the father rather than the son appraise song for my mother is another poem about children from the perspective of mother this time. praise 116 Sonnet 116 is a poem about what love is and what it actually substance and represents. The relationship is positive it says love is everlasting and the narrator is very positive about his views on love. A poem which is linked to sonnet 116 is To His demure Mistressexplores the idea of time and its effect on love, although it suggests that death allow for bring an end un comparableSonnet 116, which suggests thatlove is greater than death. Sonnet 43Sonnet 43 is about love as being all sizable positive and life changing force the relationsh ips in the poem is positive. The poem which links with sonnet 43 is withHour both present love as apositive and powerful force. To his demure whore To his coy mistress means to his uncertain mistress. The poem is about a shy mistress and her partner who wants her to be in bed with. The poem which links to his coy mistress is Hour because its about how precious time is to lovers, and presents the idea that time is a force which is against lovers. The sodbusters brideThe farmers bride is about a relshonship between a farmer and his bride it is written in first person the poem which shares links to the farmers bride is to his coy mistress because they are both about their relationships with their spouses. Sister Maude Sister Maudeexplores the destructiveness of jealousy and the darker side of sisterhood. There is a suggestion that Maudes betrayal was unnatural andun-sisterly. The relshonship in the poem is negative a poem which is similar to Sister Maude is brothers because it is al so about siblings whereas in that poem it is about age and how it can disrupt relationships between brothers . NettlesNettles is a poem about a upgrade and a child whose child has been caught in nettles and suffered injuries a poem which links to nettles is praise song for my mother because it is also about a very caring parent and how they feel towards their offspring. its a positive relationship. natural yesterday Born yesterday is about a narrator whose writing about her friends child coming into the world and describing the baby a poem which is similar is Hour, likeBorn Yesterdayis a poem about finding amusement in ordinary, everyday experiences, rather than chasing the impossible and facing disappointment. The relshonship is positive Mohammed sidat

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