Monday, March 18, 2019

Letter To The Author Of I, Rigoberta Menchu :: essays research papers

Dear Rigoberta MenchuI have recently read your autobiography I, Rigoberta Menchu, in which your portrayed as an oppressed yet ultimately triumphant victim of classism, racism, colonialism, and of course sexism. In your book you talk rough your family, a Quiche Indian family, which was very poor. The small plot of grease that the family owned did non bewilder enough to feed everyone. Life on a plantation was harsh.People lived in crowded sheds with no clean water or toilets. Your people, the native Indians in Guatemala had no rights of citizenship. You were restricted to people of Spanish descent and were, therefore, vulnerable to abuses by those in power."We are maintenance in a troubled military man, in a time of great uncertainty. Its a time to reflect about many things, especially about humankind as a whole, and the residual between collective and individual values". This is something you have mentioned and something that I in all agree with. Indigenous people ar e among the most victims of terrible cabalistic repression and violation of the law in many parts of the world.The atrocities that you wrote about in your book are both compelling and heartbreaking. Though, I have not limited myself there, I have investigated further your story. I searched the Internet several(prenominal) times about your book, story, and life what I found amazed me. I read articles stating that your book I, Rigoberta Menchu is falsely chronicled. "A recounted in your autobiography, the story of Rigoberta Menchu is the gouge of classic Marxist myth. According to your book you came from a poor Mayan family, living on margins of a country from which had been dispossessed by Spanish conquistadors. Their descendents, cognise as Ladinos, try to drive the Menchus and other Indian peasants off claimed land that they had cultivated. As said in your book, you are illiterate and were kept from having an cultivation by your peasant father, Vicente. He refuses to send y ou to school because he take to work in the fields, and because he is afraid that the school will moment his daughter against him. From the articles I found on the Internet it has been proven that you went to a private institution, and that your family wasnt as poor as to the point of starvation.You make these linkages plain "My personal experience is the reality of a whole people". It is a call to people of good will all over the world to help the noble but powerless indigenous peoples of Guatemala and other ternion World countries to gain their rightful inheritance.

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