Sunday, March 17, 2019

Lifes Too Short :: essays research papers

Lifes in like manner Short     Often times when the normal parent or unanimous citizen turns on the TVand sees a early days black man rapping around the hood they are usually turned off.Stereotypes come in to form and the channel is switched withtaboo even consideringwhat message that human being is trying to convey.When earshot to rapper too Short and his song "Gettin it", you here a survey of stereotypes being defied. The song is to the highest degree trounceting out of the hood and fashioning a good life for yourself. Most of society just assumes that these youngblack rappers accept no brains and no sense of purpose for life. Too Shortssong "Gettin it" tells a different story. Too Shorts successes portraythe dream that kids have growing up in the hood. Those kids dream of gettingrich at a young age and living like a truthful "player" for the rest of theirdays. They want to drive around in a benz and have girls fill the wholeth ing. What these kids dont understand is that Too Short didnt get to wherehe is by pimping or selling drugs, he got to where he is by approximately simple rulesdiscussed in his song "Gettin it".     First of all, an important part to the song is how it appeals tokids. With its ghetto beat and monster bass the song is something that kidsfeel cool it listening to. This is his number 1 success ingredient, getting theattention of his audience so that they will listen to his message. His messageis of course the best thing about the song. It explains to kids to "stop justhangin out, set your self some goals, think positive, and redeem hustling".Too Short has got to the financial level hes at, by existing the keysthat he describes in his song, not by following the stereotypes that parentsturn off of the TV. acting ghetto, for appeal, and rapping with a sweet rythymtongue was only the bare minimum of what he needed to rise to the top of therapping i ndustry. Studies show that the majority of successful commonwealth are notlucky, nor are they geniuses. Successful people usually follow three simplekeys that are outlined in Too Shorts song.The first key to success is the ability to take action and go out and getwhat you want out of this life. Too Short talks about this when he says, "yougot to get a good job and set your self some goals think positive, and neverstop hustling". The world owes you nothing, you have to do the aright things, or

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