Thursday, March 21, 2019

The Importance of the Sea in Chopin’s The Awakening Essay examples --

The impressiveness of the Sea in Chopins The AwakeningUnlike Mara Eugenia, Edna in Kate Chopins The Awakening chooses not to fill her familys expectations. As she takes her final steps into the sea she thinks to herself they need not have public opinion that they could possess her, body and soul (655). Edna treasures her autonomy and chooses death over familial subjugation. However her transformational journey, alluded to by the title of the novel leads to more than the rejection of her self-sacrificing familial roles as wife and mother and her death. We first meet Edna on her panache back from a swim with Robert Lebrun, as Chopin begins to establish Ednas burgeoning transformation in the context of her family relationship with Robert and to the sea. While Robert and Ednas relationship develops, Edna becomes increasingly dissatisfied with her marriage to Lonce Pontellier and her traditional roles as wife and mother to her two children, Rauol and Etienne. Edna learns to swim, t akes up painting, befriends Madame Reisz, an eccentric old woman that plays the piano, and moves into her knowledge house. After Robert leaves for Mexico, she engages in an affair with Alce Arobin, until Robert returns and they affirm their love for one another. However, Robert, hangdog of the social repercussions of their affair, leaves town. As a result of losing Robert, failing to find fulfillment in her life without a man, and failing to reconcile her roles as a good and faithful wife and mother while becoming an workman and falling in love, Edna commits suicide by drowning herself in the sea.The sea, or green-world memento is present throughout the novel as Edna engages in her innermost thoughts and her relationship with Robert, the green-world lover. Although ... ...pport of Mr. Pontellier, her children, Madame Ratignolle, Robert, Madame Reisz, and her father. While Edna sees support for herself in these roles the way the other characters see them, she does not believe t hat she has their support for herself as an individual, apart from these roles, or as a person defining these roles for herself. As she takes her final walk down to the beach, the sea continues to call to her soul The voice of the sea is seductive, never ceasing, whispering, clamoring, murmuring, inviting the soul to move in abysses of solitude (654). The sea has helped Edna see into her innermost being and the transformational journey has helped her realize that she wants to fulfill her roles in life as an autonomous individual. simply because Edna feels that she cannot achieve her goals, she succumbs to that which is closest to her innermost being, the sea.

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