Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Fowler's Stages of Religious Development & Thoughts on Essay

Fowler's Stages of Religious Development & Thoughts on Death--Kubler-Ross' and Lamers' Theories - Essay Example & Jack B., 2005). 3:- Synthetic-Conventional stage - A person has an ideology, consistent clustering of values and beliefs, but he or she has not objectified these for examination and in a sense is unaware of having them. 4:- Individuative-Reflective stage - The person comes out of the influence of the others and tries to hold him or herself authentic and consistent. 5:- Conjunctive Faith stage - Individuals learn to live with their faith and inquires. Dynamic, trusting relationship with God is established. 6:- Universalizing Faith stage - Religious development reaches to completion. Here, person decenters in the valuing process to such an extent that he/she participates in the valuing of the creator and values other beings (Fowler, 1981). As far as I am concerned, I find myself in conjunctive faith stage. My previous concrete boundaries are now becoming porous and permeable. To get to next level I will have to exit out of my current stage of a torn position between possibility and loyalty. Two major steps I can take to get to next level; I should experience a sense of connection with all beings and I should commit to overcome division, oppression and violence. I will have to move beyond self interest and my own religious ideologies in order to bring about love and justice. One of my closest relatives lost her mother. I inquired about her emotional reactions she encountered. She told me, although her mother was suffering from an incurable disease (Parkinsonism) and was on bed for the last ten years, yet she could not had imagined that her mother can be expired. Whenever she tried to realize that her mother was in terminal condition of disease and may die at any time, she could not think more, darkness appeared in front of her eyes and she became extremely upset. One day she received sad news about the death of her mother. She told that at hearing the news of her beloved mother she suffered

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