Wednesday, March 27, 2019

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SantanaAll the world knows the specific magic of Carlos Santana as expressed through his medication and his guitar playing, which is among the most distinctive and recognizable in all in all symphony. His is a tone of vibrant energy that bathes the human person and awakens the unconscious feeling. The spirit of truth, the spirit of Brotherhood. In every performance, Carlos shares with his audience a personal communication that crosses all boundaries and differences, and makes all people, one people, one family. Carlos music embodies a living heritage of music and family. The Brothers album (on Island Records), described as a banquet of melodic treats and surprises, has Carlos sharing the spotlight with two special guitarists - brother, Jorge Santana, and nephew Carlos Hernandez in his recording debut. In SACRED FIRE, a 97 minute video and 13-song CD released by Polydor in 1993, Carlos captured the fanaticism and spirit of his live concerts in Mexico and South America with a m ix of his biggest hits as well as some previously unrecorded material. In work FOREVER, the debut release on his Guts & Grace label, Carlos remunerative his respects to some contemporaries whose spirits continue to provide musical inspiration for us all. The CD includes songs by Jimi Hendrix, Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, Stevie Ray Vaughan and fundament Coltrane. Each of these three projects offers a glimpse, an added dimension, of a soul that has touched millions almost the world. Carlos was introduced to traditional music by his father, Jose. An accomplished mariachi violinist and experienced musician, he taught Carlos the basics of music theory and gave him an understanding of the value of a note. Although Carlos excitement for music would be sparked by his first experience, he quickly spy the limits of its traditional form and wanted more. Carlos wanted to play the kind of music that was filling the radio waves and making people dance. Tijuana, 1955. The music was rock n roll. The drastic change of moving from the small, quiet townspeople of Autlan to the humming, thriving boom town of Tijuana brought a renewed hope and opportunity for a new life. both(prenominal) for Carlos and his family. The eight-year old Carlos quickly left the violin for the guitar, studying and emulating the sounds of B.B. King, T-Bone Walker and pot Lee Hooker. Soon he was being asked to join local bands standardised the T.J.s, where he added a unique touch and feel to his own renditions of all the great songs of the 1950s.

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