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The Childrens Thoughts of Mrs. Kay in Our Day Out :: Our Day Out Willy Russell Essays

The Childrens Thoughts of Mrs. Kay in Our Day OutIn the introduction I am going to use a paragraph to describe what thechildren venture nigh Mrs Kay and Less cite about Mr Briggs. In thestory, Reilly describes Miss Kay as ace. When Les kale Mr Briggs atthe crossing his says to a child I got him that time. Arrogant getthat one is. I think this means that Les has tried to stop him in themornings before exactly has failed.Firstly I am going to describe Mrs Kays and Mr Briggs relationshipwith the bookmans.Mrs Kay seams friendly with the pupils and plays football with them,but Briggs is more formal with and shouts. Mrs Kay sees thedifficulties in the pupils and is sympathetic. A quote for this is wecant come al the way to the seaside and not go down to the beach.Briggs doesnt see the problems that the children have and treats likethem like any other children. When they are at the castle Briggs saysWhat does perpendicular mean? A pupil answers him and he is laughedat. Mrs Kay doesnt enforce any rules on the children and lets them doas they please. Mrs Kay told the number one wood of the carriage that the leadterrible lives so he felt ghastly for them. She said to another memberof staff the She be like hell. Mrs Kay lied for the children so Ithink that the children may lie as considerably thinking that it is the rightthing to do. While Mr Briggs thinks that all children should be interact the same with problems or not. Therefore he acts hard on thechildren and is strict, for face Reilly. Dickson. Sit downMrs Kay messes around with the pupils. A game of football is inprogress. Mrs Kay is in goal. At this stage in the story Mr Briggssees that it is a farce and stand firm to cooperate for the rest of thetrip.Secondly, I intend to explore both teachers opinions aboutdiscipline.Mrs Kay lets them run free in the shop, steeling money and food,taking from the menagerie and lead a mockery inside of the castle.In the zoo, Briggs trusts the children to go around t he zoo sensibly,while he has a cup of coffee with Mrs Kay. Some establish for this isAll right Mrs Kay. Well trust them to act responsibly. When they getback on the bus later, all the children are quite, which is a bitunusual. Then the zookeepers come on board and take away the animals.

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